Easy and Healthy Dinners for Home and On the Go

We are so grateful to have partnered with Fresh Lunch by Yellow Box for our 5th Birthday Bash at Multiplicity in Katy. Houston Moms Blog is always thankful to support mom-owned businesses and we hope you will support them too!

Easy and Healthy Dinners for Home and On the Go | Houston Moms Blog

There are many nights, especially when I feel like I’ve spent the entire day in the car acting as chauffeur, that dinner is just not easy for me. Sure, I feel like Super Mom when I have my act together in the morning to throw something in the slow cooker, but there are so many days that it just doesn’t work that way. Packing lunches comes easy to me. My kids don’t demand gourmet meals and are perfectly happy to be packed the same lunch, with a few variations, each day. I can easily do it after they’ve gone to bed, or before they wake up for the day.

I’ve definitely noticed, especially during busy times of the year, my kids getting bored of the same easy meals – macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets and spaghetti and meatballs on repeat. Bor.ing.

Enter Fresh Lunch by Yellow Box to save the day at lunch AND dinner. It’s a ready-to-eat meal subscriptions service that is specifically tailored for children. Their easy-to-use online ordering system shows pictures of the meals, breaks down the nutritional information and they are portioned into little and big kid sizes for each tiny human in your family. The best part? They are delivered directly to your door in a cooler packed with dry ice, so they stay fresh and delicious for a week.

Patricia, the founder/President at Fresh Lunch by Yellow Box, is a mom herself and knows the importance of feeding your kids balanced and healthy meals. She came up with the business idea after realizing there was a gap in the food delivery service industry and knew wholesome, ready-made meals aimed at feeding children was a need. {And how much do I love supporting entrepreneurial spirit mamas?!?}

FLYB’s Tiny Bites portions are for children ages 3-5 and range from 325-375 in calories. Mighty Bites meals are for ages 6-10 and the caloric range is 425-475. And then of course they have Super Meals for the 11-14+ crew. All portion sizes take into consideration the ideal ration of fat, protein and carbs based on health.gov standards. They have nut and dairy free and vegetarian options And the best part? They are DELICIOUS.

Easy and Healthy Dinners for Home and On the Go | Houston Moms Blog

My kids’ palates are not quite as refined as many moms would hope for. And there are days that they are just downright picky. I try my best to continually offer them new foods, and even if they just try them, I feel like it’s a huge win. With Fresh Lunch by Yellow Box, they give options that I may not have otherwise thought to offer. Chickpeas, mini bahn mi sandwiches, lo mein and edemame, pimento cheese and chicken wraps are just a few of the options on the menu. Both my boys are not huge vegetable eaters, but you know what? They TRIED THEM. And they were so proud of themselves for trying something new. Their menu, which is updated seasonally, offers something for every child. Oh, and let’s talk about their black bean brownie bites. Oh, yes ma’am. AMAZING.

Another tip that works for my kids when we’re having a new meal is to make it fun. Spread out some blankets on the floor and have an indoor picnic if the weather isn’t cooperating, or take your dinner outside and dine al fresco! Meals from Fresh Lunch by Yellow Box make eating on the run SO easy. They compartmentalize the food so if you’re having to serve dinner in the car, on the practice field or in a park, it’s so easy and mess free. Many of their meals are easy to eat with no utensils and none of them need to be heated up to enjoy. Win, win.

Easy and Healthy Dinners for Home and On the Go | Houston Moms Blog

Mamas. Our lives are flat busy, amiright? In between hustling to practices, to preschool pick and up back, plus just life…I’m all for businesses that help make my life just a tad easier. And if it keeps us out of that drive through lane every swinging night, I’m here for it. I would so encourage you to check out their delicious meals {they have expanded their delivery area into Katy now as well!} and give it a run. I can guarantee you will be blown away by the quality ingredients along with the kid-friendly presentations. Oh, and Mom Hack :: the Super Meal size is perfect for us and helps me keep my meal planning right on track!

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