In Defense of My Amazon Addiction

I know I’m not alone in this and many of us deal with it in silence as boxes pile up in our hallways and garages. For some of us, the justification is legitimate. For others, it’s about impulse and a minor, minuscule, minuet issue of lack of self-control. But in the end, it’s all the same problem. It’s an addiction. Specifically, it’s an Amazon addiction.

pile of Amazon boxes in corner of roomThis Amazon addiction shouldn’t be confused with a ‘real’ spending addiction. This is the kind of addiction that you’re aware of, isn’t hurting anyone at all, and really is just something for others to complain about. But guess what – you don’t care what others think.

The others I’m specifically referencing really are just one other. Your partner – let’s call that person out for their hard eye roll every time a new package arrives, or their hard exhale when they walk in to see the evidence of your latest binge. Every time, it could be the package that is there by 7am that they trip over as they are walking out of the house in the morning and the additional packages fresh and new from the ‘by 5pm’ arrival. It’s likely also the packages that arrived as promised by the ‘by 10pm’ arrival.

Yeah, it’s an Amazon addiction – and so what? It’s stuff for you, them, the whole family and friends alike. It’s one less errand to Target or Walmart. You, my friend, are helping the planet by not driving your car to Target, Walmart, and Walgreens to find a thermometer. Amazon has it. Along with the oximeter, the Neosporin, and package of band-aids that you also remembered you needed right before checking out. Thanks for the recommendations Amazon – AI at its best.

Is it a problem that you’re on a first name basis with the Amazon delivery drivers?  I vote NO. You’re allowed to make new friends with the person delivering you ‘happy’ with every box. Yes, happy can come from your Subscribe and Save on toilet tissue, detergent, deodorant, and dish soap. No problems detected here.

young kids sit inside cardboard boxFurthermore, for the judgy-judgies out there, those Amazon boxes also bring happiness to kids around the world as well. While you’re out there spending $200 on a play-set, I spent $20 on a box of toilet tissue and my kids have a fortress, a car, and a toy box for the next two weeks. I call that WINNING!

Remember, you are grown – G-R-O-W-N. You’re raising the next generation, working, fixing dinner, cleaning, and managing an entire household. If Amazon is the answer to easing the burdens, being more efficient, and creating a space for lack of impulse control every now and then, go for it! Well, every-now-and-then is weekly, okay, sometimes daily, but again, judgy-judgies, you have your thing too.  It all equals happiness and wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all could be happy? I vote YES.

Finally, I do return stuff. Not much stuff. But if it’s not what I expected, or doesn’t fit, or the color wasn’t represented well, I send that stuff back. Well. . . maybe I think about who would like it and gift it to them. But now I’m creating happy for others. So now, from my Amazon addiction, I’ve discovered my gift – creating happiness. Happiness for my kids, my family and friends, and most importantly, for ME!

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Tiffany Harris
Tiffany is a bit of a wanderlust starting from her early years. She is the daughter of an Army veteran and was born in Georgia and has lived in Okinawa, Japan, Monterey, California, Dayton, Ohio and then spent the majority of her formative years growing up in Canton, Ohio where her parents were born and raised. For the last eleven years she has called Houston home. She's had some of her most transformative events happen here - her wedding and the birth of her twins. Over the years, even with children, she's continued to enjoy the friendly skies. She owes much of her traveling in the last ten years to visiting her younger sister who has lived in Okinawa, Japan, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Monterey, California, Muscat, Oman, and Cairo, Egypt. In her daily life, she is busy with her now five-year old twins {a boy and a girl} enjoying time with her engineer husband and spending time with friends. Tiffany is a fan of low-key spots in the city where she can enjoy a great cocktail or glass of wine.


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