lil’gourmets: The Perfect, “Veggie-First” Gamechanger for Kids

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Moms know how important nutrition is. We all strive to give our kids healthy, balanced diets, often to our children’s dismay. 
As babies, many of us spoon fed bland, over-processed, mushed up vegetables to our littles, hoping that they would learn to appreciate veggies early on. But so many kiddos don’t, and it can be so difficult to give our kids their proper fill.
If your kids are anything like my picky eaters, they only want chicken nuggets, frozen pizza and if we’re lucky, maybe a salad {with lots of Ranch dressing, of course}. 
What if there was a way to introduce and nurture a love for veggies while nudging your children’s palates to develop worldly tastes in globally-inspired cuisine?
Thank goodness for lil’gourmets!

Nutrition with a Mission

Lil' Gourmets:: The Perfect, "Veggie-First" Gamechanger for KidsGreat news! This women-owned, minority-owned, organic food start-up has launched their veggie meals at Whole Foods Market all across Texas!
Now you can get your hands on these organic, non-GMO, ready to eat veggie meals even more conveniently. 
lil’gourmets’ meals are chef-crafted without preservatives, no added salt or sugar, and deliver taste and nutrition closest to homemade. Unlike most baby foods that contain fruit as the first ingredient, lil’gourmets encourages a love for veggies. It is the first and only brand with a “veggie-first promise,” which means that 100% of their recipes feature veggies & beans as the first and primary ingredients. 
Each 3.5oz cup delivers 1+ serving of vegetables or beans! That’s “veggie-first,” indeed! lil’gourmets’ veggie meals also received the Purity Award from the Clean Label Project™ and received the highest overall rating for product purity and quality in comparison to hundreds of other baby & toddler food brands when tested for harmful contaminants, chemicals and other unwanted additives.
Before motherhood, I never really thought about contaminants, chemicals and additives. Even after motherhood, I trusted that the large, name brand baby food companies truly had my babies’ best interests at heart.
But, that’s definitely not always the case, and this mama truly appreciates the hard work and care lil’gourmets puts into their meals without putting in any of the garbage!


Exploring Global Flavors

My homemade meals range from simple, family favorites like meatloaf and Chicken Noodle Soup to more exciting, adventurous dishes like Jambalaya and Caprese Salad. My kids are willing to try out new flavors, sure, but they aren’t typically overwhelmingly enthusiastic about exploring. 

This is where lil’gourmets comes in!

lil’gourmets spotlights six global cuisines that are sure to kick start developing palates: Cinnamon Beets & Apples (US), Coconut Cauliflower Mash (Australia), Moroccan Butternut Squash (Morocco), Pumpkin Navy Bean Shawarma (Middle East), Spanish Corn & Bean Gazpacho (Spain) and Sweet Potato Curry (India). 

To top it off, these veggie meals also feature ingredients like coconut milk and extra virgin olive oil, finished with chef-crafted spice blends, to create uniquely delicious meals!

The complexities of the meals challenges kids to get used to variety, and exposing kiddos to new tastes and textures early on helps create emboldened eaters for life. Isn’t that what every mom wants?

Something for Everyone

lil’gourmets is not only an amazingly nutritious treat for babies, but older kids can enjoy the products as well!

Little ones ages 1-3 years can enjoy lil’gourmets as a meal, a snack or a flavorful side dish. Dipping proteins like chicken, turkey or shrimp can be a delicious option, or the meals can be the perfect low-sugar substitute for favorites like applesauce or yogurt. 

Older kiddos ages 3 years and up can easily enjoy lil’gourmets as a morning or afternoon snack, dipping pita chips or chopped veggies into the delicious blends!

I have a feeling lil’gourmets will become a mainstay in our household, especially as part of our daily snack trays with carrots sticks and pretzels or even as a quick and easy side. I may even be tempted to try some of the tasty flavors myself!

Be sure to stock up on lil’gourmets, found in Whole Foods Market’s refrigerated dairy cases across Texas! The organic veggie meals retail for $3.69! All that nutritious goodness at an amazing price, conveniently at your local Whole Foods. Gamechanger!

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To learn more or find the nearest Whole Foods Market location, visit lilgourmets online.

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