Combining Fun and Nutrition for My Picky Eater

Confession:: My five-year-old third child is a picky eater, except of course when it comes to junk food. Offer him chicken and broccoli, and he’s “not hungry”, but can somehow find plenty of room for chips, cookies, and embarrassingly, soda. Yes, I know. A five year old shouldn’t even know what soda is, much less ask to finish off his dad’s Dr. Pepper 10 every evening. But here we are. 

This summer, I am determined to instill healthier eating habits in all my children, but especially my cheeky five year old. My strategy is to first offer healthier options more consistently, and especially entice my mini soda-lover to drink healthier beverages. Ok, you say, how am I going to do that? With good2grow.

Combining Fun and Nutrition for My Picky Eater

good2grow is a company whose products combine fun and nutrition in juices, waters and milks to inspire kids to eat and drink healthier. When it comes to kids, good2grow sticks only to the good stuff, inside and out. good2grow products have no artificial ingredients and are non-GMO.

All this is great, but my son really isn’t going to care about the nutritional aspect of these drinks because he will be so excited about the packaging. good2grow waters, juices and milks all come in re-closable bottles topped with one of over 200 licensed characters! My son is a Marvel fanatic, and he will probably drink anything I give him if it has one of his favorite super heroes on the bottle. He will also love the bottles with Paw Patrol, Minions and Puppy Dog Pals.

Sneaking In the Good Stuff

My son loves drinking milk, especially if it’s flavored and disguised as a treat. We will definitely be adding good2grow’s newest product to our shopping list: ready-to-go organic MILK in strawberry and chocolate. Both flavors of these delicious drinks are great sources of vitamins A and D, plus they have 8 grams of protein per serving. And of course, they are free of artificial ingredients and are topped with a fun licensed character. good2grow’s Organic MILK is perfect for kids on the mooove, as we plan to be this summer (anyone else feel like they need a secretary to manage their kid’s summer activities schedule?)

Finding good2grow Products

good2grow Organic MILK is available at select retailers in the Houston area, including Stripes and Circle K. For a full store list of where to find these fun drinks for your kids, visit

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Summer is the perfect time to focus on healthy eating and nutrition with your kids. And part of that is making sure what they are drinking with their meals and to stay hydrated in these hot months is beneficial to their bodies and not full of junk. I am so excited to stock our refrigerator with fun bottles of good2grow’s waters, juices and milks for my kids, and even more excited to see their reactions to seeing their favorite characters on the bottles!

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