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We are truly grateful for UTMB and the knowledge and care its providers give to the Houston Community. We thank UTMB for partnering with us.

Updated April 2024

Houston Moms has partnered with UTMB Health, our preferred provider for Southeast Houston, the Bay Area and Galveston, to provide vital information and insights to the Houston community. Check out our monthly videos featuring experts from UTMB Health, covering an array of healthcare needs, questions and concerns you may have for yourself and your family!

The Power of a Mom: Advocating for Her Child’ Health
{April 2024}

As a parent, you know that there’s nothing that you won’t do to secure the health of your child. And as a mom, you KNOW that their is a gut instinct when it comes to caring for your child.

In today’s health spotlight of the month, we share the inspiring story of Jessica Lewis and her fight for her son, Olin. You’ll also hear from one of the members of their amazing care team from UTMB Health, nurse practitioner Ashley Moses, and the providential way they met to secure the best care for young Olin.

Advancements with Pediatric Robotic Surgery with Dr. Carmen Mora
{March 2024}

  • What advancements UTMB is making in the field of robotic pediatric surgery
  • What Dr. Mora’s specific role is in championing these advancements?
  • Why are these significant?
  • Any example of cases so far at UTMB that have been a success using robotic surgical approaches?
  • What sorts of conditions can be treated this way?
  • If parents learn their child needs surgery, what kinds of questions should they be asking?
  • What should they be looking for in a care team?
  • What about the hospital?

 Your Heart During & After Pregnancy with Dr. Danielle El Haddad
{February 2024}

  • What is the Cardio/Obstetrics program at UTMB and why is it so important?
  • What inspired you to hone your efforts in on this population?
  • What is the data saying in regards to maternal mortality?
  • Who is most at-risk and what symptoms/preexisting conditions do they have?
  • What should women who are expecting or hope to get pregnant do to protect themselves?


Cervical Cancer Awareness Month with Dr. Marisol Carpio-Solis
{January 2024}

  • What is cervical cancer
  • Are there signs/symptoms or is it a more silent disease?
  • What are the screening guidelines for this disease?
  • At what age do screenings begin?
  • How frequently do women need to be screened?
  • What’s the process?
  • If someone is diagnosed, are there treatments available?
  • What are those like?
  • What about prevention?
  •  Is the HPV vaccine the best/only option?
  • Who qualifies for that shot?
  • Any other potentials being explored?

RSV Immunizations for Babies with Dr. Manuela Murray
{November 2023}

  • Why the development of RSV immunizations for babies important?
  • Why is it not appropriate to call this a “vaccine”
  • What babies are eligible?
  • Are we already seeing the positive impacts of this immunization this season?
  • Are there side effects?
  • How soon does the shot begin offering protection?
  • Does the maternal shot offered at 32-36 weeks offer the same level of protection?
  • How do the shots differ?
  • Can patients opt for both?

Breast Health with Dr. Crystal Alvarez and Dr. Angelica Robinson
{October 2023}

  • What role do OBGYNs play in helping a patient stay on top of their breast health? 
  • Breast self-awareness seems to be the new guidance for women, rather than at-home self-exams. What does that mean and what does that entail?
  • How early should women start getting mammograms and what is the recommended frequency?
    For women with “dense” breast tissue, will measures like breast self-awareness and traditional screening mammograms still be effective?
  • What about 3d mammograms? Who are those right for and when are they needed? 
  • In 2021, there was some guidance around timing your mammogram for a certain time AFTER receiving your COVID shot, is that guidance still valid, something folks need to be paying attention to?
  • Can other things impact when you should time your mammogram appointment?

Sports Medicine and Injuries with Dr. Stacy Leung
{September 2023}

  • Are there “tiers” to sports injuries? When does an injury warrant a trip to the doc or worse the ER or urgent care?
  • What can be handled on-site with coaches/team support staff?
  • If this is the route taken, should follow-up happen with your child’s doc?
  • If an athlete is injured during practice, what should happen?
  • What about during a game/match? Anything different?
  • Should parents be having certain conversations with coaches/support staff ahead of time to discuss how to handle injuries if they aren’t present when they occur?
  • Are there conversations/things to do with your child’s primary care doctor ahead of participating in a sport?
  • What about concussions? What do we need to know about those?
  • Next steps and recovery if one occurred?
  • How do you work with the orthopedic team if it’s determined more extensive surgery or rehabilitation is needed to resume play/participation?

Talking about those Transition Years with Dr. Barbara Calvert and Dr. Kim Gushanas
{July 2023}

How can parents help their children prepare for the big transition years throughout school
-going to pre-k/kinder
-first year with standardized testing
-going into middle school
-going into high school

Change sometimes brings about stress, what does that look like in children of elementary school age?
Do the signs of stress change/evolve as the children grow up?
How can parents help their children cope with that stress?
What can children do on their own?
What are some signs there might be something more serious going on that may require the help of a professional like one of you?

Mental Health Awareness Month Panel with Houston Moms Contributors and Dr. Kimberlyn Robinson & Dr. Leila Wood
{May 2024}

For Mental Health Awareness month, we wanted to bring together some of our Houston Moms contributors along with two professionals with UTMB Health, talking about mom stress, coping mechanisms, the invisible load, and more.


Learn more about menopause and hysterectomies with Dr. Villareal. Some incredible questions are asked that really break down women’s experiences and changes as the get older and their bodies continue to mature.


In light of the recent collapse of Demar Hamil during a Monday Night Football game, due to cardiac arrest, many of us are concerned about heart health. Be sure to watch this important video that touches on the difference of cardiac arrest vs a heart attack, what parents should keep in mind as it relates to cardiac arrest, what an AED is specifically, and what questions you should ask your primary care physician and coaches of athletes.


While we’re all so excited for the holidays and the season of giving, check out these safety tips regarding toys, gifts and holiday foods, along with travel safety and avoiding all the bugs and viruses that try to put a damper on the holidays! Be safe and be well, Houston Moms!


Get a better understanding of ear tubes in children from Dr. Yusif Hajiyev, an ENT with UTMB Health, regarding ear tubes in children. Delve into what conditions may prompt your child to need tubes, what to expect from the procedure, and what changes come from ear tubes!

Nipple and Areola Tattoos for Breast Cancer Survivors
with Nurse Practitioner Jill Resendez & Tina Herring
{October 2022}


This is an incredibly informative video! Hear how Nurse Practitioner Jill Resendez is helping “close the loop” with breast cancer survivors, one strategically placed tattoo at a time. Her former patient Tina Herring also shares her personal story and how the completion of her reconstruction journey helped in her healing process and feeling whole again.

Declining Vaccination Rates & Health Guidelines
with Dr. Lauren Goodman
{September 2022}


Keeping up to date regarding health guidelines and vaccinations is made easy when we chat with UTMB’s Dr. Lauren Goodman. Check out this conversation to ensure you are informed and ready to make the best health decisions for you and your family.

Pediatric Eye Care
with Dr. Ashton Ehlers
{July 2022}


Setting up a solid eye care routine can be a great step toward a successful school year and an even more successful life. Dr. Ehlers is sharing much needed information about pediatric eye care!

Mommy Makeovers & Non-Surgical Cosmetic Options
with Dr. Linda Phillips and Dr. Kathleen Kroger
{June 2022}


Moms aren’t always completely happy with their bodies, pre or post babies. But there are options! Check out this chat as Co-Owner, Meagan Clanahan, explores Mommy Makeovers and what non-surgical options are available for moms to help then feel better about the skin they’re in!

Puberty, Adolescence, and Birth Control
with Drs. Auslander and Calasanz
{May 2022}


Whew, what a topic! And most parents really don’t realize how or when or what to expect as our children grow toward adulthood. This is a must-watch as these incredible UTMB Physicians give us some much needed answers about such a complex time in our parenthood journeys!

Seasonal Allergies with Dr. McCracken
{April 2022}


Houston Moms, alongside our partners at UTMB Health, love bringing you monthly hot topics — and this one is hitting so many of us hard this past month: ALLERGIES!
This chat is all about the best ways to recognize, treat and combat those pesky seasonal allergies, for ourselves and our kids!

Potty Training Tips with Dr O’Donohoe
{March 2022}


Potty training is one of the biggest parenthood woes, but it doesn’t have to be. In this month’s video with UTMB Health, get some helpful tips from Dr. O’Donohoe that will make the process much easier!

High-Risk Pregnancies with Dr. Thao Vu
{February 2022}



For our February Monthly Health video with UTMB Health, we are discussing all things high-risk pregnancy with Dr. Thao Vu, board-certified OBGYN at UTMB’s Clear Lake campus. In this video, we’ll discuss what is considered a high-risk pregnancy and how to get the care you need.

Selecting an OB with Drs. Muruthi and Robinson
UTMB Patient, Taylor Thurstonson
{January 2022}


Houston Moms monthly health series with UTMB Health is back in 2022! Join in as we chat with Dr. Muruthi and Dr. Robinson about considerations when selecting on OBGYN care team – for both expectant moms and moms looking beyond their childbearing years. We will also talk about things to consider about the hospital where you’ll be delivering. Lastly, UTMB patient Taylor Thurstonson will recount her most recent pregnancy and subsequent early delivery – and how the doctors and staff helped get her baby boy safely here.

COVID Vaccines for Kids with
Dr. Elizabeth Rodriguez Lien
{December 2021}


We have all been wading through this COVID mess for the past two years, and now that the vaccine is available for kids, ages 5-11, there are a lot of questions. Join in on this discussion about what the vaccine and what it means for our children.

Dealing with Picky Eaters with Dr. Amber Hairfield
{November 2021}


Hot topic during this holiday season… Picky eaters! Learn some tips & tricks from pediatrician, Dr. Amber Hairfield, about how to deal with kids who simply don’t want to eat their share of a variety of foods.

Breast Cancer Awareness
with Dr. Colleen Silva & Tammi Moran
{October 2021}


Take a like at our discussion with Dr. Silva, Medical director of UTMB’s Breast Health and Imaging Center, and her former patient, Tammi Moran, offering valuable and possibly life-saving tips for you and your loved ones.

Adolescent Gynecology with Dr. Joyce Muruthi and
Dr. Parin Patel
{September 2021}


This month, we are chatting about all things adolescent gynecology. Drs. Muruthi and Patel help us understand what adolescent gynecology is, when a girl’s first gynecological appointment should take place, what it will entail, and how providers build trust with their patients. If you have an adolescent girl, age 8 and up, this video is for you!

We had a chat with UTMB Health’s sports medicine physician Dr. Namita Bhardwaj about all things back to school as it relates to sports physicals, how to avoid injury, what to do in the case of injury, and how to keep safer during COVID times and sports.

How to Prepare for Back to School with Dr. Manuela Murray
{July 2021}


It’s time for back to school readiness. We had the pleasure of chatting with Dr. Murray, pediatrician for UTMB, about annual check ups/sports physicals, COVID-19 vaccine for kids 12+, mental health and how to help students readjust after a year and a half of a pandemic.

Spotlight on Pediatric Gastroenterology
with Dr. Annie Goodwin

{June 2021}


Tune in for an informative video on all things Pediatric Gastroenterology with Dr. Annie Goodwin, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics, and Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology. We will chat about all things IBS, reflux in your newborns, stomach pain in general, and how to know when you need to see a specialist.

Spotlight on Urology & Urogynecology with
Dr. Laith Alzweri & Dr. Ricshonda “Nickie” Milburn

{June 2021}


We chatted about all things urology as it relates to both men AND women, plus exploring the field of urogynecology! We are thrilled to bring to you two top experts from UTMB Health, Dr. Laith Alzweri, MD and Dr. Ricshonda “Nickie” Milburn, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC.

Women’s Health Month with Nurse Practitioner,
Tonya Callender
{May 2021}


May is all about mothers and women in general as it’s Women’s Health Month! Houston Moms sat down with UTMB Nurse Practioner Tonya Callender to chat about all things health for women.
Did you know that women’s health is more than just a once-a-year well-woman exam? We are breaking down all the things it encompasses, as well as how UTMB helps you receive coordinated care, concierge style, in one convenient location — ideal for busy moms.

National Sleep Health Awareness Month with Dr. Priya Kalia
{March 2021}


Sleep?! What’s that, right? Dr. Priya Kalia with UTMB Health sits down with co-owner Meagan Clanahan to discuss all things sleep related:: Why is sleep important? Optimal sleep times/quantities for each age & stage? How can we sleep better, especially as busy parents? Pandemic sleep – how do we mitigate that? With the time change coming, how do we get back into our routine, especially if traveling during spring break? And some great advice from Dr. Kalia as it relates to sleep training, routines, and SIDS.

Women’s Heart Health Awareness with Dr. Rafic Berbarie 
{February 2021}


It’s National Heart Health Month! Houston Moms is delighted to introduce you to Dr. Rafic Berbarie from UTMB Health as we discuss risk factors for heart disease, signs and symptoms, where to go for help, and how to mitigate your heart disease risk. This is a *MUST SEE* for any woman and mother in our community.

Congenital Heart Defects/Disease with Dr. Ashraf Aly
{February 2021}


We sat down to chat with Dr. Aly, a board-certified pediatric cardiologist with UTMB Health. As we continue to talk all things heart disease this month, we wanted to break down Congential Heart Defects, how many babies/children are affected each year, different types and severity, and what you NEED to know if you are expecting. {CHD Awareness Week officially runs 2/7 – 2/14}

Is the Covid 19 Vaccine Safe in Pregnancy?
{January 2021}


Please join us for an informative discussion with board certified OBGYN Elizabeth Cloninger in partnership witih UTMB Health. We will be talking about what we know right now regarding the Covid 19 vaccine in pregnancy, pre-pregnancy, and postpartum/nursing moms. Definitely a discussion you won’t want to miss!

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