5 Local Coffee Shops to Try in Spring and the Woodlands

I don’t know about you, but being a mom means most days I could use a caffeine fix. One of my favorite self care activities is treating myself to a caramel latte and posting up at a local coffee shop to work on my bullet journal for the week. As a result, I’ve explored several of the local coffee shops in the Spring and Woodlands area. Here is my rundown for you fellow coffee lovers.

woman drinking coffeeThird Gen Coffee is located off Sawdust/Grogan’s Mill just on the edge of Spring/The Woodlands. Like its name says, it boasts three generations of coffee farming experience. This is my personal favorite shop in the area. Their coffee is delicious, they have excellent pastries {try the egg and cheese croissant with sriracha mayo}, a cozy but clean layout with seating upstairs and downstairs, and even some tables outside to enjoy the weather when it’s nice out. Bonus, just a few feet away is Spring’s local bookstore Buy The Book, in which I’ve whiled away many an hour {and dollar} while sipping an iced latte.

Blue Door Coffee Company is located in The Woodlands Waterway. Parking can be a bit more challenging, but I find the built-in scenic walk to get here part of the charm. Inside the shop is all modern coffeehouse, with marble surfaces, gold accents, and of course, bold blue doors. They have a wide variety of selections, rotating seasonal drinks, pastries, and breakfast/lunch options on the menu. If you’re lucky you might score one of the three back cozy partitioned booths for an intimate conversation, or if you’re alone an introvert’s restaurant dream.

Blue Door Coffee
Blue Door Coffee Company

Trilogy Brew located in Old Town Spring, is part coffeehouse, part craft beer bar. For the person who likes to get a drink and check out some local talent, they host open mic nights every Thursday, and typically have live music on Sunday afternoons. The decor is rustic and eclectic, evoking the hipster vibe, with a tattoo shop just above it. A wooden patio and picnic tables are outside to enjoy the sunshine, or you can grab a drink to go while you wander the shops of Old Town. If you are a fan of their coffee you can also find them at the HEB on Rayford and Riley Fuzzel.

Barbarossa Coffee has two locations, one in Spring off Louetta and Champion Forest Drive, and one in Tomball off Hwy 99 and FM 2920. I’ve frequented the one off 99, which is just on the edge of Spring/Tomball. They have a variety of unique concoctions, and brewing methods, and sell bags of small batch individual roasted beans on location as well. Pastries and desserts top off the wares, and the vibe is industrial and modern, with lots of two person seating, bars and stools around the perimeter, an outdoor patio, and even a drive through.

Artisan Culture Coffee off Sawmill is a tucked away local find full of different flavors. The shop has great views of tree lined roads on their large patio, and features art from local artists for sale. The coffee offers are a little off beat, like they don’t offer standard sweeteners, even regular sugar, so be prepared to be a little adventurous if that is outside your box.

We love to support local businesses, so if you live north, or are just passing through, be sure to get your caffeine fix at one of these 5 local coffee shops in Spring and the Woodlands.


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