The Unexpected and Uninvited: A Mom’s Guide to Feeling Empowered


Mama bear and baby bear walk across a fieldWe all have our own definition of the term “Mama Bear”, but I’ll bet we all have similar natural instincts when it comes to protecting our family {and ourselves}.

It would be fair to say that I can be a bit intense, somewhat of a challenger, and a person who will fiercely protect those I love. Let’s just say these characteristics did not subside once I became a mom. Ok, fine- they amplified. I’ve never been one that likes feeling {physically} vulnerable in situations, I like to feel empowered and independent. I like to be prepared. No, I don’t mean being prepared for the zombie apocalypse–let’s be real, there’s no chance in me surviving that. I’m talking about our family’s everyday preparedness.

Call me extra. Call me intense. But, my personal safety and security, along with my family’s safety and security is not a job I take lightly. As someone who is often out and about alone or with a rowdy toddler, I am not naïve to think I am safe from all the unforeseen events that surround me. I also am not naïve enough to think that things will happen that I am not expecting. So, tag along as I take you through the three ways I practically and simply stay prepared for the unexpected and the uninvited.

Unexpected Medical Needs.

Cuts and scrapes, bug bites, dirt in our eyes, a sudden fever, a stomachache, an allergic reaction, dehydration, splinters, or a wound too big for a band-aid. These things in the world of parenting are probably more expected than unexpected, and I have used my medical supply bag more times than I can count.

In my quick access medic bag, you can find all the variety of band-aids, gauze, trauma shears, a bug bite suction, antibacterial ointment, super glue, saline spray, eye drops, gold bond, q-tips, an electrolyte pack, OTC medications, and my most essential of the essential oils. Also, a splint, a tourniquet, and a basic hemorrhage response kit for those of us wanting to step up our game. I keep all these things readily accessible hanging behind my passenger seat, located in a bag that is easily identifiable with a red cross on it. That way, even my toddler can quickly identify and grab the bag when needed {bonus–it hangs on the passenger seat AND doubles as a backpack.}

This bag has also come in handy to lend supplies to a fellow mom at the park! Mamas need to stick together, amirite?

Unexpected Vehicle Needs

A more recent vehicle need that I was NOT prepared for was a dead vehicle battery. Now, I had the jumper cables, but then what? Somehow a dead car battery seems to happen at the most inconvenient times and locations where help might not be easily accessible. In addition to jumper cables I have added a battery that allows me to jump my car without needing an additional car. Other important things I hope to never need–headlamps and a fire extinguisher!

Also, can we talk about the traffic in this city…I mean…wow. This is a concept I’m not sure when will adjust to. And while we all think we are patient people, get us basically anywhere in this city when we are hungry and it’s game over. An easy-access bag of snacks does the trick—jerky, nuts, dried fruit, canned meat, fruit bars, gummy bears, and nut butter packets. You REALLY don’t want to catch me hangry while my kiddo relentlessly asks for snacks. Keep those bellies happy, mama!

Lastly–a travel potty!

Uninvited GuestsTwo lions sit on a rock

I know, we don’t want to talk about it. As mamas {heck, as a society}, it seems we don’t want to acknowledge our vulnerability in this world. We don’t want to acknowledge that an uninvited {potentially threatening} visitor can approach us in the parking lot as we are loading up our children, or confront us at a gas station, or uncomfortably approach us loading up groceries or leaving the gym. These are not made-up scenarios, as I was recently blocked from getting out of my car by someone making advances at me.

Not acknowledging that these dangers are around {not likely, but possible} does not personally make me feel empowered, safe, or secure. Are my methods foul proof? Certainly not. But, they are more than I used to do for myself and my family. There are a few important things I keep handy on my visor panel. A pocketknife with a glass break on it, an emergency whistle {which my toddler is familiar with where it is located and how to use it}, a self-defense key, and a can of pepper spray. All of which I hope I never need to protect myself with, but I feel a little more secure with them close by. Bonus about keeping a knife handy? Easy peasy way to open all those amazon boxes!

While we might not be prepared for everything, we are prepared for some. And, as a mom, feeling a tiny bit more safe and secure gives me peace of mind I didn’t have otherwise Let’s help empower each other. Stay prepared and stay alert, mamas!

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Becca Vidrine
Becca is a small-town {and likely barefoot} Louisiana girl who’s journey to Texas was unexpected to say the least. After getting her Masters in Social Work from LSU, she spent a few years working in mental health before she found her true social work love in hospice care. Not long after getting hitched to the best guy she knows, Becca and her husband welcomed their full of life red headed son {2018} and they now refer to themselves as “the big 3”! Fast forward to early 2021 when Becca was diagnosed with something that changed their lives forever and so, they picked up and headed west. What was supposed to be a short time in Houston for these small-town folks turned into a big city romance, a mortgage, some unexpected friendships, and a few opportunities to grow. Some might say Becca tends to err on the side of sarcasm and stubbornness. But those same people would also say that Becca is brave and compassionate. She’s a straight shooter, a little bit crunchy, and a lover of all things love. When she’s not building forts or playing pretend, you can find Becca roaming the isles at the grocery store, cooking for hours, or snuggled up with a good book. Follow her journey on Instagram at @thisblissfulpursuit.


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