Family Friendly Vegetarian Eating around Houston

October kicks off lots of exciting things. Spooky season, pumpkins, frantic last-minute Halloween costumes, and the notorious PSL {though some have been enjoying said things since August.} And, dating back to 1977, October 1st is World Vegetarian Day and the start of World Vegetarian Month!

Identifying as Vegetarian comes to people at different stages and for a plethora of reasons. Health, animal cruelty, environmental, or pure curiosity and preference. I’ve recently been on a self-experiment testing out the vegetarian way of eating. It has been surprisingly much easier endeavor than expected. I began by eliminating pork the first week, followed by beef, chicken, etc. The alternative — going “cold turkey” seemed a bit too daunting to me.

I consider myself a bit of a foodie, so having to create new recipes was an exciting adventure for me. However, there’s not an ounce of me that believes I could convince my family to eat at vegetarian {or vegan} only restaurants. But let me say, Houston has A LOT of options for strictly vegetarian {and vegan} menus.

*Enters google search for vegetarian friendly restaurants*

My goal was to find family friendly places with multiple locations. Places where both my husband and I could meet our dietary wants.

An easier search than expected. Winning.

Local Foods

plate with egg salad sandwich and avocado salad beside a Topo Chico

Locations: Rice Village, Upper Kirby, Tanglewood, Heights

Hours: Lunch and Dinner

If you want to plan a lunch date with me, chances are I’m suggesting Local Foods. You see, I fell in love hard and fast with this place. It never disappoints. Each location has its own favorite dish for me.

Most recently, I tried out the egg sandwich with a side of watermelon and broccoli salad. What a delight. Some other favorites for this vegetarian are the vegan sushi, the spinach and artichoke dip, the vegan queso, the “meatball” sub, and the summer harvest salad.

Not only is Local Foods delicious, but they have a pretty beautiful wine selection and cocktail menu. Some locations have a market section where foodies can find a variety of pantry items from around the world.

Dish Society

Locations: Galleria, Katy, Memorial, Heights, West U

Hours: Brunch – Dinner

Dish Society serves food all day, and includes a full service bar at most locations. I have been for brunch and dinner and I can say with certainty, you’ll leave satisfied. Whether you’re looking for something savory like the southwest scramble, or something sweet like the Nutella French toast *heart eyes*, there’s something for every vegetarian {or non}.

Another appetizing dishes that are on my must try list are the fried smoked gouda grit ball-I’m sorry, what!? Yes, please. A majority of the salads on the menu are vegetarian, along with the avocado toast, the seasonal grain bowl, and the pecan pesto salad.

True Food Kitchen

plate of vegetables, grains, and avocado

Locations: Post Oak, The Woodlands

Hours: Lunch and Dinner; Weekend Brunch

After a long hike through Memorial Park, I was craving something nourishing for dinner with a side of cocktails. Imagine my surprise to drive less than 10 minutes to one of my new favorite spots. Of all the spots I’ve tried, this one had the lengthiest vegetarian choices on the menu {and also the longest cocktail menu.}

Pictured above is the ancient grains bowl, full of all the goods–sweet potatoes, snap peas, charred onions, portobellos, turmeric, hemp seeds, pumpkin seed pesto, and avocado. Like mentioned before, the majority of the menu is vegetarian or vegan, with options to add a meat or fish.

Mendocino Farms

vegetarian sandwich

Locations: Downtown-main, Downtown-Two Allen Center, Rice Village, Heights, Uptown Park

Hours: Lunch and Dinner

Looking for an incredibly family friendly place to bring your rowdy crew? Mendocino Farms in Rice Village has an entire gated area with room to run around. It’s one of the main reasons it is a frequent place for us to eat. The downside? The booze is super limited. But other than that the food is excellent and I never leave feeling like I’ve over eaten.

Pictured above is the unreal reuben and it was outstanding, I had my husband take a bite and he loved it also. Other notable meals I’ve got my eyes on are the vegan Bahn Mi, the Quinoa superfood salad, and the impossible taco salad.

Flower Child

plate of chicken and vegetables

Locations: The Woodlands, Uptown Park, Heights 

Hours: Lunch and Dinner

I recently went to Flower Child for the first time and the only thing I regret is waiting too long to try it. I went with girlfriends for lunch and everyone had 5 star reviews about their meals. I chose to pick my own protein with two sides and can you even with that plate of tofu, broccoli, and cauliflower risotto. I nearly licked the plate.

Since that lunch, I’ve read over the menu more times that I’d like to admit. I can’t wait until the next time I go to lunch with a friend {ahem, any takers?} The vegan taco salad is next on my list. That is, if I can resist the urge to replicate my last order.

So, whether you are on your own vegetarian journey, or just prefer meatless meals. These spots {along with so many others} simply can’t be beat.


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