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Hello, and welcome to The Cold Coffee Club, a podcast brought to you by Houston Moms! We’re here to give you a little bit of that mom-to-mom connection, fun, and conversation amidst all the chaos! Join us as we take a break from doing all the things and explore the wide spectrum of this crazy motherhood role! We’ll interview fun guests, talk about cool grown-up topics, laugh, share and grow together! So go ahead and reheat that coffee every Tuesday morning!

Reheat your coffee and kick your feet up!

Episode 29 – A Summer to Remember

School’s out for summer!!! It’s time to embrace the season of adventure and fun with our families. Ashley and Tiffany dish about how they plan to thrive, not survive, the summer while creating lasting memories with their children. 

And if you are looking for a great resource for fun activities to do with or set up for your kids, Hearty is an incredibly useful option! Lots of crafts, games and tools to use to keep those kids busy!

Make the summer count!

“Spill the Tea” Win:

Ashley got to hang out at Fox 26, where got to record a segment with Chelsea Edwards! Be on the lookout for the segment to air sometime in August!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

If you haven’t watched Bridgerton’s latest season, hold off! Ashley highly recommends avoiding the anxiousness of having to wait for part two of the season to air on Netflix and just wait until closer to June 13th to sink into the world of passion and refinement!

Tiffany had a time at The Red Roster Club in Pearland! Incredible music and a club scene fit for actual adults… you can’t beat it!

Houston Moms “House Blends”: 

Check out HM site for all things summer

Branching Out:  Parenting Insights Through Friendship

Episode 28 – Money Matters

In this digital age, money, tangible money, is a thing of the past. So, how do we teach our children about spending, saving, and the value of a dollar?

Ashley, Bri and Tiffany chat about how to make money matter to their children, with a few tips and activities. 

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Bri is a huge fan of Ninfa’s Uptown. Ninfa’s is getting a whole lot of love from The Cold Coffee Club lately!

If you’re looking for a place to grab a sub-par bite at a fun, family-friendly Houston staple… head to Pancho’s! Again, the food isn’t great, but you’re guaranteed to have a fun experience!

“Java Jams” Music:

Espresso by Sabrina Carpenter

Whip My Hair by WILLOW

The Best of Diana Ross and The Supremes

Houston Moms “House Blends”: 

Pro Tips for Having a Great Day at the Houston Zoo

Supporting Your Loved One Through Infertility

12 Summer Reading Programs Around Houston

Episode 27 – “Village” People

It really does take a village to raise kids with some semblance of sanity left over. Ashley and Tiffany evaluate their personal villages and some of the must-have qualities for village members! 

They also chat with Gabriela Gerhart, Founder of the Motherhood Center, about the many resources and village-building classes and get-togethers she and her team offer!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations: 

Third Gen Coffee is the perfect little coffee shop on the edge of Spring & The Woodlands!

NRG Stadium, Toyota Center, Cynthia Woods Pavilion, The improv, and The Smart Financial Centre need to be on your list for entertainment this summer!

“Java Jams” Music:

The Outfield -Your Love Radio

Pretty Girl Rock- Keri Hilson 

Houston Moms “House Blends”: 

Five Simple Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

The Consequences of Pregnancy:  The Duality of Motherhood

Episode 26 – In-Law Chronicles

Your In-Laws can be a source of love and friendship, or a source of stress and contention. Learning how best to navigate your relationship with your in-laws can take a ton of patience, and Ashley and Tiffany are here to share how they maintain (or salvage) their bonds with their bonus families!

“Spill the Tea” Win:

Ninfa’s on Navigation, the ORIGINAL Ninfa’s,  is a Houston mainstay, and Ashley finally got to go and indulge! Delicious bites and solid drinks! Love it!

“Cream and Sugar” Recommendations:

Tiffany got to dig into some incredible eats from award winning chef, Benchawan Jabthong Painter, at Street to Kitchen, an authentic Thai hotspot!

Ashley may seem sweet and bubbly, but she loves some dark, crude humor from time to time. She absolutely loved The Roast of Tom Brady, which aired live on Netflix and is available for streaming now!

“Java Jams” Music:

Hanson- Middle of Nowhere

The Lion King Soundtrack

Houston Moms “House Blend”:

Babies & Beer: A Guide to Houston’s Kid-Friendly Breweries

Top 5 Amazon Prime Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week

Episode 25 – The JOY of Missing Out

JOMO… The JOY of Missing Out! As we get older and our lives become more hectic, the FOMO we used to experience can sometimes die down, and we become pumped to simply say, “Nah. I’m not gonna do all that.” 

Whether it’s a social gathering, perceived obligation or something as simple as checking social media, the joy of stepping away and feeling fine with missing out is such a beautiful thing!

Ashley chats with Elizabeth and Tiffany to discuss how they each find some bliss in saying no. While it’s not always easy, and missing out can leave you feeling left out, there are definitely moments that make it so worth it! Protect your energy and sanity, mamas! Find some joy in missing out!

“Spill the Tea” Win:

The Cold Coffee Club is trying out some new things! Bri Griff and Tiffany Harris will be consistently joining The Club as co-hosts, and we will be introducing some new segments! Excitement is at a 10 for all of this! 

“Cream and Sugar” Recommendations:

Masterchef Junior, season 9, is on Fox and Hulu! Meet Chef Gordon Ramsey’s daughter, Tilly, as the team helps guide some incredible youth home chefs!

Check out Baby Reindeer on Netflix! It’s dark and intriguing… a must-see in Ashley’s opinion, and she’s only on episode 1! 

Houston Moms “House Blend”:

Wanna get festive for Cinco de Mayo? Houston Moms shows you how with Elizabeth Baker’s post, Cinco de Mayo in Houston: Let’s Fiesta!

Episode 24 – DON’T TOUCH ME!

Ever feel drained from all the touching that seems to go hand-in-hand with motherhood? Breastfeeding, hand holding, snuggles, hugs, kisses. All incredible experiences… in moderation! Pile those in with physical affection with partners, interacting with friends and co-workers, or nurturing pets, and you can have a recipe for overstimulation!

Mamas can easily feel themselves becoming “touched out,” and Ashley and Tiffany are no exceptions to those feelings. Join the conversation as they dive into their experiences with needing a break from being touched and how they cope!

“Cream and Sugar” Recommendations:

Station Theater is a great locale to enjoy a comedy show, but if you’re interested in becoming a PART of the show, you can start with a free improv class there as well! 

If retro video games are your jam, head to The Game Preserve, and enjoy the nostalgia!

Houston Moms “House Blend”:

The Houston Moms VBS Guide is a comprehensive resource that you MUST check out! We make it easy to fill your kids’ summer with tons of fun!

Episode 23 – Bedtime Tips

No matter the age of your kiddo, bedtime can be an absolute nightmare if you don’t have a solid routine in place. 

Ashley and Tiffany chat about what bedtime looks like in their homes, what tricks help ease littles to sleep and a few ways to avoid endless bedtime battles!

“Spill the Tea” Wins: 

Ashley recently mentioned the Brains On podcast, an award-winning, family-friendly science podcast from American Public Media, but did you know that there are several other APM podcasts for your families to enjoy?! Tiffany’s kids also love Moment of Um and Smash, Boom, Best as well!

“Cream and Sugar” Recommendations: 

Check out the Urban Harvest Farmers Market, and while you’re there, make sure to grab some delicious sweetness from Bee2Bee Collective. They even host bee experiences, where you and your family can explore hives and experience beekeeping!

The weather is warming up, and it’s perfect weather for spending time at the Miller Outdoor Theatre! Take in a show and enjoy creating memories!

Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Tips for Camping with Kids by Kim Reed

Episode 22 – Ready for Anything

Natural disasters. Violence. Home intruders. Missing Children. 

The world can be terrifying, and it often feels like there is nothing we can do about it. Not true at all. The best way to combat the feelings of overwhelm and fear is to be prepared. 

Ashley and Becca break down all the ways they work to remain ahead of the ever-present dangers of life. They know we certainly can’t prepare for everything, but we can all take a few steps to protect ourselves at home and out and about, as well as teaching our children to remain vigilant and ready for anything. 

Along with a discussion about the safety measure the two moms take regularly, Becca shares so amazing resources to help you get the ball rolling:

Eddie Eagle- Gun Safety for Kids

Safety with Kids: A Practical Approach

The Unexpected and Uninvited: A Mom’s Guide to Feeling Empowered

“Cream and Sugar” Recommendations: 

The Commons at Hermann Park is set to open on April 13!

Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Houston Spring and Summer Fun: A Guide to an Astros Game by Kim Reed

Episode 21 – What Do I Wear?

Finding your mom-style can be tough. Where do we shop? What fits us these days? What makes us feel like our best, most beautiful selves? 

Ashley and Chris dig into what motivates their style choices and the methods they use to expand their wardrobes. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and this point is driven home as the two chat about how they shop to make themselves feel confident in their threads!

And if you need a reminder that women are really sticking together when it comes to comfortable clothes that make us feel incredible in our many shapes and sizes, check out the responses to Free People‘s Micro Shorts!

“Cream and Sugar” Recommendations: 

The Brains On Podcast for Kids has been such a fun and intellectual conversation starter for Ashley and her family. Explore those science questions you either didn’t know your children had or have been on their minds for some time. This is the perfect way to entertain those growing minds sans screens!

Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Autism Awareness Month: Houston Events and Resources by Elizabeth Baker

“See Ya Later, Caffinator”:

Moms Clothes: The Ultimate Guide

Episode 20 – Momming on the Cheap

This episode is brought to you by Next Level Urgent Care. April brings forth sunny weather, outdoor activities, and unfortunately for some, bouts of illness and injury. Next Level Urgent Care is your trusted local partner throughout Houston and the surrounding areas. From newborns to nanas, their staff is ready to provide top-quality care from 9am – 9pm, 7 days a week.

The cost of EVERYTHING has gone up lately. All of us at Houston Moms are trying to find ways to keep our families happy and healthy on the cheap. 

Your humble host, Ashley, and her lovely guest co-host Cindy Dafashy, MD of Archway Family  Medicine discuss their methods to making the most of their money!

Here are a few Houston Moms post you need in your money-saving arsenal:

Lower Your Next Medical Bill With This Cheat Sheet

35 Birthday Freebies and Discounts All Around Town

Got Hungry Kids? We Have Kids Eat FREE Solutions!

Cut the Cable: Streaming Services for Families with Kids

And Cindy’s honorable mention post that she loved writing for Houston Moms and thinks all mamas need to read:

How To Jump Start Early Language Learning


“Spill the Tea” Win/ Fail:

Ashley and her kiddos are enjoying the throwback feel of X-Men ‘97! This new series picks up where the animated series that ended in 1997 left off! And it’s awesome!

Shout out to Texas Children’s Hospital who provides incredible, quality, inpatient and outpatient care for Houston children!

“Cream and Sugar” Recommendations: 

Ashley read the book, Pageboy by Elliott Page, and it was such a real and eye-opening read. If you’re seeking to understand the journey, emotions and feelings of a transgender person, this is such a heartfelt and raw memoir. 

Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Easter Crafts, Traditions and Recipes by Cindy E

Episode 19 – Healing the “Paper Cuts”

Let’s really examine those “paper cuts,” the little digs that emotionally affected us during our childhoods. Whether it was something seemingly innocuous someone said that really stuck with us or an experience we were denied as kids, those paper cuts can add up and change how we move about the world. But the cool thing is… paper cuts can heal!

Ashley chats about those “paper cuts” with clinician, Amanda Garza, LPC, from Ajana Therapy and Clinical Services and Houston Moms Contributor, Tiffany Harris, about how we move forward, heal, and honor our inner child or teenager who collected those hurts. 

“Spill the Tea” Win:

Ashey got to visit San Francisco for a few days, sans kids! Such an incredibly beautiful city with diverse people, sites and food! 

“Cream and Sugar” Recommendations: 

San Antonio is underrated! Ashley and her boys visited the Alamo City during Spring Break and it was definitely worth the trip! LegoLand, Sea Life and learning more about the Alamo were the perfect adventure!

Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids of All Ages by Elizabeth Baker

Episode 18 – That Single Life

Dating in 2024 as a single mother in her 30s presents challenges Ashley and Bri never expected. Navigating all the apps to find your person proves to require a whole lot of patience, a whole lot of optimism, the ability not to take things personally and a sense of humor (to stop from crying). Let’s dive into the wild dating lives of two single moms just trying to find the ideal romantic situations for themselves!

Ashley and Bri get very candid about their dating experiences, so this episode includes some adult language and sexual content. 

“Spill the Tea” Win:

Ashley recently finished the first book in a trilogy by Jayne Allen called Black Girls Must Die Exhausted. Such an incredible read about relationships, the identity struggles of being Black in the workplace, and finding light and happiness when all feels dark and heavy. 

“Cream and Sugar” Recommendations: 

Rakkan Ramen offers BOGO ramen on Saturdays and kids eat free at select locations! Go enjoy delicious bites at one of the many locations!

Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Free Easter Egg Hunts in Southeast Houston and Galveston by Cindy Dafashy MD

Episode 17 – Do as I Say…

“Do as I say, not as I do…” Those words hold some complex messaging for kids! But as parents, it’s hard to constantly incorporate the ground rules we set for our children into our own lives. 

Join Tiffany and Ashley as they explore the complexities of being role models for their children while remembering that they, too, are human, and life requires some wiggle room. 

“Cream and Sugar” Recommendations: 

Need some relatable entertainment on TikTok? Look no further than @yoleendadong! Her Toks include skits about dating, makeup when you have sensitive skin, cooking, and more, with a hilarious tone! She’s the best!

 Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Road Trippin’: Fun Texas Spring Break Destinations for Houston Families by Sean Watson

Episode 16 – PMDD & Postpartum Depression

Women’s health and needs can be incredibly elusive. We are often feeling confused, uninformed and unsure of the help we need as women. Dr. Bethany Peterson joins The Cold Coffee Club to shed some light on Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and Postpartum Depression, stripping away the stigmas and confusion, reminding us that both are normal and REAL! Learn when to be concerned, when to get help and where you can turn!

Dr. Bethany shared two great resources for finding help when dealing with either condition. There’s lots of useful information from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Los Angeles, along with incredible insights from the International Association for Premenstrual Disorders

“Spill the Tea” Win:

Ashley is reading up a storm lately, and she’s stumbled upon a gem! First, she read Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough. If you are single and dating men, this is the book for you! It encourages women to really think about their standards and values, and what it takes to find a man to meet those. 

“Cream and Sugar” Recommendations: 

Galveston is an incredibly historic destination near Houston but did you know about the Galveston Tree Sculptures? These incredible artistic displays are scattered around Galveston and give new life to destroyed trees that would have become an eyesore for the community. 

 Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for the Houston Rodeo Cook-off! If you’re like Ashley and a bit of a novice when it comes to this Houston mainstay, check out Chris’ post, An Insider’s Guide to the Houston Rodeo Cook-Off!

Episode 15 – Best/ Worst Advice

Everyone has some advice they swear by and think everyone should know. But sometimes, that advice is the absolute worst advice to receive. 

Ashley is joined by Tiffany to discuss the best and worst advice they’ve ever received when it comes to life, marriage and motherhood. And just to keep it real, they admit to the absolute worst tips they’ve ever offered others, but also reminisce about the best words of wisdom they’ve shared!

“Spill the Tea”:

As the weather starts to warm up, you may be hosting springtime events soon… Antipasto Egg Rolls are the perfect addition to your spread! They’re easy and fun to make, and they taste insanely good!

Ashley has decided that the birth control pill is not for her anymore. Instead, she is exploring VCF Vaginal Contraceptive Gel. It’s a great hormone-free option that can be paired with condoms! Knowledge is power, and knowing your birth control options is a must!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Wrestling has been an absolute gift for her children. They’ve loved learning and becoming stronger wrestlers over the past month! Houston has tons of wrestling clubs all over the city! Just look!

 Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Celebrate Black History in Houston by Cindy E

Episode 14 – A Little Bit of LOVE

This episode of The Cold Coffee Club is brought to you by McHughTea, a lovely hidden gem in Bellaire! Enjoy a “High Tea” experience to celebrate birthdays, milestones and celebrations in the tearoom or to-go, complete with a friendly staff, organic teas, freshly baked scones, and the yummiest desserts!

It’s the season of love! But how do others help you actually FEEL the love? Do you know what your love language is? How do the people who care for you best show how much you mean to them?

Ashley explores love languages and what she and some of her mom friends are hoping to commemorate Valentine’s Day with!

“Spill the Tea” Win:

Amazon has loads of ready made valentines goodies that, in Ashley’s opinion, are superior to any you find at the grocery store!

“Cream and Sugar” Recommendations: 

The Bayou Music Center is such a beautiful and spacious venue for comedy shows, and, of course, live music! If you’ve never been, find a reason to!

 Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

If someone you love enjoys receiving gifts as their love language, Bethany Dufilho has created the perfect list of gift ideas for Valentine’s Day!

Episode 13 – Grieving while Mothering

Going through the process of grieving, whether it involves the loss of a friend, a marriage, a goal or future you hoped for, a pet, or a spouse, can take a toll on anyone, especially a mom. Ashley explores how to survive the pain of a loss while continuing to raise thriving families. She is joined by Sam Brand who lost her husband in 2020, while raising her daughter, as she grieves and grows.

Check out Sam’s podcast, From the Pitch to Purpose, where she chronicles much of her journey and manages to find the light in life, even when it’s difficult to do so!

“Cream and Sugar” Recommendation:

Ok, bear with Ashley on this one. She really enjoyed the movie, Saltburn, and if you’re willing to explore some unsettling scenes that drive an interestingly eerie story, you’ll enjoy it too!

 Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Becca Vidrine graced Houston Moms with an exploration of going alcohol-free and what it has done for her in Lessons from an Alcohol Sabbatical!

Episode 12 – Ask Houston Moms

Houston Moms is known for being an incredible resource for mamas of all stages and phases. But did you know you can reach out about your own, personal questions and get a personalized response? ASK HOUSTON MOMS is here for YOU!

Need some advice from a fellow mom about how to talk to your kids about sex? Kids struggling with test anxiety and wondering how you can help? Is mom guilt seeping in?

Ashley chats with contributor, Marisa Cockrell, about why she thought Houston Moms truly needed its own “Dear Abby”-style column, where moms can reach out for some advice and wisdom from a knowledgeable mom and how all moms can benefit from her insights!

So, ask away!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Got a little chef on your hands? Some local Kroger stores offer the incredible opportunity for your kiddos to explore their cooking skills with Kroger Chef Jr., instructor-led cooking experiences that include an apron, chef hat and kitchen tools!

 Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Mardi Gras is right around the corner… and you know what that means! Check out, King Cake in Houston: Where Y’at?, by Elissa Gottheim, so you can find the perfect King Cake to celebrate!

Episode 11 – Maintaining Female Friendships

Maintaining friendships with other women can take a lot of work. We’re all insanely busy, trying to raise happy, healthy families, prioritizing other relationships, managing our professional lives, taking care of ourselves, etc. It can be tough to be a great girlfriend to your gal pals with so much on your play!

Ashley gets in a little “girl chat” with her guest co-host, Bri Griff, and they discuss how they work to keep those friendships sacred and special, support their female friends and how they are able to get their needs met from their tribe!

“Spill the Tea” Win:

Ashley and her family are loving the video game, It Takes Two, as a fun way to encourage teamwork and good communication!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium is about 4 hours from Houston… and it is so worth the drive! Ashley scored a deal on tickets and could not pass up on a chance to play with stingrays, cool fish, tortoises and other exotic animals!

 Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Five 2024 Release Books I’m Excited to Read This Year by Becca Slocum

Episode 10 – 2024 Words of the Year

Happy New Year! In 2024, instead of making New Year’s Resolutions, The Cold Coffee Club is choosing words to set the tone for the year ahead. Ashley is joined by Chris and Tiffany to discuss the words they have chosen to focus on. Be sure to read Tiffany’s latest post all about her word of the year, The Power to Believe: It Starts with You!

What’s your word of the year???

Oh, and here are the clips of Family Guy, where Stewie pesters Brian about the novel he said he was going to write! THIS is accountability, and it is so insanely hilarious but perfect!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Feeling a bit of a retro, chill vibe while you eat incredibly delicious food? Check out ‘93 Til near the Museum District! The energy there is incredible and this hidden gem of a hot spot is perfect for grabbin’ some grub and grooving to vinyl records!

 Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Four Mental Health Resolutions for 2024 by Kim Reed

Episode 9 – House Rules: Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Ashley and the rest of The Cold Coffee Club! It’s time to reflect on our favorite traditions, tips for managing gift buying and finding the best ways to make lasting memories! Ashley and Chris discuss their holiday faves with their families and encourage you to try out a few!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Treat your sweet tooth to insanely delicious goodies at Kilwins in La Centerra. This new location has partnered with Houston Moms for a sweet giveaway

Go make a sticky, slimy mess that you don’t have to clean up yourself at Sloomoo Institute! Create your own unique slime creation, stick gobs of goo on the way, have a whole sensory adventure! 

 Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

It’s OK to Be Sad: Embracing the Blue Christmas by Mary B

Lower your Next Medical Bill with this Cheat Sheet by Cindy Dafashy

Episode 8 – Self-Care is NOT Selfish

This episode of The Cold Coffee Club is brought to you by ⁠⁠Next Level Urgent Care⁠⁠. As we enter into the long-awaited fall season, sports injuries, flu bouts, sinusitis, and respiratory illnesses are circling the Houston community. Next Level Urgent Care has you covered for these instances and more! With⁠⁠ convenient locations⁠⁠ throughout the Houston community and surrounding areas, they are open 7-days a week from 9am – 9pm to serve you.

Self-Care is NOT selfish! Take good care of yourselves, mamas! Whether it’s working out, getting a massage or simply getting up early to enjoy your morning coffee while it’s still hot, do what you need to do to maintain your sanity, your sense of self and your mental wellbeing! Eleanor Bodwin from Embrace the Mom Bod joins The Cold Coffee Club to remind us of the importance of self-care, how it affects our abilities to parent with love and care, and how our enneagrams can come into place when we pursue self-care!

And Eleanor reminds us not to forget to mark our calendars: July 31st is National Mom Bod Day! Celebrating our bodies as moms is a great form of self-care!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Feel like you’ve watched and re-watched all the Executive Producer: Dick Wolf shows out there? Check out on more that may have flown under the radar. New York Undercover is streaming on Peacock and Amazon Prime Video. It follows two undercover detectives as they navigate crime in urban New York. The 90’s Hip Hop and R&B played throughout the show is incredibly nostalgic for many and takes you back to that time! Worth the watch!

 Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

The holidays can be a tough time for single parents, especially when their kids are spending memorable holidays moments with the other parent. Brianna Griff wrote a post about coping with split holidays in “Single Parent? Here’s How to Survive Holidays Without Your Kids.”

Episode 7 – Workin’ Moms

Juggling family commitments, personal goals and care and working jobs is a ton to maintain. Ashley, Chris Sizemore and Tiffany Harris discuss the joys and challenges of being workin’ moms. It’s certainly not an easy balance, but the women discuss how they make it work for them and their families!

We also briefly discuss mental health when it comes to managing a solid work/life balance. While we need to make sure we are in tune with our own mental health and being supported, it’s also vital that our children are getting the support they need. Check out Chris’ post about normalizing mental health care for children.

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Got dino enthusiast kids? Ashley is pumped to take her kids to Jurassic Quest this weekend at NRG Park! Grab tickets now… time is running out for this fun experience!

 Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

The Ultimate Guide to the Holidays in Houston is a must- have for the holiday season! This all-in-one guide includes places to find Santa for the perfect photo-ops, check out beautiful Christmas lights or events that will fill your calendar (AND SO MUCH MORE)! Bookmark worthy, for sure! 

Episode 6 – The Beauty of Boudoir

If you’re looking for a boost of confidence and a way to celebrate yourself, a boudoir experience may be perfect for you. Join Ashley and Kasey Smith of Infinite Boudoir Studio as they squash any negative perceptions of boudoir, the importance of feeling INCREDIBLE in your own skin and seeking any and every opportunity to document our ever-changing bodies!

And here’s the big kicker… Anyone who mentions they heard about Infinite Boudoir Photography from this episode of The Cold Coffee Club gets to enjoy an extended Black Friday deal of $99 to book (normally $450) and $500 off any package

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Ashley made her grandmother’s “World Famous” Banana Pudding for Thanksgiving this year, and it was an absolute hit! While Granny’s recipe is a top-secret family recipe, this recipe is pretty darn close. Highly recommend you prep a batch of Banana Pudding for Christmas, New Years or whenever! Super easy to make and super delicious!

 Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Need a little advice from a Houston Mom? Don’t miss out on some helpful insights from contributor, Marisa Cockrell, in our “Ask Houston Moms” posts each month. This month, Marisa, founder of Here Comes the Sun Counseling, tackles first crushes, the feeling of drowning in responsibilities and test anxiety. Make sure to submit your questions if you have something on your mind and would like a little help!

Episode 5 – Grateful, Thankful, Blessed

This episode of The Cold Coffee Club is brought to you by Next Level Urgent Care. As we enter into the long-awaited fall season, sports injuries, flu bouts, sinusitis, and respiratory illnesses are circling the Houston community. Next Level Urgent Care has you covered for these instances and more! With convenient locations throughout the Houston community and surrounding areas, they are open 7-days a week from 9am – 9pm to serve you.

Ashley and Monica get to chat about how to raise grateful, thankful, blessed children! It’s really easy to let our kids fall into the self-centered and spoiled trends that are constantly bombarding them as they grow. We have to battle all of those outside influences! So, learn more about how these moms are diligent about creating opportunities for their children to remember how blessed they are and practice gratitude!

And don’t forget, moms, you may need a reminder to take inventory of your blessings as well. A gratitude journal is a great place to start!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Want to know more about local plants and wildlife? Head to the Spring Creek Nature Center! This beautifully scenic gem gives you the chance to observe a few animals that are native to Texas, learn about foraging in Houston, and explore incredible trails nearby!

 Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Birthdays have one mission: Treat Yo’Self!!! A guest blogger contributed the perfect breakdown of how you can do just that on the cheap with her post, 35 Birthday Freebies and Discounts All Around Town!

Episode 4 – Fall Fun, H-town Style

Join the Club! Ashley is sharing all about Fall Fun in Houston! Thank goodness for Brandi Smith, Digital Anchor at KHOU, for her finger on the pulse of all things Fall, H-Town style! You definitely don’t want to miss this episode if you’re interested in making this Fall one to remember!

And be sure to follow Brandi on Instagram and check out her Hidden Gems segments that air every Thursday at 6pm! Told ya… she knows all the things!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Ring in the holiday season at the annual Frostival event at Discovery Green! Ice skating, food trucks, performances and photo ops galore! Make sure to mark your calendar for November 10th at 6-10pm! 

 Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Plan to have lots of energy on Turkey day? Want to burn off some steam or work up an appetite before the feast? Head over to Houston Moms’ Houston Area Turkey Trots Guide to plan a quick run and lots of fun on Thanksgiving!

Episode 3 – Voting like a Mom

Did you know that in our last Mayoral election, only 12% of registered voters in Houston actually participated in voting? With that low of a voter turnout, how can that low of voter turnout reflect the ideals of Houstonians as a whole?

Early voting has already begun, continuing through Friday, November 3, and Election Day is Tuesday, November 7. Are you ready, Houston? If not or if you are feeling a little unprepared, you definitely need to listen to this episode as Lauren Dougherty from the League of Women Voters of Houston shares some incredible resources that will help you make your vote count!

Be sure to use the Voters Guide to get a more simplified breakdown of candidates, policies & propositions, etc that you are voting on for our beautiful city! 

The Voters Guide is available to view or download in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese, and it can also be accessed as an ebook/audiobook through the Libby app and as an album in SoundCloud.

Not sure where you should go to vote? Head to to find a polling location near you. You can also find a sample ballot and answers to FAQs on the site!

Follow the League of Women Voters (@lwvhouston) of Houston on social media!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Ashley’s family loves Bear Branch Park these days! This incredible area features outdoor basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, an awesome playground, a skate park, a dog park and a pool all in one area! Not to mention incredible walking trails and a low-cost fitness center in the Recreation Center!

 Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Don’t forget to check out the Family-Friendly Things to do in Houston this Weekend, EVERY WEEK! It’s updated for you to make memories with your family all over Houston!

Fall-Themed Date Night In (with Recipes!) by Becca Slocum

Episode 2 – Halloween Safety

A night of tricks and treats can be super spooky if you and your goblins aren’t careful! The Cold Coffee Club’s guest co-host, Houston Moms Contributor, Monica, joins Ashley to share tips for a safe Halloween experience that will keep the scary stuff at bay! Safety first, coffee sippers! It’s the best way to enjoy the fun!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Ashley got to experience a totally new challenge to her mental wellbeing. Who knew staring into a person’s eyes for minutes at a time could actually create an incredibly cathartic shift in your life? And she definitely didn’t know what a sound bath was before this experience! Look up @unioniscreation on IG to explore ways to meditate and explore your mind. 

 Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Last Minute Taylor Swift Inspired Halloween Costumes by Bethany Dufilho 

8 Creative Halloween Costumes from Local Moms by Brianna Griff

Episode 1 – Welcome to Season 5!!!

Welcome back to The Cold Coffee Club! Season 5 is going to be absolutely incredible!

Jenny, our beloved co-host, has left Houston Moms for an incredible opportunity that she simply could not pass up! We will miss her terribly, but the show, as they say, must go on!

Ashley will be joined by a variety of co-hosts throughout the season, from Houston Moms contributors and our Exec Team to special guests from the Houston community and beyond!

This week, our very own Houston Moms co-owner, Meagan Clanahan, is joining us for a spectacular episode to welcome everyone back to the new season!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

The Texas Renaissance Festival is in full swing, so get your costumes and swords ready to travel back in time! If you’ve been or you need some tips for enjoying the adventure, check out our Guide to the Texas Renaissance Festival

A Houston mainstay, Barnaby’s Cafe, should be at the top of your list for incredible eats! Meagan HIGHLY recommends the Veggie Burger and Sweet Potato Fries! Yummy!

Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

We are easing into Fall, slowly but surely, and it’s time to start the Soft Launch into Fall Recipes! Seriously, that Butternut Squash and Bacon Flatbread sounds insanely delicious!!!! 

It’s here! It’s here! The Ultimate Houston Food Truck Guide is HERE!! This is a totally new guide we’ve never done before, and it could not have come out at a better time! The weather is perfect for snagging a bite at a food truck and getting your grub on!

Episode 21 – Encouraging the Quiet

This episode is brought to you by ⁠⁠Houston Angels, supporting the over 2000 children and youth in foster care in the Houston area! We can all do a little something to help the lives of kids and families around us during National Foster Care Month! Learn more about how you can support their incredible mission.

Jenny & Ashley are chatting about their favorite thing… QUIET TIME! As summer rapidly approaches, we think it’s important to incorporate a little quiet time into our busy schedules, to give us time to relax, regroup and tap into our thoughts and creativity. 

It’s not a punishment, it’s actually a bit of a reward! To be alone, with a little peace and quiet, without anyone pestering you, should be a welcomed experience, but we totally understand why it might not be for little ones. If your kiddos have a hard time relaxing alone, a cube timer might help them count down the time with ease. 

Magnatiles are a great activity for busy minds as they enjoy some time alone. They can explore their imaginations and create all kinds of incredible structures and shapes!

We hope our tips help you schedule some quiet time within your summer fun!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Bravery Chef Hall is the mall food court we loved as kids but has the grown-up tastes we love now! Go enjoy incredible eats by incredibly creative Houston chefs!

Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to be a Supermom ( by Monica Bell

I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying: Facing the End of the Preschool Era ( by Cindy Vattathil

See Ya Later, Caffinator:

Here are some resources for mapping out your summer and embracing the quiet!

Quiet Time Chart Kids Daily Schedule Idea Printable PDF – Etsy

Brain Breaks Printable Cards Teaching Resources | TPT (

Summer Schedule for Kids (Free Printables) – The Printables Fairy

20+ Quiet Time Activities and Supplies – Busy Toddler

Episode 20 – Mental Health Awareness Panel with UTMB Health Physicians (BONUS EPISODE!)

Houston Moms is always proud to work with UTMB Health, but during Mental Health Awareness Week, we are extra grateful to team up in support of our Houston community. 

Many of us struggle to find balance, combat the stress and quell some overwhelming mental health needs. This panel of mothers discuss how they are able to manage varying levels of stress and how to find some peace and comfort. 

Enjoy these resources from Houston Moms about Mental Health and the importance of being in tune with yourself (or your children) and get the help either of you may require to live your best, most mentally sound lives: 

The Hard Truth About Mental Health

Normalizing Mental Health Care for Children

Be sure to keep up with Houston Moms on Instagram for our Mental Health related content and so much more!

Episode 19 – House Rules: Birthdays & Milestones

This episode is brought to you by Wow Party Art! Incredible DIY balloon garland kits are quick, easy and the best way to make your events and celebrations super festive! Houston’s women-owned business that provides affordable and trendy decor for all of your party events!

Everyone has their own ways to celebrate birthdays and milestones. We have our traditions, special gestures and… House Rules! 

Join Jenny and Ashley as they chat about how they make memorable moments extra memorable for their families! 

Whether it’s creating incredible experiences out on the town, filling their rooms with balloons, putting out the special plate for the birthday kiddo or grabbing a cookie cake from Great American Cookies, there are tons of ways to make your celebrations and milestones mean the world to you kids!


Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Why Moms and Girls Need Judy Blume Now More than Ever

Episode 18 – Mother’s Day!!!

This episode is brought to you by Alodia Basketball Camps, the perfect way to perfect Basketball skills this summer! Two locations and 11 weeks to choose from, your kids, from Kinder to 8th grade can practice fundamentals and learn new techniques all summer long!

What do moms truly want for Mother’s Day? Gifts, food, sleep? As moms, we are always doing for our families, and they want to show their love and appreciation in ways we will actually receive it as such!

Ashley and Jenny chat about the things (or gestures) that would make their Mother’s Day one to remember. It’s not all about the things our families can do… sometimes it’s about what they DON’T do! (Like, ask us for ANYTHING on our day!)

Learn some ways to set yourself up for a great Mother’s Day with tips from ⁠Erin Moon⁠, maybe look into the ⁠Balance app⁠ for meditation or hint to your family that you want a massage like Jenny!

“Spill the Tea”:

If you’re all caught up on ⁠Love is Blind⁠ or ⁠Beef⁠, both on Netflix, or the smash-hit show ⁠Jury Duty⁠ on Freevee, shift to the newest and final season of ⁠Workin’ Moms⁠ to celebrate Mother’s Day! 

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Field trips at ⁠Dewberry Farm⁠ are the best! This is a mainstay in Brookshire that is perfect for outdoor fun!

⁠Chat GPT⁠ is sweeping the world by storm as this innovative way to create content intrigues us all! But the possibilities are truly endless! Use this AI program to create meal plans, cleaning schedules, dinner recommendations, all kinds of things!

Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Appreciation Gifts Sure to Delight Your Child’s Teachers

5 Local Coffee Shops to Try in Spring and the Woodlands⁠

Episode 17 – Anxious Mamas

This episode is brought to you by Houston Moms! Not only are we the perfect resource for all moms in Houston, but we also know exactly what you’re looking for! Check out The Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp for Houston Kids & Teens, broken down into Day and Overnight Camps, perfect for mapping out an eventful summer for your kiddos!

Being an anxious mama in this day and age can be absolutely exhausting… and relatable! Moms have seen so much over the past few years, and it’s hard to imagine NOT being anxious. But anxiety doesn’t have to be our identity. There are ways to manage the fear, uncertainty and stressful stuff moms have been bombarded with. 

Jenny & Ashley are sharing how anxiety manifests itself as moms and how they’re managing to cope! Journaling (check out Penzu if you want to type out your thoughts), therapy, headphones to combat loud noises, preparing and focusing on what you can control are all very helpful! 

Here are a few resources for managing your anxiety:

The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N. Aron, Ph. D

The Cost of Control by Sharon Hodde Miller

Podcast: Momwell with Erica Djossa 

And make sure you follow Houston Moms Contributor, Becca, on Instagram, as she is brilliant at sharing ways to prepare your children instead of scaring them, making fears and anxieties less overwhelming!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

The Art Car Parade is a Houston tradition that combines creativity and vehicles of all kinds! Loads of incredible art displays with unique themes that blew our minds! Make sure you’re there next year! 

Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Diagnosing ADHD in Girls: The Clues I Almost Missed

Episode 16 – Potty Training “Pros”

This episode is brought to you by Vivaldi Music Academy! If you have a child who is interested in exceptional musical learning, Vivaldi can bring them the joy of music at several incredible locations! 

Ok. Ashley and Jenny are, by no means, “pros” at potty training. But they’ve both been through it a couple times each. This episode is all about the ways they managed and failed at getting their kiddos to “pee-pee in the potty!” 

One IG profile to know and love during the fun potty training times is @pottytrainingconsultant! Such a great resource! Allison Jandu has you covered… You need this info in your back pocket!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Is love really blind? Jenny was so pumped to watch the ‘live” reunion of Love is Blind’s season 4. While viewing did not go as planned, Jenny found a way to watch it… shoutout to the amazing women on TikTok who shot a live video of the reunion for those who could not watch it on Netflix! 

Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Thinking about having your kids join the swim team this summer? You NEED to see the post, Everything You Need to Know About Summer Swim Teams, to get the whole 411 about swim teams!

A Houston Moms tradition… our annual VBS Guide is up!! If you’re looking for more ways to keep your kids busy this summer, VBS is an inexpensive (often, FREE) way for the kids to burn off some energy, play with friends and give you a moment to breathe! Check out this comprehensive list of VBS options all over Houston!

Episode 15 – Balanced Nutrition

This episode is brought to you by Members Choice Credit Union. April is National Financial Literacy Month! Help set your children on the path of financial success with Members Choice. Join for better rates, lower rates and other benefits!

Motherhood shouldn’t mean we survive on the crumbs and leftovers of our kids… We need to remember that, while we focus so much of our energy on feeding our children nutritious meals to help them grow, we need the same focus on ourselves. 

Join Ashley and Jenny as they discuss how they make sure they are nourishing themselves with great food to sustain themselves as well! 

No more half-eaten chicken nuggets, mamas… Take care to feed your bodies well!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Need a way to always be up to date about what’s going on with our incredible Astros team? Become an Astros Insider! Find out about any events and deals that will have you root, root rooting for the home team!

The Super Mario Bros. Movie and Air are two big hits to check out on the big screen. Enjoy a movie night, or two, with these incredible flicks!

Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

When you or your children are sensitive to noises, overwhelming lights and colors or any other sensory sensitivities, it can be tough to find places to go and things to see in Houston. This post, Sensory Friendly Events and Play Places in Houston, lists some great ways to venture out with your sensory needs in mind!

STAAR Testing doesn’t have to be an overwhelming drag!  Check out the post, 4 Tips To Prepare Your Kids for STAAR Testing, to help your kiddos work through any test anxiety and do their very best!


The Cold Coffee Club wants to hear from you!

If you’re a local business owner, media personality, author, influencer, or someone who just has some great insights into Houston, let’s have a chat! Email us at [email protected] and tell us about yourself and join us on an episode!

Episode 14 – Favorite Mom-fluencers

This episode is brought to you by Scott Pera Basketball Camps! Help your child remain active and connected with other kids this summer. The fun, engaging atmosphere provides a great environment for learning more about basketball and improving skills!

Moms helping moms is the name of the game! Jenny & Ashley are chatting about their favorite Mom-fluencers, their go-to mamas who know all the great places to go, brands to shop, advice, tips and tricks!

Fave Mom-fluencers:













“Spill the Tea”:

Ashley can’t wait to head to the Miller Outdoor Theatre! She’s never been, but she will be using Houston Moms’ guide to better prepare for a fun Houston experience!

Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Don’t get stuck on a beautiful Houston weekend without anything fun to do! Our weekly post, Family-Friendly Things to do in Houston, will keep you and your family entertained! 

The Cold Coffee Club wants to hear from you!

If you’re a local business owner, media personality, author, influencer, or someone who just has some great insights into Houston, let’s have a chat! Email us at [email protected] and tell us about yourself! Maybe we can get you on an episode!

Episode 13 – House Rules: Social Media

This episode is brought to you by Next Level Urgent Care! Houston Moms trusts Next Level for quick, easy and affordable medical care. Whether it’s a broken bone or a sprain, allergies or the flu, Next Level should be the place you look to for any non-emergency health care needs!

Social media is here to stay, so as moms, we need to learn some ways to help manage and navigate it safely… and ensure our children are doing the same. Ashley and Jenny are sharing a few best practices to enjoy all the incredible, but potentially worrisome, aspects of social media!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

The best place for moms when they’re looking for remote, part-time work is Hire My Mom! Such an incredible platform for businesses to post a large variety of virtual job opportunities and for moms to snag them up!

Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

The bluebonnets are in bloom! Check out the post, Top Greater Houston Area Bluebonnet Sightings by Elissa Gottheim, to find a few of the best places to take stunning photos and bask in their beauty!

Episode 12 – Cold Coffee Club Favorites

This episode is brought to you by RSM, the Russian School of Mathematics. This summer, your children can join this award-winning math enrichment program that helps challenge and engage students in incredible math lessons!

What are Jenny and Ashley’s favorite things? What products do they love, devices they swear by and shows they think are the best? Let’s talk about some Cold Coffee Club Favorites!


The Last of Us on HBO
The MTV Challenges on Paramount+
Face Steamer
“Face Sucker” aka Pore Cleaner/ Blackhead Remover
DJI OM Phone Stabilizer
The Strays on Netflix
Lemon, Ginger & Clove Tea
Neurohealth Supplement
Magic Spoon Cereal
Dawn Dish Soap and water for killing wasps


The Amazing Race on Paramount+
Tula Skin Care Brightening Treatment Drops
BOSE QC 45 Noise Canceling Headphones
Owala Free Sip Water Bottle
Celcius Mix Packets
Guess in 10
Target’s All in Motion Clothing
Lumify Eyedrops 

Many of our Houston Moms contributors have been known to share some of their favorite things, so there are loads of other “favorites” for you to enjoy!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

When a beach day in Galveston sounds like entirely too much work, you can make a mini trip to Spring Creek, just behind Pundt Park. Sand, water and lots of sun make for the perfect “close to home” beach experience!

Cru Food and Wine Bar is the perfect spot to snag a wine flight to sample different kinds of wine and delicious short ribs!

Houston Moms “House Blend” Post:

Our Camp Guide is waiting for you! Plan an incredible summer for your kiddos!

Houston Moms has shared a ton of book recommendations of the years! No matter what kind of reading you or your kids are into, we’ve had you covered, and we’ve neatly sorted all of our recommendations into one go-to post! Check it out!

Episode 11 – Exploring Enneagrams

This episode is brought to you by West Pelvic Wellness, serving Houston women with pelvic floor issues. You certainly don’t have to suffer with discomfort and pain, so Dr. Alyssa Easley’s holistic approach can help!

Jenny & Ashley are here to help you answer the question, “What type are you?” Enneagrams are such a useful way to learn more about who you and the people around you are! Let’s dig into the nine types, what their personalities are and how they connect to others.

You can check out The Enneagram Institute to learn the ins and outs about the types, and here are a few sites to take the test:


Your Enneagram Coach


Some incredible Instagram profiles that will help you connect with the different enneagram types:





And here are a few other resources that could be very useful on your enneagram journey:

The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron & Suzanne Stabile

The Enneagram Journey Podcast with Suzanne Stabile

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Ashley has gotten her skin care routine locked in (FINALLY) with the help of NuRX. She has gotten her hormonal acne cleared up at an affordable price, thanks to online medical care!

Goode Co. Kitchen & Cantina is a great place to connect with good company… See what we did there?! Jenny got to enjoy time with friends, delicious margaritas and tasty queso with some of her childhood friends, and she highly recommends! 

Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

7 Unique Houston Date Night Destinations by Andrea Portillo is a useful resource to change up your run of the mill date night and enjoy time with your significant other!

The Cold Coffee Club wants to hear from you!

If you’re a local business owner, media personality, author, influencer, or someone who just has some great insights into Houston, let’s have a chat! Email us at [email protected] and tell us about yourself! Maybe we can get you on an episode!

Episode 10 – Screentime Woes

This episode is brought to you by T Bar M Summer Camps! Kids, teens and families of all ages can enjoy a summer of fun! Their Christian-based program encourages a better relationship with God while making fun memories!
Whew… finding the right balance for screentime for your kids is tough. How much time is best? Do you use it as a reward system? Is it a free for all? We all do it a little differently, but we can all agree… screens are everywhere, and our best bet is to find the balance that fits our households!
Mom tip: GoNoodle videos, Cosmic Kids Yoga and Number Blocks are great uses of screentime to help your kids move, have fun and learn!
“Spill the Tea”:
Ashley went to see Anthony Jeselnik at Bricktown Comedy Club in Oklahoma City, and it is an awesome spot for some good laughs if you’re ever there for a visit!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
The show “Shrinking” on Apple+ is one of Jenny’s faves! It follows a psychiatrist who is recently widowed and is going through a really tough time while he tries to help others.
Ashley is loving GrowWithJo on YouTube, a channel that provides some amazing workouts and fun ways to get your body moving!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
The Cold Coffee Club wants to hear from you!
If you’re a local business owner, media personality, author, influencer, or someone who just has some great insights into Houston, let’s have a chat! Email us at [email protected] and tell us about yourself! Maybe we can get you on an episode!

Episode 9 – Ew, Gross: Motherhood is Messy!

This episode is brought to you by The Conative Group! Dr. Kimberly Harrison knows parenting is tough, but she has created some of the best strategies to help families handle the overwhelming parenting moments. 

Kids are gross, germs are everywhere, and motherhood is messy! Jenny & Ashley are chatting about all the nastiness that comes with raising kids. 

“Spill the Tea”:

 A fun night at Top Golf is always a great idea, but Jenny made it even more fun for her kids by inviting a playmate for each kid! It’s so funny watching your kids enjoying time with their friends while also spending time together as a family!


“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

American Girl dolls were staples for young girls back in the day. They are historical. HISTORICAL, y’all! Why is there now an American Girl doll from 1999?! Who knew 1999 was historical! 

Ashley is super excited to do a boudoir photo shoot with Shannon LaRouge Photography! If you need an experience that is out of your comfort zone and will make you feel great about yourself, you should give it a shot!


Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Let’s Go, Rodeo: A Houston Moms Guide to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo by Ashley Black 

The Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp for Houston Kids & Teens by Ashley Black 


The Cold Coffee Club wants to hear from you!

If you’re a local business owner, media personality, author, influencer, or someone who just has some great insights into Houston, let’s have a chat! Email us at [email protected] and tell us about yourself! Maybe we can get you on an episode!

Episode 8 – Overcoming Generational Traumas and Toxic Patterns

This episode is brought to you by HOUSTON MOMS! We are holding an open call for new contributors to join our incredible team! If you’re interested in sharing your voice, please head to our site to send your submission!
Every family has its stuff that it has to sort through or overcome. Our parents and grandparents did their best with what they knew, but when we get down to it, some of their parenting caused generational traumas and toxic patterns that are tough to break. Many of us are realizing that some of our experiences growing up do not match how we want to raise our children now.
The journey starts here! Ashley and Jenny share some tips to handling generational traumas and patterns:
  1. Acknowledge some things weren’t right
  2. Get some help
  3. Introspection (how do you feel, how do you relate. talk to yourself)
  4. Work on changing the habits
  5. Let go and rewrite the story
And don’t be afraid to get help. That’s important. Get the help you need to move forward in your life, move past the hurts and move into the direction you hope for as a mother. Here’s a great post to help you get some mental health care.
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Ashley read the book, “The Mamas: What I Learned About Kids, Class and Race from Moms Not Like Me,” by Helena Andrews-Dyer, and this book is a must-read for mothers who are open and willing to explore building relationships with all kinds of moms, taking in their perspectives and insights!
In a pinch for dinner? Jenny loves the Birds Eye Sheet Pan Meals for nights where time got away from her, and she has nothing planned! These are clutch!!!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
The Cold Coffee Club wants to hear from you!
If you’re a local business owner, media personality, author, influencer, or someone who just has some great insights into Houston, let’s have a chat! Email us at [email protected] and tell us about yourself! Maybe we can get you on an episode!

Episode 7 – House Rules: Rodeo

This episode is brought to you by MamaSystems, a mom’s go-to coaching service that helps exhausted, overwhelmed moms plan out how to manage chaos!

It’s finally time for the best time of year in Houston… it’s time for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo! Jenny and Ashley are boot-scootin’ on into rodeo fun, telling you everything you need to know and how to prep for this Houston mainstay!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Maple Street Biscuit Company has left a lasting impression on Jenny as a breakfast spot that doesn’t call out your name for your order… they ask for a fun fact about you, like the make and model of your first car or your first concert! FUN!

Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

King Cake in Houston: Where Y’at? -Elyssa Gottheim

Marie Kondo and Embracing the Chaos of Living with Kids -Lauren M

The Cold Coffee Club wants to hear from you!

If you’re a local business owner, media personality, author, influencer, or someone who just has some great insights into Houston, let’s have a chat! Email us at [email protected] and tell us about yourself! Maybe we can get you on an episode!

Episode 6 – Disciplining Children

This episode is brought to you by Department of Wonder and its experience tailored specifically for preschool-aged kiddos, Make Believe! Go on an imaginative adventure with your tiny adventurer!
Jenny and Ashley are sharing how they handle disciplining their children. Their approaches require a lot of patience and understanding, and these two moms are definitely doing their very best to find the most effective ways to create loving structure for their children! Check out this list of common myths about discipline.
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Jenny went on a family outing to PopStroke and had a blast! Putt-putt, drinks, foosball, the works!
Rotolo’s Craft & Crust hosted a few Houston Moms for an afternoon of delicious food in a fun, inviting atmosphere! OMG, y’all… the food! INSANE!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
Houston Area Volunteer Opportunities for Kids by Bambi N.
The Cold Coffee Club wants to hear from you!
If you’re a local business owner, media personality, author, influencer, or someone who just has some great insights into Houston, let’s have a chat! Email us at [email protected] and tell us about yourself! Maybe we can get you on an episode!

Episode 5 – House Rules: Managing the Chaos

This episode is brought to you by… you? Reach out to us at [email protected] if you or your business would like to sponsor an episode of The Cold Coffee Club, so we can give you partnership options!


Managing our households, with all the things that are involved in it, can be so stressful. Why is there so much to do?!?! Ashley & Jenny and sharing how they manage the chaos… from handling scheduling to meal planning, all of it!


“Spill the Tea”:

Ashley follows @targetwhileblack on Instagram and loves that it showcases incredible products for Black History Month and Black-owned business products. 


“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Jenny’s family LOVES the show, American Ninja Warrior, and she takes her family to Sam Sann Warriors-All Star Ninjas gym off the beltway, but she found one even closer to her in Katy! She also goes to USA Ninja Challenge! Perfect places for those little wall-scaling climbers and daredevils!

Trebly Park just opened between Fannin and San Jacinto, with an on site cafe, green space, tons of seating, dog park, playscape and YES! BATHROOMS!! 

Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

8 Mom Hacks for a Tidy Home

Lunch for Grownups: Inspiration and Prep Just for You

The Cold Coffee Club wants to hear from you!
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Episode 4 – Working from the Comfort {and Chaos} of Home

This episode is brought to you by UTMB Health, our preferred provider for the Bay Area and Southeast Houston! Thanks to the support of UTMB Health, Houston Moms is able to provide the community with this podcast, along with our incredible “Family-Friendly Things to do in Houston this Weekend” post!
Do you work from home? How are you handling it? Jenny & Ashley are sharing their insights about working from home while keeping up with our families, our personal needs, etc. Let’s explore the pros and cons of working from the comfort, and chaos, of our own homes.
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Brooks Lake in Sugar Land is a peaceful locale to relax and enjoy a sunny day. Between the robust shopping center and an array of restaurants nearby, you can make a whole day of it!
Venture to Stephen F. Austin State Park for an outdoor adventure with your family! The scenic trails make for amazing walks and stick finding (a favorite for most young kiddos!)
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
The Cold Coffee Club wants to hear from you!
If you’re a local business owner, media personality, author, influencer, or someone who just has some great insights into Houston, let’s have a chat! Email us at [email protected] and tell us about yourself! Maybe we can get you on an episode!

Episode 3 – Budgeting 101: Penny Pinching Like a Pro

This episode is brought to you by Manning Pool Service! For all your pool cleaning and maintenance needs with a personalized touch just for your family, you know who to call!
Jenny and Ashley are sharing their tips for maintaining their family budgets and pinch pennies during this insanely expensive time!
Ashley is also a huge fan of the dark but funny movie, The Menu, on HBO Max, while Jenny is a fan of @midwesternmama29 on IG, watching all the ways to be super organized and tidy!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Jenny has been watching Kaleidoscope on Netflix. The cool thing about this show is that you can watch the episodes in any order you choose, and it’ll still make sense! Check it out!
Pacific Coast Tacos is Ashley’s jam! They have more traditional tacos, but their Asian-Pacific inspired tacos will blow your mind!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
The Cold Coffee Club wants to hear from you!
If you’re a local business owner, media personality, author, influencer, or someone who just has some great insights into Houston, let’s have a chat! Email us at [email protected] and tell us about yourself! Maybe we can get you on an episode!

Episode 2 – Blast from the Past: Reliving Our Younger Years with Kayla Olson, Author of The Reunion

This episode is brought to you by… you? Reach out to us at [email protected] if you or your business would like to sponsor an episode of The Cold Coffee Club, so we can give you partnership options!
Jenny and Ashley are reminiscing about the past… favorite shows, biggest teen heartthrobs, all the things from the good ole days!
But what will truly take you back is our incredible guest, Kayla Olson, who shares details about her highly anticipated, new book, The Reunion.
This romantic gem is a must-read! “When two former teen stars reconnect at the reunion for their hit TV show, they discover their feelings for one another were not merely scripted in this charming and heartwarming novel perfect for fans of Christina Lauren and Sally Thorne.” Must-read, right?!? Get your copy now!
And don’t miss seeing Kayla Olson at her book signing event at Brazos Bookstore on January 19th at 7pm with fellow awesome author, Katharine McGee!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Regal Cinemas have awesome deals on Tuesdays that are perfect for day dates or fun with the kids during breaks from school!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
Becca Vidrine wrote “Safety with Kids: A Practical Approach” which is all about teaching kiddos to be prepared for anything and aware of everything!
The Cold Coffee Club wants to hear from you!
If you’re a local business owner, media personality, author, influencer, or someone who just has some great insights into Houston, let’s have a chat! Email us at [email protected] and tell us about yourself! Maybe we can get you on an episode!

Episode 1 – New Year Vibes: Goal Setting and Words of the Year

This episode is brought to you by Bright Littles, providing interactive and engaging tools that are kid-approved ways to help prepare your littles to face the world with kindness and wonder!
We’re back! We’re leaping into SEASON 4 of The Cold Coffee Club!
Ashley and Jenny are filling you in on everything we’ve had going on since our break, and we’re embracing 2023 by setting a few goals and choosing a “word of the year,” a word we want to keep in mind as we learn and grow this year!
Ashley swears by Day Designer Planners to help keep her structured and specific goals in check, and Jenny takes a more loosey-goosey approach with vague goals that keep her from failing and being disappointed! Two very different mentalities that work well for each of your favorite podcast hosts!
Jenny also really enjoys Plum Paper planners to keep her life organized and the app, Walkster, to keep track of her personal walking goals.
Jenny’s Word of the Year: Intention
Ashley’s Word of the Year: Gratitude
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Ashley took her youngest kiddo, Reeve, on a lunch date to JINYA Ramen Bar! Best kids meal she’s seen in FOREVER!
Jenny and her daughter, Ellie, watched the new Matilda movie on Netflix and could not love it more! And, if you’re anything like Jenny, you’ll want to play the soundtrack in the car!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
Ten Family Friendly Experiences to have in Houston this Year is a true love letter to H-Town and an incredible resource to guide you and your family through an awesome year of fun and new experiences!
The Cold Coffee Club wants to hear from you!
If you’re a local business owner, media personality, author, influencer, or someone who just has some great insights into Houston, let’s have a chat! Email us at [email protected] and tell us about yourself! Maybe we can get you on an episode!

Episode 16 – Handling Holiday Stress

Now that school has started, so have fall sports! Is your calendar quickly filling up with games, practices, sporting lessons, etc?
Tompkins High Volleyball Coach, Allison Merrill, chats with Jenny about letting your children explore sports to find their niche, how any sports or activities need to remain fun for your children to avoid a breakdown, and noticing the signs of fatigue.

Have a kiddo interested in volleyball? Keep an eye out for Merrell Volleyball Camps next summer!

Rachael Berry is an awesome dancer, choreographer and instructor at Juleigh Holley’s School of Dance, and she joins the Cold Coffee Club to share her perspectives about the athleticism of dance (dance IS a sport!), the ideal age to start dancing, and persevering when dance (or any sport) is difficult.
If you’re looking for affordable athletic experiences for your children, I-9 Sports and the YMCA are great sources for a wonderful learning experience and a great introduction to the sports life!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
The Cookshack has a new location in Katy! All the food was incredibly delicious! Y’all, hot chicken! Get you some! And to cool your mouth down, try the Boujee margarita!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
This time of year has Houstonians remembering Hurricane Harvey and how it changed our city. We have put together a post that highlights all the Houston Moms works that pertain to that monumental event. Check it out to reminisce about how tough it was, but how far we’ve come.
Society puts so much pressure on us all, moms included, to fit a cookie cutter mold when it comes to our bodies. Mary B. wrote a post titled, Time to Trash Crash Diet Culture, to remind us all that we are simply amazing and awesome without falling into the traps of diet culture!

Episode 15 – House Rules: Christmas Edition

No matter how you look at it, society treats boys and girls differently. The expectations, roles, stereotypes and responsibilities for males and females differ.

Raising boys in 2022 takes so much work. We want to raise capable young men who are compassionate, in tune with their feelings and emotions, who treat others with kindness. We certainly don’t want boys to grow up thinking they are privileged or cannot cry or are expected to be aggressive and domineering. 

Jenny has a son and a daughter, so she readily sees the differences between her children. Ashley has the only sons in her entire family, while her ex-husband is the only boy in his family with five sisters.

Both of your favorite co-hosts are navigating what it means to raise sons, so let’s dig into their experiences. 

Some books the your favorite Cold Coffee Hosts are loving are:

Raising and Emotionally Intelligent Child by Dr. John Gotman

The Whole-Brain Child by Drs. Daniel J, Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson 

Calmer, Easier, Happier Boys by Noel Janis- Norton 

What Makes a Boy Strong? What Makes a Girl Pretty? By Mary E. Hendrix

Be sure to check out the Sharon Says So Podcast, especially the episode with Dr. Jillian Peterson, where the two discuss mass shootings and the trend of male shooters that all #boymoms should be interested in.  

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Ashley took Jenny’s advice to visit Armadillo Escape Room. She checked out the Spring location, and her family truly had the best time! 

The Houston Moms crew had a fun get-together at Daily Gather in CityCentre for lunch! Insanely delicious food and a beautiful environment!

Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

The Strengths of a Strong-Willed Child by our contributor, Elissa, who is a child psychologist, gives great tips and insights about raising children whose intense behaviors can be challenging for any mom.

Tiffany wrote In Defense of my Amazon Addiction, in case you need a little reassurance that an attachment to Amazon isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

Episode 14 – Cold Coffee Kids!

This episode is brought to you by Favor, the most convenient way to get any restaurant or store in Texas delivered FAST! Use code HOUSTONMOMS to get a $20 delivery credit.
Single motherhood looks different from being a married mother. Join Jenny and Ashley as they discuss their experiences with balancing married life with parenthood, and what it’s like to go it alone.
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Jenny, while she has been in recovery over the last week, has been graciously gifted with heavenly goodies from Tiff’s Treats! Warm, yummy cookies are what we all need in life!
Houston Moms is hosting a Moms Night Out: Sip & Taste Cocktail event from 6-8pm on September 20th! Join in for an incredible evening at Whiskey Cake-Katy! Hurry and grab a ticket to join in on the fun!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
Chris created an incredible guide to Houston Area Farmers Markets!!! She included EVERYTHING! Descriptions, photos and tips that will create an awesome experience when looking for local produce and goods!
Tired of throwing birthday parties for your kiddo? You are not alone. Becca wrote, Why I’m Not Throwing my Child a Birthday Party This Year! She lists her reasons why she will forgo the tradition of a b-day party for her son, alleviating any mom guilt you may have about skipping out on throwing one for your kids as well!

Episode 13 – Battling Loneliness

This episode is brought to you by Home Clean Heroes, our favorite home cleaning solution! Mention Houston Moms when you book for $100 off your 1st cleaning!
This fall is bringing some amazing new shows (and bringing back some old favorites) that Ashley & Jenny are really looking forward to! If you’re in need of show options to enjoy during any downtime you may have (yeah, we know downtime comes few and far between!), check these out!
Jenny’s Fall TV Picks:
Mo on Netflix
Season 3 of Bluey
Reboot on Hulu
Ashley’s Fall TV Picks:
Abbott Elementary on ABC and Hulu
Season 48 of Saturday Night Live on NBC
Season 3 of Love is Blind on Netflix, Season 3 of Dead to Me on Netflix Blockbuster on Netflix
Honorable Mention: A Black Lady Sketch Show on HBO
Need something creepy to watch this October? The Midnight Club and Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities are perfect to give you chills and thrills!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Jenny is looking forward to having a SUPER fun time at Houston Moms’ Hanging with Heroes event! This family-friendly event is October 16 from 10am-1pm, and we will be celebrating superheroes and real-life heroes in the Houston community.
The Kemah Boardwalk is hosting a Craft Beer Fest on October 2 from 2-5pm, where attendees can taste all kinds of local beers!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
Sensory Needs Crash Course for Moms by Lindsay Garrett:  Sensory overloads are a big focus for moms raising their children, but let’s not forget that moms have sensory needs as well. Daily input may be stressing us out, so recognizing our needs can make our lives easier. The book, The Highly Sensitive Person, can help parents handle sensory overloads and keep a bit of sanity!

Episode 12 – Podcast Round-Up

This episode is brought to you by Next Level Urgent Care, our favorite provider of walk-in care for non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries such as sprains, strains, fractures, lacerations, allergies, rashes, and congestion issues.
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston earned the No. 1 spot on U.S. News & World Report’s 2022-23 Best Hospitals for Cancer ranking and it is hosting the MD Anderson’s Boot Walk to End Cancer® on Saturday, Nov. 5 Wear your favorite boots to give cancer the boot!
Kelsey-Seybold Downtown Chat & Chew – Breast Cancer: Awareness & TreatmentOct. 26, 12 – 1pm; From risk factors and early detection to innovations in treatment, you’ll gain a better understanding of breast cancer – the second most common cancer diagnosed in women in the US.
Beauty from the Inside Out, Breast Cancer Awareness Event – Oct. 13 from 1 – 2:30pm; Brought to you by the Houston Chapter of the National Black Leadership Initiative on Cancer, this is an awesome breast cancer awareness event! Featured will be a monologue/play, a breast health presentation, health panel, survivor speaker, TIK TOK challenge contest video winners, and free lunch!
Nancy Owens Breast Cancer Foundation– Oct. 24; Luncheon and Auction to support Breast Cancer awareness and research. 
Early detection is key when it comes to Breast Cancer, so make sure you’re aware of any changes in your body and be in touch with your doctor.
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Ashley’s new favorite VolleyBar!!! Wakefield Crow Bar– There are multiple Sand vb courts, cornhole lanes, sports bar, kids play area and yummy food! An absolute blast! But reserve a court or lane ahead of time if you are a volleyball or cornhole aficionado!
Jenny is a fan of Preslee’s, a Southern Good Eatery! This laid-back restaurant & bar offers southern-style comfort food & cocktails, plus a family-friendly.
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
Want to share with the Cold Coffee Club! Leave us a message! We’d love to hear from you!

Episode 11 – Embracing the Post Baby Bod

This episode is brought to you by Cordovan Art School, who brings art classes, camps, pottery painting and artistically awesome birthday parties to kids all over Houston!
Got kids who are always at each other’s throats? Always bugging and pestering each other, making your head and heart hurt? Jenny and Ashley are talking about the dreaded sibling rivalry.
Check out their suggestions and insights, while also hearing from other Cold Coffee Club listeners who share how they juggle sibling rivalries while facilitating love and respect.
The adorable children’s book, I Used to be Famous, is an incredible story to help your kiddos sort through the feelings of frustration of having to divide parents’ attention and not resenting each other! And good ole Arthur! Handing out all kinds of lessons about kids getting along with their siblings!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Jenny had an impromptu date night at Da Gama, a beautiful Portuguese/ Indian-inspired cafe in the Heights! Don’t leave without trying Serradura!
Ashley won a Stein-hoisting contest at Little Woodrow’s for Oktoberfest! This is just one of the fun events Little Woodrow’s hosts on the regular! Go visit one of the many locations in our city!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
Don’t miss out on Houston Moms’ Hanging with Heroes event on Sunday, October 16th! Tickets are still available! Come get your swag, hang out with your favorite superheroes, and check out the Teddy Bear clinic at Kelsey Seybold!
If Dani’s Ultimate Guide to the Texas Renaissance Festival doesn’t make you really, really REALLY want to go join in on the fun, we don’t know what will!
Want to share with the Cold Coffee Club! Leave us a message! We’d love to hear from you!

Episode 10 – Favorite Fall Recipes

This episode is brought to you by Favor, the most convenient way to get any restaurant or store in Texas delivered FAST! Use code HOUSTONMOMS to get a $20 delivery credit.
Does anyone ever ask you the dreaded “so what do you like to do” question? Moms sometimes have a hard time answering that question! We get so busy with motherhood that we forget who we are, what we like, what things are fun anymore!
Ashley and Jenny talk about what their “things” are that keep them connected to who they were before having children! We chat with Houston Moms contributor, Dani, who has made gardening her “thing,” and she is killin’ it… not literally, but you know what we mean! Check out her beautiful blooms and plentiful plants on her Instagram!
Ashley went to Birria Fest and devoured a ton of tacos (& Micheladas) from TJ Birria y Mas, Tequila B’s, Rabbits Got a Gun, and more at Space Cowboy!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Ashley is pumped about the six new art benches in The Woodlands, bringing the total number of these installations to 30. Go check out these IG -worthy, super cool benches that are sprucing up the Woodlands.
Jenny is definitely a history buff, and she recommends you watch The US & the Holocaust, a documentary streaming on PBS that digs deeper into the Holocaust and our country’s reaction to it all. Very informative and eye-opening!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
Guide to Houston Area Pumpkin Patches by Ashley is a great resource if you’d like to take advantage of the Fall weather and get some great photos!
Want to share with the Cold Coffee Club! Leave us a message! We’d love to hear from you!

Episode 9 – Creating Families through Fostering and Adoption

This episode is brought to you by Pout MedSpa, our favorite mobile beauty team that pampers Houston moms and keeps us looking gorgeous! Check out their Vanity Fair event on November 3rd from 4-8 pm at their studio in the Heights!
Ashley and Jenny are sharing their “House Rules” for Halloween that keep the holiday as stress-free as possible and keep things fun and exciting!
Keep Oriental Trading Company in the back of your mind for Trunk or Treat decorations. And if you’re a DIY mama, don’t miss Lindsay’s post about fun and easy costumes to make!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Jenny has sensitive skin, and her dermatologist recommended Vanicream, her new, favorite daily moisturizer!
Ashley is loving all the Woodlands area has to offer! Check out Movies on the Lawn at the Woodlands Mall on 10/28 at 7pm and watch Ghostbusters: After Life!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
October is Fire Safety Month and Chris wrote a post titled, Tips for Preventing and Preparing for a House Fire, that is so incredibly useful and insightful!
Becca can always be counted on for the best book recommendations! Head over to her post, Fall Into Good Books: An Autumn Reading List, for her list of fall reading fun!

Episode 8 – House Rules: Halloween Edition

This episode is brought to you by Home Clean Heroes, our favorite home cleaning solution! Mention Houston Moms when you book for $100 off your 1st cleaning!
November is National Adoption Month, and we are reminded that there is no wrong way to make a family. Ashley and Jenny get to chat about fostering and adoption with HM contributors, Whitney and Kirsten about their experiences!
Kirsten wrote a post about the best ways to help love and support foster families, and it can most definitely be used to support adoptive families as well!
If you’re interested in getting more information about the adoption process, AdoptUSKids is an incredibly thorough resource to guide you!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Awesome Exhibition, as display of incredibly fun and unique Lego® structures, built by “The Brickman,” Ryan McNaught, and his team, is coming to Houston Oct. 29 thru Dec. 30. Check out all the sites like Windsor Castle, the Delorean and a family of penguins, all built of Lego® bricks, and build your own masterpieces to display at the event.
Living Spaces, a furniture store across from Katy Mills Mall, is Jenny’s new favorite place to let the kids run around and play in the designated kids’ area, while she and her husband enjoy drinks and snacks on the cheap!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Episode 7 – More than a Mom

This episode is brought to you by the Awesome Exhibition, an incredible interactive exhibition of intricate Lego builds is coming to Houston! Fill up your Lego Passport and explore the world!
The fall weather is finally beginning to make its appearance in Houston, so you know what that means… FALL FOOD! Ashley and Jenny dig into their favorite fall meals that make them feel warm and cozy inside!
All things Pomegranate! In salads, roasted Brussels sprouts, and cran-pom sauce!
Turkey Chili with Fritos or cornbread
Zuppa Toscana is an awesome soup!
Squash and bacon hash or baked apple oatmeal for breakfast will have you feeling good all day!
Spaghetti Squash “Pasta”
Casseroles like Chicken Spaghetti
Jenny’s favorite Pot Roast with Lowery’s seasoning salt, salt and pepper, onion soup mix and a bit of water with some rice hits the spot!
Jenny loves using her oven fryer in the fall (she has the handy lid that goes onto your Instant Pot!)
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Jenny is encouraging you lovely listeners to also go out and become lovely voters as well! Go vote today!!!
Even though Halloween is over, Ashley isn’t ready to let go of all things spooky! La Carafe is a “haunted” bar on Congress and Milam. It is the oldest bar in Houston, and you can feel the presence of spirits, spot the ghostly woman by the stairs, and enjoy wine and beer!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
Cindy E shared an incredibly helpful post that moms heading back into the workforce after some time away really need to read! Check out “6 Tips the Re-Entering the Workforce After Extended Time Away!”
Need something to do this weekend? We’ve changed up our monthly guide and are instead sharing Family- Friendly Things to Do in Houston this Weekend every week ahead of the weekend! Be sure to check it out.

Episode 7 – Handling Sibling Rivalries

This episode is brought to you by WiddyUp, an innovative new way for your children to fundraise without the hassle of buying products you may not need or use!
The changes to our bodies, either those we can easily see or those that can be hidden, are inevitable when we give birth to children. And it can be difficult to embrace those changes. Ashley and Jenny chat about the changes they’ve experienced and why it’s ok to not love each change but understand and tolerate it while we deal!
And OMG! This post, 8 Ways to Overcome Negative Body Image After Baby, says it all when it comes to accepting your body after babies!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
It’s finally that magical time of year again! As we head into the holiday season, we can’t officially begin the festivities without Cookies with Santa! Join us on December 4th from 11am-2pm for lots of fun with Santa! Get your tickets now!!!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
Do y’all know about our Family Friendly Things to Do in Houston?! If you, don’t get to know it ASAP! We want to give you some great things to do around our favorite city, so keep our post saved and check weekly!
As we head into the holidays, we may be in need of some decluttering! Out with the old, in with the new, right? Check out our post, Here’s Where to Donate Your Used Items in Houston, to find great places to donate your used items and help the Houston community!

Episode 6 – Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Houston

This episode is brought to you by Cafe Express, a delicious Houston kitchen that creates beautiful plates and new family meals at a reasonable price that will keep you coming back for more!
Ashley and Jenny share what it takes to create The Cold Coffee Club, week after week! Between planning and recording, editing and show notes, it takes quite a lot of work to bring you this show you know and love!
We also have some of our favorite podcasts!
Jenny’s Faves:
Ashley’s Faves:
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Ashley adores her realtor, Matthew Villaflor, who recommends that you begin the homebuying process RIGHT NOW! If you’re thinking you want to buy sometime soon, the time to start making moves, setting yourself up for success, getting the down payments squared away, is now!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
If you’ve run out of ideas for Thanksgiving dishes to make this week, Kim Reed shared Easy Thanksgiving Recipes You Won’t Find on Pinterest with us with some incredible recipes you’ll definitely want to try!

Episode 4 – Must-See Fall TV

old coffee club houston moms banner
This episode is brought to you by National Youth Theater, who will spread Christmas cheer with Elf the Musical! It opens on December 16th and will play through December 18th!
Motherhood can feel intensely lonely! We are so focused on raising our children that it takes up a lot of time and doesn’t always allow time to spend with friends and loved ones. According to a recent survey of 2,000 mothers, 90% of them feel lonely since having children.
Join Jenny & Ashley as they chat about ways to find your people, your support team, your circle!
Cling to friends who can encourage you to come out from time to time, start a group chat or Marco Polo, join a Facebook group, join MOPS, a play group, Gymboree, anything! Be bold in creating your village.
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Ashley loves great food, and one place she’s guaranteed to get it… Gauchos do Sol! There are three locations around Houston, with its newest location in Katy!
Jenny took her daughter to see the musical, Six, about the six wives of Henry VIII, and she could not recommend it more!!!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
There is a big debate about when to start decorating for Christmas, and Lauren wrote, Settling the Great Debate: Why I Decorate Early for Christmas. She backed up her reasoning with science and facts and lots of love!
Becca Slocum shared 35 Things I’ve Learned in 35 Years of Life, and y’all, this is amazing!!! So many truths and fun insights!
Did you know The Cold Coffee Club has MERCH?!?!?! Head over to our store to support the one and only Houston Moms podcast!

Episode 3 – Single Mom vs. Married Mom

This episode is brought to you by Department of Wonder, the exhibition that blurs the line between reality and digital reality.
The Kids are running the show today! With the holiday season upon us, our kids will be home much more than normal, so we figured we’d take a moment to introduce the reasons behind our very cold cups of coffee!
Meet the Cold Coffee Kids: Ellie, Oliver, Maverick, Jack and Reeve, Ashley and Jenny’s little ones! Whew… it was madness. Enjoy!
And just because your kids say their bored during the holidays, doesn’t mean you need to find a million and one ways to occupy them! Boredom is good for them, according to this awesome article!
While your kiddos are home during the upcoming breaks, keep Common Sense Media and IMDB in mind to check on whether the plethora of movies we are all sure to run through to keep them all busy are actually appropriate for little eyes and ears!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
Houston Moms has your holidays covered with our Ultimate Guide to Holiday Events in Houston and our resource to support local Houston businesses, Shop HTX: A Houston Moms Local Gift Guide!
Did you know The Cold Coffee Club has MERCH?!?!?! Head over to our store to support the one and only Houston Moms podcast!

Episode 2 – Bringing Up Boys

This episode is brought to you by Reliant Energy who light up the holiday season with so many stunningly beautiful events and ways to give back in the Houston area!
Jenny & Ashley are sharing “House Rules,” tips and traditions, for the holidays!
Jenny’s House Rules:
Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas A bedroom Christmas tree! Ornaments from vacations/ places the family visited/ commemorating events “Hot Flash” drink (Orange juice, amaretto and Fireball) Wall calendar for the kids Santa leaves unwrapped gifts, wrapped gifts come from family.
Ashley’s House Rules:
MUST- WATCH The Preacher’s Wife, A Christmas Story, The Family Stone, Elf, and all the fun Claymation Christmas movies! Family ornaments on Etsy Butter Cookies Want, need, wear, read gift giving LOVE Drive thru light shows like Dasher’s Lightshow and The Light Park in Spring and Katy!
During this holiday season, keep an eye on how full your bucket is, and encourage your families (and yourselves) to avoid letting friends, relatives or anything else dip from your bucket!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Jenny’s husband literally needed to hug the owner of Gino’s Italian Joint in Rosenberg, because the NY-style pizza was Just. That. GOOD! Plan a “road trip” to grab a slice soon!
Ashley’s kiddos are huge fans of the North Houston Skate Park! Grab your skateboards, blades and helmets and head on over! There is also a neighboring park, Rockstar Energy Park, for biking, scootering and all the sick tricks!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
Avoid feeling overwhelmed during Hanukkah with Elissa’s tips in her post, “Hanukkah Theme Nights: The Solution to Gift Giving Stress.”
She gives great ideas that will help you prepare for 8 nights of giving.
Got kiddos who are feeling festive and creative? Sean shares some incredible ways to enjoy cookie decorating in “How to Throw a Cookie Decorating Party for Kids!”
The Cold Coffee Club wants to hear from you!
If you’re a local business owner, media personality, author, influencer, or someone who just has some great insights into Houston, let’s have a chat! Email us at [email protected] and tell us about yourself! Maybe we can get you on an episode!

Episode 1 – Play Ball: Sports Mom Talk

This episode is brought to you by Department of Wonder, the exhibition that blurs the line between reality and digital reality!
Whew… anyone else feeling a bit overwhelmed these days? Jenny & Ashley are sharing how they are handling holiday stress! Staying organized, planning things out, and doing things bit by bit are great for staying on top of things, but Jenny & Ashley also have some of their own insights to share!
We’re all trying to make it, so we’re hoping some of these tips help make this hectic time of year a bit easier!
And, although the “Alexa, thank my driver” deal is over, find a way to show your appreciation to your delivery drivers. Houston Moms has some tips to show those hard-working drivers some love this holiday season!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
If dark humor is your jam, Jenny highly recommends the movie Vengeance on Peacock!
She’s also loving the show, Snack vs Chef, that explores the science behind recreating some snack favorites!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
Mary Barnes shared some insider tips about exploring Rosenberg! Go visit and enjoy this lovely town!
Kimberly Smith wrote a post that is perfect for this episode, Tips for Simplifying the Season and Reducing Holiday Stress!
Happy holidays to you all, and we’ll be back in the New Year on 1/10 with a new episode!
The Cold Coffee Club wants to hear from you!
If you’re a local business owner, media personality, author, influencer, or someone who just has some great insights into Houston, let’s have a chat! Email us at [email protected] and tell us about yourself! Maybe we can get you on an episode!

Episode 1 – We’re Back!!!

The Cold Coffee Club is back!

Let us reintroduce ourselves. Join Houston Moms’ co-hosts, Project Coordinator, Ashley Black, and Jenny Isaminger, our Social Media Director, as they dig into all things motherhood!

This week, we embrace 2022 while we “spill the tea”, share our “House Blends”, our favorite Houston Moms posts and what cool places around town are the “cream and sugar” in our lives these days!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Delicious Colombian- Latin Fusion Restaurant in Katy—Kricos House on Kingsland near Katy Mills Mall

Gamer family fun! Stop by Cidercade Houston for “All you can play” video games for $10!

“House Blend” Posts:

Houston Moms contributor, Dani Boss, wrote an incredibly useful post about how critical it is to donate blood. 

Check out this “lovely” post about romance novels by our sweet contributor, Kim Reed. 

Episode 2 – Celebrating Black History Month in Houston

Thanks for joining us for another cup of cold coffee!

This week, we dig into great ways to commemorate and celebrate Black History Month in Houston. We share some of our favorite restaurants to grab some grub, historical sites to check out and performances you need to see!

Black History Month Must-Knows: 

Check out the Instagram account, @houstonblackownedbusinesses -So many incredible Black-owned businesses are spotlighted on their IG page!

The Houston Museum of African American Culture offers a great experience to learn more about Black culture outside of just slavery.

Buffalo Soldiers National Museum is open for you to visit and learn more about African Americans who served in the US military. The museum even offers virtual tours! 

Visit Emancipation Park, a beautiful outdoor space full of history as it commemorates Emancipation Day (Juneteenth)!

The Breakfast Klub is an amazing jazzy brunch spot that is a Houston icon and mainstay!

The Ensemble Theatre is the oldest and largest professional Black Theater in the Southwest. They perform Black stories by Black playwrights!

Be sure to check out Houston Moms’ Monthly Guide for the month of February to find events that are centralized on Black History Month!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Jenny recommends checking out Brazos Bend State Park for a fun family adventure just outside of Houston. Her son says the day they visited was the best day of his life!

Ashley visited Lost and Found for her birthday! This black-owned business has delicious food, a fun jungle themed vibe and hookah!

“House Blend” Favorite Posts:

Our Summer Camp Guide will be live soon to help you start planning and registering your kiddos for all the fun camps and activities. Be on the lookout!

Episode 3 – A Little Love for Houston Libraries

On this episode of The Cold Coffee Club, we’re talking all about Houston libraries today! 

Did you know you can have your local libraries curate personalized sets of books to fit your needs? Have you checked out all the events hosted by Houston libraries through each month? Have you ever used the fun learning tools available for you at libraries all around the metro area?

In this episode, we give some extra love to Houston libraries during this beautiful February, National Library Lovers Month. 

Make sure to visit a Houston library before the month is up, and enjoy the books, tools, events and services available to you!

Harris County Public Libraries:

Fort Bend County Libraries:

Galveston County Public Libraries:

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Go get some frustration out and toss some axes around at Houston Axe Throwing! You will have a blast, but it’s definitely harder than it looks!

Craving a delicious empanada? Head to Katy and visit Marini’s Empanada House for an amazing variety of sweet and savory empanadas! And if pies is your jam, right next door is Proud Pie! Two ways to enjoy delicious, local treats!

“House Blend” Favorite Posts:

Did Jenny say pie?! Indeed, yes did! And she suggests you go check out our comprehensive list of the best pie dives in Houston! Go get you some pie, girl!

Ashley’s favorite post is one that all of us stay-at-home mamas truly need… and it’s written by the one and only, Jenny! Read her words of encouragement and love to the moms of little ones who are home in the chaos!

In this fourth episode of the Cold Coffee Club, we delve into a story that has many mamas talking. It started as a simple Reddit post and has morphed into quite a discussion.
A sitter called the police on a mother who was due to return to her children and was hours late. No call, no response, nothing. Apparently, she’d had a habit of being late to return, and the sitter was fed up.
Here’s the original post, and here are some perspectives from Houston Moms contributors, Tiffany and Ugochi.
Join us as we chat about how we felt about the sitter’s actions, the mother’s choices and who really suffers from it all.
It’s RODEO TIME, Houston!
Join us as we learn some of the ins and outs of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for Houston Moms Co-Owner, Meagan Clahanan.
She’ll share some insider tips and must-sees to make your rodeo experience one to remember!
And don’t forget Houston Moms’ in-depth Guide to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, made for newbies and first timers and veterans who want to make the most of the 90th anniversary of this incredible event!
We’re so excited that Crawfish Season is finally here!
Ashley and Jenny share how to go about eating crawfish and where you can find some of the best “mudbugs” in town!
Don’t miss out the All-You-Can-Eat crawfish events Tad’s Louisiana Cooking will be hosting this year LA Crawfish has an awesome selection of flavors to season your crawfish. Bluewater Seafood was a favorite of Ashley’s years ago, but based on online reviews, it’s still a favorite to many! If you’re in the mood for delicious flavors and great prices, check out Crafty Crab. Whatever you do, try the “Boom” seasoning!!!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Jenny visited Rosalie for an impromptu date night with her husband and she says the Fried Risotto is delish!
“House Blend” Favorite Posts:
We love Joi so dang much, and everything she writes is pure gold! Check out her potty training post… for adults! Because if you’ve ever visited a public bathroom, you know that we are not all properly training.
Rashimi’s sweet and sentimental post about lessons she’s learned from her dog will remind you that pups are way too good for us and this world. They are truly a gift.
Jenny and Ashley dig into their favorite shows: Hit, current shows and “oldies on repeat” shows!
Ashley is loving: 
On Netflix– Love is Blind, The Tinder Swindler
On Hulu– Abbott Elementary, Tulsa Burning (also on the History Channel)
On Peacock– The Courtship, Joe vs Carole
Jenny is loving:
On Netflix- Inventing Anna
Amazon Prime TV– The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 
Jenny and Ashley’s Comfort Shows, to break up episodes of heavier shows, are The Office (Peacock), New Girl (Netflix) and Impractical Jokers (TruTV)!
“Cream and Sugar” Recommendations:
Ashley can’t wait to take her sorority sisters to The Artz to try out Aerial exercises! 
Jenny gives a shout out to Bowl & Barrel! We are so thankful that they were able to accommodate our Houston Moms team with incredible food and an amazing bowling experience!
“House Blend” Favorite Posts:
Looking for something new to do? Looking for a group of awesome having fun? Looking to explore some incredible trails around the Houston- area?
Join us as we chat with Houston Moms Contributor, Chris Sizemore, about the Houston Women’s Hiking Group!
Check them out online, venture into new, scenic areas and take a hike!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations: 
Kick off the colorful Spring season with flair. Jenny is so pumped for Via Colori Chalk Art Festival in Houston! Head over to the stunning display of creativity!
The Houston humidity is real! Ashley’s naturally oily T-zone depends on Milk of Magnesia as the perfect primer for her skin! Try it! You’ll love it!
“House Blend” Favorite Posts:
Our incredible editor, Elizabeth, let us all into her world in a very real, honest way. Her post, Can We Talk About Disabled Children and Puberty?, truly sheds light on what it means to raise a growing, maturing child with a disability. 
Part of motherhood is finding the best ways to help your children manage, deal and overcome hard things. It can seem overwhelming and, sometimes, impossible to help your children bob and weave through difficulty and stress. 
We sat down with Mary Engle, LPC, a child counselor who focuses on play therapy in an adorable house in Katy, to learn about how validating your children and their feelings can be an incredible first step toward building coping little people. 
She recommended a few books to The Cold Coffee Club that could be useful and are definitely worth checking out: The Power of Validation, The Whole Brain Child, The Unwritten Rules of Friendship, and Beyond Behaviors.
And one powerful word of advice from Mary as we all work hard at raising our kiddos: Evaluate how your own upbringing is influencing your parenting style.
Join us to learn more for this brilliantly loving counselor about how to lovingly mother our children!
What an eventful couple of weeks we had with the Oscars and Grammys!
Yes, yes, we know… Will Smith & Chris Rock. Ok, yeah, everything that needs to be said about all that has been said! Moving on…
Join Jenny and Ashley as they discuss the fashion of the Oscars and Must- See movies, along with their favorite Grammy’s highlights!

The Cold Coffee Club gets to chat with Chita Craft, meteorologist from Houston’s KHOU11 news team! She shares how she manages to maintain an incredible career serving the Houston area while raising two beautiful children with her husband, Lane. Some true wisdom and advice from such a lovely, talented mama!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Jenny is so appreciative to Next Level Urgent Care! Next Level has been clutch for her and her family lately. So easy to get the care patients need with a quick and simple process and patient care. She strongly recommends their app to get the health care you need.

Ashley is reading Lot: Stories, written by Bryan Washington, a Houston-native who has written a collection of short stories about H-Town and its diverse community, that centers around a boy’s coming of age in our city.

“House Blend” Favorite Posts:

We are all about the guides! Houston Moms is always helping you find ways to fill your calendars with incredible, family- friendly experiences and adventures for all ages. Don’t miss out on these need to know resources: Houston Happenings in April, Ultimate Camp Guide & Bluebonnets Sightings!

Wordle has swept the nation by storm! And we are STILL loving it!
We’re chatting about our Wordle strategies, what time of day we keep sacred to become completely immersed in the game, and what Wordle-like games we also enjoy!
STEAM, REACH, POINT, HEART and IRRATE are some of the our favorite starter words. 
What do you do? What are your GO-TO starter words? Play with your morning coffee or your late-night glass of wine?
Be sure to check out:
“Cream and Sugar” Recommendations:
The Fort Bend Museum is great for a field trip with the kiddos or a day-trip for grown-ups, like Jenny, who love all things historical in Texas!
Looking for a day at the beach without actually going TO the Beach? Lago Mar is a beautiful, man-made lagoon, filled with crystal blue water and awesome water activities to try!
“House Blend” Favorite Posts:
Fun for the Whole Family in Clear Lake and Bay Area Houston by Sean Watson – This is a great resource for exploring Houston during these beautiful weather months!
Crap! It’s Time for Colonoscopy by Christy G is an awesome inside look (pun intended!) of what to expect when getting a colonoscopy. Many of us overlook the need for screening like this, mainly out of fear! But this post really helps put Houston Moms’ minds at ease.
Jenny got to talk about motherhood, parenting through the phases, and how deciding that a family with one child can be a great fit with New York Times Best-Selling author, podcaster and Houston-native, Melanie Shankle!
The ladies even reminisce about the old-school Facebook status days!
Check out a few of Melanie’s books:
And so many more here!
Be sure to check out her blog and her podcast as well! Word to the wise– Melanie’s all-inclusive College Dorm Move In List is perfect for any mama sending kiddos off to college in the fall!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendation:
The boys are back in town! We’re so excited for baseball season! Go enjoy the Houston Astros and the Sugarland Space Cowboys this year!
“House Blend” Favorite Posts:
Not sure how to keep the kids busy this summer? Don’t stress… We’ve got the ULTIMATE VBS Guide ready for you! Check it out and load the days with fun, excitement and lots of memories!
May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month!
This episode focuses on the history of this month and where you can go to recognize AAPI culture and heritage.
Houston Public Media has shared tons of incredibly beautiful and educational programming that will help us all commemorate AAPI month.
Visit Houston Asiatown (colloquially known as Chinatown), learn more with Asian Heritage Tours and have a spiritual experience at the Teo Chew Buddhist Temple.
Asia Society Texas Center will be hosting events throughout the month that will showcase Asian American and Pacific Islander artists and writers.
The Islamic religion is quite prevalent in Asia countries, so an educational experience at the Islamic Da’wah Center will allow you to explore the history and principles of Islam.
Check out the post, How to Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month With Your Family, for amazing ways to celebrate this month.
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
One more place to check out and visit local businesses, especially during AAPI month, is Katy Asiantown! And Houston Moms has the perfect guide to lead you to a great experience!
Postino in the Heights is a great place to grab a quick bite and create your own signature cheeseboard! So many delicious choices to taste and enjoy!
“House Blend” Favorite Posts:
Who doesn’t love the environment of a bookstore?! The feel of the pages, the smell of stacks and stacks of books, the sounds of the spines bending. All of it! Becca S. writes about amazing independent bookstores in Houston that will make you want to head out RIGHT NOW and visit them!
Being as prepared as you can for the uncertain moments is a key in our busy city! Check out Becca Vidrine’s post about preparedness!
Oh, and we missed something in our episode about WORDLE!!!! There is a version of the game based on the show, The Office, called DUNDERDLE!!! We love it and if you’re a fan of the show, you will love it too!!
Let’s talk about… THE TALK!
How have you had or will you have chats surrounding “the birds and the bees?” Ashley and Jenny dig into their approaches, what they think is appropriate for their kids and how they’ve gone about discussing bodies, babies and blossoming into adulthood.
Ashley did share one book that made some discussion a bit easier while she was pregnant and her boys had a ton of questions… The Baby Tree by Sophie Blackall was an incredibly light-hearted and candid exploration of where babies come with the perfect combination of the myths and the facts!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendation:
We loved visiting Original Chop Shop at its Kirby Dr. location for an incredible, healthy meal! We appreciate them hosting us for lunch, and we promise they will treat you amazingly as well!
It’s National Dental Care month so make sure your kids are truly taking care of their pearly whites!
We chatted with Dr. Nisha Mehta from Wellspring Pediatric Dentistry in Katy. She shares some tips to help your children take care of their dental health, and gives us a bit of insight about dental bumps and bruises!
Head over to Amazon and grab some Disclosing Tablets and electric toothbrushes to make brushing time a little more fun and even more efficient!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations
May 28th is the Houston Food Fest! OMG! Y’all! Food… in Houston… PERFECTION! It’s free for kids 8 and under, $9 admission for ages 9 and up! You definitely don’t want to miss out on incredible food from all over the Houston area.
The First Lady on Amazon Prime (originally on Showtime) is an incredible look at 3 of our country’s First Ladies, their journeys and what made the phenomenal additions to the lives of their husbands, the White House and the U.S.
“House Blend” Posts
Becca Slocum wrote a useful post that will help us all dive into some great books this summer. Her post, Let’s Take an Adventure: Summer Books for Kids and Moms, gives some perfect suggestions for fun summer reading!
Lauren M addresses the formula crisis our country is going through in the post, The Formula Crisis: Breastfeeding Isn’t Free, or the Answer. Such a thoughtful post that helps moms feel seen and heard, while squashing the misconception that breastfeeding would solve this trying, difficult time.
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The Cold Coffee Club went LIVE!!!
And we were giving away a Britax Click-Tight car seat!
Thanks so much to everyone who joined us for our unedited chat that almost didn’t happen! (Y’all, all the technical difficulties came out of the woodworks as we prepped for this fun day!)
“Cream and Sugar” Recommendations:
Jenny checked out Splashway Water Park in Sheridan, TX. Not only is there a ton of fun there for all ages, but you can bring your own food! That’s a huge selling point for mamas on a budget!
Ashley is so pumped to take her boys to Big Rivers Waterpark & Adventures to enjoy “wet, dry and aerial fun!” We look forward to sliding down fun slides and making a splash, but also giving ziplining a shot and visiting turtles and baby alligators.
There are tons of splash pads all over Houston that provide free fun for your kids! Nottingham Park, Discovery Green, Kemah, Lents Family Park East are just a few of our favorites!
The Houston Food Fest has been postponed until November 12.
Pundt Park is the perfect “Beach Day” destination without actually going to the beach!
Feeding the kiddos during the summer can be so insanely exhausting! How are they always hungry? What do they want? What quick options do we have? Jenny and Ashley explore quick lunch options (sandwiches, trays, quesadillas, fruit, etc) but they also explore a few quick recipes.
  • Pulled Pork Sandwiches
  • Grilled Chicken Apple Sausage (Adells)
  • Chicken thighs with sweet potatoes
  • Chicken Caesar Wraps
  • Kielbasa, peppers, potatoes and onion skillet
  • Mango-Peach Salsa Pork Tenderloin
  • BLT Salad
And Jenny loves providing her kids with a schedule for each day so there is still a sense of structure and she isn’t bombarded with constant “What are we gonna do today?”
Houston Moms “House Blend” Post:
We are so thankful for the insights of our editor, Elizabeth Baker, who wrote an incredible post with an important message. The Burden of Summer: What not all Moms can make it Magical reminds us that there are many restrictions that burden moms as they try to create summer magic.
We can’t all do it all! And that’s ok. Breathe, moms. Your kids will be fine and enjoy the summer break without huge family vacations or sleep-away camps. They will be fine!
We are wrapping up our regular season, but we will still be posting new episodes every other week as we head into Season 3 of The Cold Coffee Club!
This one’s a doozy! We’re discussing National Headache and Migraine Awareness month.
Do you know the difference between a headache and a migraine? If you’ve ever experienced one of each, you definitely know the difference!
Join us as we dig deep with Dr. Desiree Bobino-Thomas, an incredible Kelsey-Seybold neurologist, about differentiating between two very different kinds of headaches and how they can affect mothers.
“Cream and Sugar” Recommendations:
Jenny is a huge fan of Top Gun: Maverick! If you’re in the mood for a good time and a solid dose of nostalgia, this flick is just for you!
Be sure to keep an eye on your local movie theaters for cheap movie days for the kiddos this summer! Beat the heat in a cool movie theater watching family-friendly films!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:
Kimberly Smith wrote a post that reminds just the adventure is right in our neck of the woods. Head over to Texas Hill Country for an incredible time away, exploring the terrain of our state.
To go to Aldi is to know and love it! Mary Barnes wrote a post we all need during these uber-expensive times! She breaks down how to effectively use this untraditional store to meet your family’s needs and keep a little money in your pocket!

What’s in your pool bag?

Jenny and Ashley share their MUST HAVE pool bag essentials in this episode of the Cold Coffee Club!

Jenny’s Pool Bag Goodies

Neutrogena Sunscreen Stick

Zabert Goggles 3 Pack

Full change of clothes (Tops, bottoms, underwear, shoes, everything!)


Beach Towels from Five Below

Frozen Uncrustables

Celsius Energy Drinks

Ashley’s Pool Bag Goodies

Coppertone Glow Shimmer SPC 30

Alva Baby Wet/Dry Bags 

A good Hair Brush

Waterproof Phone Cover 

Dollar Tree Beach Toys

Mio Drink Mix

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations

Seriously, Houston Moms’ Monthly Guide has been a lifesaver this summer for useful boredom busters! Fill your days with Houston FUN!

Somebody Feed Phil is an awesome show for any curious foodies who want something fun and relaxing to watch. Explore different cultures and their unique cuisines with Phil!

“House Blend” Posts

If you’re like Ashley, feeling oblivious about protecting your skin during the summer, head over to Dani’s post, Ultimate Guide to Summer Skin Protection and Sunscreen. She truly gives you ALL this information to combat the Texas sun!

Chris Sizemore brings a Houston gem to light in her post, Enjoy Free Arts Performances All Summer at Miller Outdoor Theatre. Summer is an incredible opportunity to check out some amazing performances… Don’t miss out!

Did you know we are in the midst of “Hurricane Season” in Houston?
June 1st through November 30th is prime HURRICANE time!
Join us as we discuss what we can expect during this wild season of the year for Houstonians, when to be concerned and how to prepare with one of our favorite meteorologists, KPRC 2’s Justin Stapleton!
Justin shares his know-how for making sure that you are prepared for big weather! Some of his tips include:
-Stock up on quick bite solutions like PB&J, snacks that can last a while, and water
-Don’t forget about your pets! Have extra dog food on hand during an impending storm
-Have refills of your prescriptions on hand when you see that Justin in predicting bad weather
-Generators can be great but even a battery pack to charge your phones can keep you connected
-Just be prepared with as many essentials as you can to avoid a mad-dash to the store!
Justin also shared some incredibly useful resources for Houston Moms and kiddos to learn more about weather:
Don’t forget Justin’s most valuable advice during Hurricane Season: DON’T PANIC!
Be sure to follow Justin on Instagram, Twitter and, of course, on the Click2Houston site!
Can you believe it’s time to start thinking about sending the kids Back-to-School! We’ve all had our summer fun in this crazy summer heat, but now it’s back to business!
Back to School Tips:
-Check with your school’s PTA/ PTO to see if you can order school supplies directly from your school instead of doing all the shopping yourself. 
-Get a quick haircut the week before, make a special breakfast on the 1st day and a fun afterschool snack to make the new school year extra special!
-School can be tough and wearing on a kiddo, so daily affirmations, ESPECIALLY on the 1st day can help. 
-A quick chat about cell phones at school has been important to Ashley. Times are different than when we went to school, and some kids like making TikTok videos at school, so chatting about phones, safety, etc may be necessary. 
-Don’t miss the Just Between Friends consignment sales all over Houston this fall to grab great deals on clothes for the kids!
The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn, We Don’t Eat Our Classmates by Ryan T. Higgins, Strictly No Elephants by Lisa Mantchev, The Day you Begin by Jacqueline Woodson, and Llama Llama Misses Mama are great books to read before the 1st day of school and ease anxieties. 
-The Busy Toddler is an awesome Instagram resource for preparing your young kids for Kindergarten and what they REALLY need to know before the 1st day. 
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Treats of Mexico… go! NOW! It’s in Eado off of Telephone Rd. Try all kinds of Mexican treats, snacks and desserts. It’s super popular and is always busy, so it MUST be good. 
Check out the show, Loot, on Apple TV. It’s loosely based on the wife of Jeff Bezos. It’s funny and quirky as it explores thew life of a woman who has incredible wealth while she works with those who have significantly less. 
“House Blend” Favorite Posts:
Indoor Play Spots for Houston Kids by Shrav C. has been a great resource for play areas to visit while the outside temperatures continue to be insanely offensive! 
Letting Go: Sending a Child to Summer Camp for the First Time by Emily Feinstein is a great read to help you mentally prepare for sending your kids to camp, daycare, school, wherever. 
Back to school season can be insanely stressful… for MOMS! Gotta have a plan for everything! If you’re struggling to come up with meal ideas that are quick, convenient and yummy during this hectic time of year, the Cold Coffee Club is happy to help!
Back to School Meal Hacks:
-Dewafelbakkers microwavable pancakes are perfect for quick mornings… and the kids can make them all by themselves!
-Caesar wraps made from the pre-made rotisserie chicken from your local grocery store are a delicious dinner!
-Pancake on a stick (breakfast corndogs!) are a go-to!
-Crockpots are lifesavers! A Mississippi Pot Roast makes an incredible meal that you don’t even have to do anything with throughout the day. Just prep and go! Don’t forget your crockpot liner!
Some other breakfast and dinner meal favorites:
  • Breakfast for Dinner
  • Breakfast sandwiches
  • PB&J Eggo Sandwiches
  • Flatbread Pizzas
  • Batched meals (chili, spaghetti, soups, red beans and rice) in the freezer
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Quesadillas
  • Canned Soups
  • Homemade Lunchables
  • Breakfast bars
  • Smoothies
Don’t forget to check out our Kids Eat Free post for dinner on the super cheap!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Run to the antique store called August Antiques! It’s off of Heights Blvd that sells old and rare books that will have you enjoying historic books and digging up rare finds. AND they have old yearbooks from the Houston area! How cool!
“House Blend” Favorite Posts:
Austin, our endearing neighbor to the west, has so much to offer! If you find yourself in need of a quick trip with the family, check out our guide to Austin, that breaks down where to go, eat and hang up your hat during your visit!
Houston Moms is sharing all things Back to School! Check out all these latest posts!

Episode 23 – Accepting the Rose: Reality Dating Show Chat

Who doesn’t love a little smut TV every now and then to relax (and not-so-silently judge)?

Jenny and Ashley are digging into their favorite reality dating shows, chatting about the ins and outs and little factoids they learned about them.

The Bachelor and Bachelorette are always fan favorites that we all enjoy… for some odd reason! But new reality dating shows are popping up everywhere! Love is Blind, The Ultimatum, Married at First Sight, Love on the Spectrum, all those awesomely fun, engaging and sometimes, cringe-worthy shows!


And wouldn’t you love to see Ashley and Jenny on one of these shows? Find out which show casts your favorite podcast hosts would join if given the chance!
Interested in the breakdown of each Bachelor/ette season? Looking for some insider data? Check out @bachelordata on Instagram for incredible analyses of seasons, contestants, success rates and more! And check out this article that really digs into the statistics of relationships made on the hit ABC shows. 
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Jenny took her kids to experience a fun, new experience at the Armadillo Escape Room! Perfectly catered to kiddos for an awesome adventure of clue-searching and family bonding!
Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

Bambi’s post, Seven Tips to Navigating your Child’s Changing Friendships, really resonated with Jenny this week. As our children grown and change, so do their friendships, and this post is a great resource to better understand and prepare!

School is starting, and it’s best to start on the right foot! Christy’s post, Start the School Year Thanking Teachers, really helps moms find the best ways to show their teachers a bit of appreciation and help lessen their heavy load!



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