Jenny J

Jenny truly believes Houston is the best city on the planet and that is why she has never left! She met and married her high school sweetheart Chad, and then added three children {via womb} and 1 child {via adoption} to their family all while living in this great city. Jenny works full-time as the Executive Pastor of Real Hope Community Church, and absolutely loves her job! In her not so free time, she enjoys doing Crossfit and binge watching Netflix – generally not both at the same time, but that would be amazing! She also has an odd obsession with presidential libraries and people using the correct form of your and you're. You can stay connected with Jenny at and on Twitter and Instagram @jennyjones76.

How Being a Mom Led Me to Crossfit and a Healthier Self Image

Every year with the month of January also comes a month of being inundated with every aspect of the health industry.  It seems like everywhere I turn I see - Join my Whole30 group,...

Top 3 Things I Learned From Playing in a Media Flag Football Game

In full transparency, I am not that big of a football fan. I mean... I enjoy watching football, I get the overall gist of the game, and I love the Texans because I am...

#MeToo and Other Unacceptable Milestones

Unless you have been living under a rock {or maybe just without internet access}, you have more than likely seen this social media status... This hashtag has taken social media by storm as million of,...

Parenting Milestones :: They Don’t Have to Be Landmines

Our family is experiencing some major parenting milestones. Last month, my husband added another line to our cell phone plan, because we now have a child with a cell phone! What?!? Last week, my oldest...

5 Reasons Why We Chose Good Ole’ Public School

Like many other mommas, I had a good dose of anxiety as my precious firstborn got closer and closer to school age. Both my husband and I went to public schools growing up, and that...
What I Wish I Would Have Known About Swim Team | Houston Moms Blog

What I Wish I Would Have Known About Swim Team

It's that time of year when most neighborhood swim teams are kicking off registration, and if this is not a world you have been in or know anything about, the decision to sign your...
What Kind of Margarita Mom Are You? | Houston Moms Blog

What Kind of Margarita Mom Are You?

I love margaritas. I mean, I seriously LOVE them! {Responsibly, of course.} I love to try new and unique margaritas, I love a good classic ‘rita, and I pretty much love anything in between. So, imagine my...
Dear Momma, Let 2017 Be the Year You Chase Your Dreams | Houston Moms Blog

Dear Momma, Let 2017 Be the Year You Chase Your Dreams

2016 was somewhat of a barrier-breaking, bucket-list type year for me. It was the year I finally decided I was done with waiting on the perfect timing {or even remotely good timing} in order...
Fighting the Commercialization of Christmas | Houston Moms Blog

Fighting the Commercialization of Christmas

On Black Friday weekend, shoppers set a record high of 9.36 billion dollars in retail sales, which is a 16.4 percent increase over last year’s sales. By the end of the holiday season, retail...
5 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Spouse During a Busy Season | Houston Moms Blog

5 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Spouse During a Busy Season

I should say right upfront, I am not a marriage counselor. In fact, I would be a terrible counselor in general - empathy is not really my strong suit. So, I am not in...