Houston Moms’ Best Book Recommendations

Over the years, Houston Moms has given readers like you tons of book recommendations to love! A vast array for books for kids and most alike, celebrating all different kinds of families and culture… Houston Moms has a bit of it all.

We’ve made a collection of all our bibliophilic posts so it’s that much easier to find your next read!

Enjoy and share your own book recommendations with us!

If you’re having a hard time keeping up with your reading goals, here is a list of books that may help jumpstart your interests. This incredible list is full of books from several genres, and you are sure to find a few recommendations to love!

Check out Contributor, Whitney Peper’s list of favorite books. The books are great for diving deep and connecting with some unique and endearing characters!

While the stress of a global pandemic has simmered down exponentially, we all have days we could use solid distractions. This list of books can provide a bit of rest and relaxation from life’s tough times.

This all-in-one list gives you just the right mix of book recommendations to make any book lovers heart happy. Find something new and enjoy your reading!

This list many be dedicated to summer reading, but you could certainly use this as a resource during any season. Find great reading picks for all ages right here!

What’s better than a day at the beach? A day at the beach with a good book, of course! Check out these beach-worthy reads that will make for a relaxing day of fun in the sun!

Fall is the perfect time to curl up with a good book. This is the perfectly fall list of books to read during the cooler months of the year!

When the winter weather rolls into Houston, it’s time stay indoors and read a good book. Check out this list of books that are perfect next to the winter fire!

Listening to audiobooks IS reading. Full stop. If you’re looking for some solid audiobook recommendations to tune into, look no further!

One of the best ways to keep your family busy during the summer months is reading! There are so many book series that are perfect for making reading time family time!

What the world needs now is love, sweet love! These books will help remind your children that love and kindness are truly needed, and it starts with them!

Check out this list of books that are perfect for preschool boys. All the dinosaurs, trucks, messes and superheroes with some much-needed lessons and messages for your growing boy!

Every parent wants to raise enthusiastic readers! These books will engage your children and make them want to keep reading for years to come!

Helping your kids explore in the kitchen is a fun way to create memories. These books will help you get some tasty ideas!

Not every kiddo WANTS to read. Sometimes, they just need a good book to spark their interest. Here are some great choices to do just that!

Tween boyhood is an interesting time for you to navigate as a parent and him to navigate in the thick of it all. Selecting a good book to read together can definitely help you have some more difficult conversations and relate to one another.

Helping your teens and tweens relate to the world around them can begin with a good book with character they can connect with. The recommendations here are perfect for tween/teen minds!

Kids in the foster care or adoption system need representation in the books they read. These books are perfect for making them feel seen and heard.

Normalizing and celebrating adoption requires open communication and honest feelings. This list of books includes incredible conversation start tales that are perfect for everyone, especially adoptees!

This list of books may make you blush a bit, but it is totally worth it. Enjoy these dirty words… they may just get you in the mood!

Want to add a little spice to your reading list? Check out this steamy list of fun, contemporary romance books!

As we all working to elevate voices of all races and cultures, these books by phenomenal black authors should be added to your home library.

When toddlers see themselves in movies, tv shows and books, they get a better sense of pride in their identity. Toddler books with diverse illustrations are perfect for your learning littles!

Although the selection of Filipino-American books for kids is not as widely expansive, this list highlights a few the celebrate the culture for young readers!

There is no wrong way to make a family. Introducing your family to books that display families of all shapes, sizes, colors and genders can help your children embrace differences!

The Holocaust, the horrific genocide that claimed the lives of millions of innocent people, must never be forgotten. These books are great for understanding the history of the period, along with a grasping empathy and the need for kindness and love.

Collection of books for Black History Month

These books are great for Black History Month… and EVERY month! Any opportunity to explore black leadership, creators, and historical heroes is welcomed.

Our melting pot of a country celebrates diversity, and this list encompasses the beauty of it all with incredible books for all ages!

Embracing the LGBTQIA+ community can begin with reading books that shine light on the people who identify as such. Use these books as resources help children become adults “who make room for everyone at the table.”

The messages of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are still deeply felt and needed today. These 6 books truly reveal Dr. King’s messages of acceptance, equality and love!

God bless Texas! Give the Lone Star state some love with these fun books!

These books celebrate the strength and resilience of women. Girls and women of all ages can gather inspiration from these incredible stories!

The journey from pregnancy through the many stages of parenthood can be quite overwhelming. These books are useful resources for the prenatal period and beyond!

These recommendations make for soothing bedtime stories for your sweet babes, but they will also fill your precious mama heart! Get ready to feel all the feels!

We look forward sharing many more book recommendations with you for years to come!

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