Where to Get The Best Margaritas in Houston

hands holding margaritas toastNational Margarita Day. Now, this is a National Day that we can get behind. Although the origin of the Margarita is widely disputed, the components of margaritas are very simple. Tequila, Triple Sec, and Lime. Don’t get me wrong, as simple as it sounds, there are many variations of this classic and fun cocktail.  Types of Tequila, Lime Juice/Sweet & Sour, Frozen or on the Rocks. So. Many. Options.

With over 10,000 restaurants and counting in Houston, there isn’t a shortage of amazing places to enjoy a margarita or two. Responsibly, of course! So we’ve put together a guide that highlights some of the best places to celebrate our beloved National Margarita Day. We polled the Mom community to get the scoop and have included some of our favorite Houston spots on this list. We’d love to hear from you on some of your go-to Margarita hangouts as well. Mama needs a Marg!

Where to Get the Best Margaritas in Houston

Pappasito’s: Every Houstonian knows that the Pappa’s restaurants are an institution. Their hand-crafted ‘Ritas with freshly squeezed juices and premium tequilas can convert even the most stubborn Margarita skeptic. My favorite drink here has got to be the Pappasito’s Reserva Margarita, which by the way, is shaken table-side for that extra charming flare. Listed on their menu as Corazón Reposado tequila, hand-selected especially for Pappasito’s Cantina, Grand Marnier & organic agave nectar.

Chuy’s: This Tex-Mex eclectic eatery is an Austin original that has blessed us here in Houston with multiple locations. Their unique spin on ‘Ritas makes Chuy’s a go-to cantina. You have to try the “Texas Martini”. 100% a Margarita disguised as a Martini and 100% delicious. I mean, Jalapeno stuffed olives…need I say more?

Hugo’s:  This Westheimer landmark has definitely crafted the art of the Margarita. You can even customize your ‘Rita by choosing your Tequila in their “Agave Prescription”. I recommend it with the Gran Centenario Anejo. Just what the doctor ordered.

El Tiempo: An Iconic Houston Tex-Mex spot, El Tiempo is a tried and true option. Strawberry, Mango, Raspberry, Peach, or Sangria flavored ‘Ritas are calling your name.

Cyclone Anaya’s: With a few (6) locations all over Houston, Cyclone Anaya’s is a popular after-work hangout. With a wonderful array of ‘Ritas to choose from, The Super Cyclone or The Perfect Margarita are my top choices. They also always have really killer monthly drink specials too. See their website for details.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar: Not the first place you’d think of when it comes to Margaritas, but oh my goodness…they are top-notch. A personal favorite (The Little Larry) packs a mighty punch for such a mini drink.

Molina’s Cantina: I think of the ‘Ritas at Molina’s as classic. Their exacting blend of 100% agave tequila, lime juice, and triple sec is a dream come true for any Margarita purist.

Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen: With multiple locations all over Houston, Gringo’s is no stranger to National Margarita day. They are also known to run awesome promotions on this day, so keep your eyes peeled. Their signature drink “The Cadillac Margarita” is a crowd-pleaser.

Ambriza: Talk about unique flavors for margaritas! The Passion Fruit Habenero and the Strawberry Cucumber are both refreshing and pack a nice punch. Ambriza is over on the Northside of Houston, which makes residents of Spring and Cypress happy campers when looking for somewhere to hit up for National Margarita Day.

El Big Bad: This one is a must-see. They have a perfectly curated Tequila list, off the wall housemade infusions {hello, horchata tequila}, and pitchers of all of the listed margaritas. If you’re craving a unique ‘Rita experience, El Big Bad is your place. Oh, and as if you needed any more convincing, they give you a FREE Margarita on your birthday just for signing up for their Wolf Pack {Online Email List}.

The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation: If you’ve lived in Houston for a while, you’re familiar with The Original Ninfa’s. An icon to this city, Ninfa’s boasts Houston’s most famous Margarita on their menu {The Ninfarita} which can be ordered in a glass or a whole pitcher. The Ninfarita is a proprietary recipe that is only listed on their menu as made with 100% Agave Silver Tequila. We love a good secret recipe.

Cuchara: For a more traditional route, Cuchara is a Mexico City-style bistro with a trendy Houston spin. Their Cuchara House Margarita is perfectly balanced and exactly what you need on National Margarita Day.

Escalante’s: I find Escalante’s to be such a treat for a night out! Have fun by creating your own Custom Craft Margarita. Pick a Tequila, pick a mix, and pick your dressing. Voila!

We hope you enjoy this carefully crafted (pun intended) guide for National Margarita Day. We know it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Houston Restaurants and ‘Ritas, so tell us about your favorites in the comments. Happy National Margarita Day and Cheers!


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