What Kind of Margarita Mom Are You?

What Kind of Margarita Mom Are You? | Houston Moms Blog

I love margaritas. I mean, I seriously LOVE them! {Responsibly, of course.} I love to try new and unique margaritas, I love a good classic ‘rita, and I pretty much love anything in between. So, imagine my excitement when I got the chance to celebrate “National Margarita Day” via Houston Moms Blog with MY FAVORITE MOMS AROUND — YOU ALL! It was like a celebration of two of my favorites things together in one place. Bliss. 

Throughout my margarita explorations around the great city of Houston, I have picked up on some common threads in moms that like certain types of margaritas. So naturally, I thought I would jot some of them down some so you could see if these resonate with your mothering/margarita style too! Bottoms up, my friends…

The Classic Margarita Mom

You’re a simple, no frills needed type mom. You don’t need Disney World or the Bahamas to have good time with your family. Heck, just give you some beautiful weather and a nice afternoon at the park, and your crew is happy as can be! You appreciate a consistent routine and are not a fan of spontaneity. Nope. You like to know what to expect throughout the day, and God forbid a ridiculous door-to-door salesperson comes knocking on your door at naptime! You don’t let anything get in the way of nap schedules, meals, or bed time. But, your love for the ordinary doesn’t make you a dud. After all, you are still drinking Tequila … you just prefer to keep it simple. 

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The Fruity Margarita Mom

If Classic Margarita Mom had an arch nemesis, it would be you! You plan nothing, and like Pocahontas – you paint with the colors of the wind and then just let that wind sweep you wherever it may go. You are creative, fun, and unpredictable. You happily walk through life with the attitude of go-with-the-flow, and you have brought that over into your motherhood! Your kids may not have a “bedtime” per se, but they sure do have a ton of adventure on a daily basis. You are the type that always hosts the play date, always leaves the door open, and never skips a GNO! After all, this recipe is made for a pitcher, not just an individual glass! All the neighborhood kids love coming over to your house because you are always up to some craft that involves play-doh and glitter … things their “Classic Margarita” mom would never allow to see the light of day. You, my friend, may not be organized enough to plan the party, but that is okay because you are the party, and your kids love you for it!

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The Beerita Mom

You probably have 4 children under the age of 5, and well … this is the first time in 6 years you have not been pregnant. You love your kids; you love how close they are in age, but the majority of the time you feel like they are planning a revolt. So, when you have a chance to get out and hit up the town for a ‘rita, you don’t have time to mess around – mainly because this is the fourth babysitter that you have tried in the last few months, and you are really hoping she sticks! You love beer and you love margaritas, so the best solution for your over worked, sleep deprived self is to combine the two and call it a night! Which, if you have been pregnant for the last 6 years – it is probably best that you call it a night after just one!

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Spicy Margarita Mom

You sometimes get what they call “Mama Bear” syndrome. In other words, you are not afraid of conflict, especially when it comes to your kiddos! For the most part you live a pretty ordinary life, but when needed you make it clear you don’t take crap from anyone. You are fierce, loyal, and know how to kick it up a notch at just the right time, in order to get crap done! You are the type that everyone wants on their side … but that you NEVER want to be on the other side of! You know how to have fun with your kids, but you also know how to lay down the law. The other moms are secretly a little afraid of you, and deep down you kind of like it. 

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Obviously, this is not a comprehensive list, but a well-researched one, I can assure you of that. Regardless of your ‘rita preference, HAPPY NATIONAL MARGARITA DAY! Now, go out and celebrate. I’ll be the one with the Spicy Margarita…  Just sayin’.

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