Top 10 Reasons Why Houston is Better Than Dallas

Growing up in Houston, I always knew I lived in a great city with endless opportunities, friendly people, and a variety of fun things to do, but I never realized just how unique we were until I traveled up I-45 to the DFW area for college.  During the four years I lived away from Houston in Dallas, I learned about the intense rivalry between Houston and Dallas.  If you love one, you hate the other. Okay, maybe hate is a strong word, as I truly love both {I was born in Dallas and chose it for college after-all}, but I did notice differences between the two over the years.  And of course, being back in Houston proves how much I think H-town is far superior to Dallas! {Wink, wink.}

So today I’ve teamed up with Dallas Moms Blog to share why we think our city is better.  It’s all in good fun, and we can’t wait for you to weigh in and see which city’s readers are more vocal!

Top 10 Reasons Why Houston is Better Than Dallas | Houston Moms Blog

1} Access to the Beach

Whether you want to get out of the city for a family vacation or a quick day-trip, it is absolutely amazing that Galveston Beach is so close you can have your toes in the sand in around an hour.  Not only do we have quick access to the beach, but Houstonians have the advantage of saving on airfare and travel time when taking a cruise right out of our own backyard!

2} The Texas Medical Center

Houston’s very own Texas Medical Center is the largest medical complex in the world with 21 hospitals including the number 1 cancer hospital in the country, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.  And as a mom, it is so comforting knowing we have some of the best medical care right in the heart of where we live.

3} Beautiful Murals

Houston is home to some of the most amazing murals thanks in part to the Hue Mural Festival.  The possibility for fun photo shoot backdrops is endless.  Have you seen our Houston Mural Guide and the latest color wall to pop up on Canal Street?  If not, you should!

4} Major League {Women’s} Soccer Team

Both Houston and Dallas are scoring big in the sports department.  For our Houston Astros, they have the Texas Rangers.  We’ve got our Rockets, and they’ve got the Mavericks.  Houston Dynamo and FC Dallas.  And of course, you can’t forget about the Texan/Cowboy rivalry.  But the one sport where Dallas falls short is major league women’s soccer.  Not only do we have the Houston Dash women’s team to cheer on alongside our Dynamo, but with that brings our wonderful BBVA Compass Stadium to not only support these teams, but to also host shows and festivals!

5} J.J. Watt

We may both have NFL teams, but I’m sorry – nobody holds a candle to our J.J. Watt.  And this clearly isn’t a biased opinion since Watt was ranked #1 in 2015 of the NFL Top 100 list!

6} Food

Being one the most diverse cities in the country, Houston boasts an amazing culinary scene that is as diverse as it is large with over 10,000 restaurants in the Houston area.  From vegan, to farm-to-table, to food trucks, there is a little something for everyone including my favorite :: Mexican food!  Of course, Dallas has Mexican food too, but they surely can’t beat Lopez, El Tiempo, Irma’s, or Escalante’s.

7} Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

Sure, Dallas has the State Fair of Texas, which we will admit is very cool, but we still think the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo is better since it includes an almost month long celebration with all a rodeo entails – plus a carnival, delicious food, and amazing concerts with some of the biggest acts in music each day.

8} Museum District & Art Scene

Houston has one of the largest museum districts in the country, including one that we moms love, the Children’s Museum of Houston, named #1  in the country by Parents Magazine!  We have a little something for everyone, including resident professional companies for ballet, opera, symphony, and theater.

9} Hospitality

You’d never know that Houston is the fourth largest city in the country because of our genuine southern hospitality.  That’s why we are continually picked as the host city for some of the biggest events every year, including the 2016 NCAA Final Four and upcoming 2017 Superbowl LI!  When anyone needs us, we are there.  Heck – we are even mentioned in one of the most famous lines in history :: “Houston, we have a problem.”

10} One word :: Beyonce

Houston is the hometown of many notable celebrities just like Dallas is, but only one city can claim the title as hometown of Beyonce.  Even Kanye West will agree with us on this one.

And for a final laugh, don’t miss this snippet of The Real Housewives of Dallas {premiering April 11 on Bravo} discussing their thoughts on Houston; although, we’d have to politely disagree ladies!  Then, go check out Dallas Moms Blog as they chime in on the topic too!


  1. Houston is definitely better than Dallas! I’m unbiased too because I’m not from Texas. I like Dallas well enough, but I think Houston is more diverse, and bigger!

  2. I guess I love Houston & Dallas for different reasons. I can say as far as attraction we have more to offer and if you’re looking for entertainment Houston is far better than Dallas. However I can say this about Dallas the people there are far more loyal, they don’t twiddle then thumbs and waste your time when it comes to business. Dallas is more business oriented which is why you see more business conferences there and trade shows. And Dallas is a lot more Beauty & Fashion Forward which is why a lot of the big trade shows go there before they come here. Houston has more talent but Houston is not fully ready. But Houston will always be my first pick and I believe in it. But I do say we have a long way to go.

  3. I so didn’t enjoy the culture of Dallas when I lived there for 2 years. I lived in the Grapevine/Southlake area and I thought everyone was trying too hard to fit in. I love diversity and creativity and it was in short supply in my area. Judging by your post, I think I would have liked Houston more!

  4. This is a great post! It is always surprising to me about the rivalry! But, I love all of these reasons why Houston is awesome – especially JJ Watt and Beyonce!


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