Houston Neighborhood Guide For Families


A stadium and the Houston skyline.
A family walking on a tree-lined sidewalk.
downtown brian
Houston skyline.
Houston skyline.
A mother walking on a boardwalk with her daughter above a pond with geese nearby.
A restaurant with outdoor seating.
A decorative water fountain.
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We LOVE Houston, and love that we are raising our families here. Houston is deep rooted in history. As the fourth largest city in America, we are a melting pot of families and cultures. It’s hard to pinpoint the vibe in Houston {because there are so many} but one thing is for sure :: people may come here for work or to visit, but they stay here for family.

Houston Moms Blog is so excited to partner with Neighborhoods.com to show what Houston has to offer growing families. Why live in Houston? Whether you want to live in town or in the suburbs, we have you covered. We know that Houston is the best area in the state.

If you are new to the area, planning a visit, or choosing the best place for your next home, we hope this guide helps you find the right place for your family. We polled local moms to spotlight the following neighborhoods and what they love about them.

Click on a neighborhood below to start learning more! 

BellaireClear LakeCypress

Garden Oaks/Oak forestGreater HeightsHumble



Museum district/museum parkPearlandSpring

Spring branchSugar landThe Woodlands

TomballWest University PlaceWestbury

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