Christina Sizemore

Christina {Chris} is a Houston native. She grew up just north of the Heights and after a short stent in Oklahoma to obtain an advertising degree, she now resides in Spring with her husband, daughter {2013} and black lab {2016}. In 2017, just before Hurricane Harvey, their lives were devastated by a house fire. They lost their home, belongings, dog and her husband almost lost his life. Chris had two options, succumb to PTSD, guilt and depression, or live. She chose to live life brazenly. Today she is a marketing consultant, writer, artist, and adventurer; working from home or from the woods with her family in their renovated camper. Together they have a goal of visiting every state park in Texas {there are 89 total}, stand up paddle board in tow. Chris is currently writing a book about their home fire journey. She has a passion for mental health, exploration and encouraging others to see the world, follow their dreams, and live life brazenly. You can find more of her writing and art at, or follow her on Instagram @strongerthanfire, where she shares her family’s adventures, encouragement and weird humor like the backyard telenovela and reviews of made-for-TV Christmas movies.
Moonstruck theater with view of Houston skyline

Drive-In Movie Theaters in Houston: An American Tradition

I’ve always had a secret personal obsession with Drive-In movie theaters. There’s something special about watching a movie, outside, under the stars. My first experience with drive-ins was in college, where we were lucky...

Enjoy Free Arts Performances All Summer at Miller Outdoor Theatre

I’ve always said Houston is Texas’ best kept secret; the culture, the food, the people, the stuff to do, the arts…the list goes on. But one of the absolute gems, something this native Houstonian...

Bra Shopping is the Worst. So Let’s do it Differently.

I think one thing nearly all women can agree on is bra shopping is THE WORST. While brands have begun including more inclusive sizing in their bras, they certainly aren’t all built the same....
rack of thrifted colorful shirts

Clothing the Earth: Steps to End Clothing and Textile Waste

Hi, my friends call me Chris and I am their quintessential “crunchy” friend and today, on Earth Day, I am going to be yours too. Our family’s “going green” journey took root 10+ years ago,...
stepping out of survival mode- light at the end of a tunnel

Stepping Out of Survival Mode: Life Beyond the Pandemic

It’s interesting what your brain does to protect itself in the throes of trauma. It often goes directly into survival mode. When I arrived on the scene of my house burning and I couldn’t...

5 Houston Area Gardening Centers: Grow Local, Buy Local

I love to garden. My Instagram stories often contain a daily walk through our garden. It’s a borderline obsession. I am of the firm belief that anyone can garden. The key to successful gardening...

Understanding Human Trafficking in Houston

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and Houston Moms is proud to share facts on how this issue affects our city as well as offer resources to help protect our families.  I was on...

Dreaming and Living: The Magic of Trying New Things as an Adult

As mothers, we try to encourage our children to follow their dreams and interests. We are all about them trying new things. They say they want to be dancers, so we sign them up...