7 Unique Houston Date Night Destinations

Last week I took it upon myself to plan a date night in Houston for me and my husband.

The Houston hotspot I wanted to go to doesn’t take reservations, so I didn’t make any. My plan was to arrive early enough in hopes to get a table within the hour, have a delicious meal, and good conversation.

I sent the kids to my parents for the night (I didn’t even have to take them because ya’ll the best stage of parenting is when your children can drive! Game changer!) dressed up, did my hair, put on some lipstick and we headed off to the restaurant for a nice, early dinner.

Unfortunately, that said restaurant that didn’t take reservations, apparently now does! And there was a 2 to 2 1/2 hour wait! Ya’ll who waits that long to eat?!? I guess most of you because it seemed that half the city was there waiting! I was so disappointed, as my perfect date night was not so perfect. We decided to head to another familiar restaurant, but one of my favorite menu items was no longer on the menu and so instead we headed upstairs to an old favorite.

I came to realize that on our last few date nights, we have been to each of these restaurants at least once, if not twice this past year. Maybe we are creatures of habit, but it just seemed a little too comfortable, too easy, too dull. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was excited because my favorite soup was back on the menu for the winter season, but other than that, as far as dinner was concerned, the date night had failed. We still had great conversation, and we had a lot of fun and ate really good food. Afterwards we headed home and watched a movie that I had picked out which actually, now that I think about it, wasn’t a very good movie either. So, all in all, the date night out of 10 I would probably write it off as a five because its only saving grace was the company and conversation!

All this got me thinking about date nights and all the things that we plan throughout the year. This year my husband and I will be celebrating 20 years of marriage. Our dates have sorta fallen into the same pattern. Sometimes we get together with friends and have a couples night out and stuff like that, we’re really good at staying home and doing charcuterie boards and movies or watching the next episode of Yellowstone. We love spending time together and going out and running errands together or getting yummy Summer Moon coffee, but as far as having really, really good date nights at different venues, that has been a bit lacking. My husband has planned a few really good dates, but like I said, we tend to fall into the same pattern and I think the issue is that we really don’t know what is out there as far as a solid, unique date venues. Where are people going nowadays?

Like I said, we’ve been married almost 20 years and we’ve had a lot of dates, but now that our kids are older, they can drive themselves to the grandparents’ house or even just stay at home by themselves and put themselves to bed! No more babysitters, no more trying to coordinate drop offs and pick ups, now we can go and have a good time and enjoy ourselves and not worry about how much the sitter is going to cost! So dinner and a movie, you will always have your place, but we are gonna try something different this year!

Unique Date Night Experiences In and Around Houston

couple on date night at arcadeRooftop Cinema Club

Uptown at Post Oak a roof is transformed into a outdoor movie theater (I know I said no more dinner and movie, but this is different!). Overlooking the city lights of Houston, the Rooftop Cinema offers Adirondack chairs, food and beverages, and different movies from cult classics to new releases. Be sure to join the club so you can get the latest updates on the next films.

Menil Collection and Rothko Chapel

A Houston classic. The Menil Collection is located in midtown and a Houston gem, filled with great modern and contemporary art. It’s free and opened Wednesday through Sundays from 11-7. After the museum be sure to walk across the way to the Rothko Chapel, another beautiful place in the heart of our city.

Urban Chef

Located between Greenway Plaza and River Oaks, Urban Chef is a must. My family and I actually participated in a group “Iron Chef” competition for Father’s day a few years ago and it was one of the most fun we have ever had. First you spend the time making a few delicious items for dinner. We made a French onion soup, Cornish hens and Crème Brulee and you are given tricks of the trade along the way. Then couples team up for the Iron Chef competition where you are given a secret ingredient and you have to make a dish (don’t worry they give you a basic recipe!) We had so much fun and this would be an amazing group date night. They also offer regular cooking classes as well if you can’t find 2 other couples.


This place is relatively new outside of The Heights and downtown and it is not your classic mini golf. In fact, it’s only for 21 and up, the courses are themed, indoors with delectable menu items and cocktails.

Candle Light Concerts

From Frank Sinatra to Taylor Swift, you can find a concert of your taste. Walk into a room filled with drippy candles and enjoy the pure experience and ambiance that these candlelight concerts have to offer. So many I have talked to say that it is worth the experience. Seats start at $35 in different iconic venues across the city.

Bingo at the Market Square Park 

A summer favorite, Blanket Bingo at Market Square Park in downtown Houston comes with great prizes and music. Bring a blanket, some good eats, grab a few bingo packs ($10 for 9 games) and cross your fingers to win! Only open during the summer months from June to September so put it on the calendar and check the website!


If you are all about classic games like Super Mario Brothers, Pac- Man and Donkey Kong, don’t miss this one. Bring your own food in from local restaurants or food trucks, grab a few drinks at their great bar and spend a date night in Houston playing some of the best games of your childhood! A day pass is $10 and you get unlimited play on over 275 games! 21 and up starting at 8 p.m.

Do you know of any other great places for date night in Houston? Let us know in the comments!


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Andrea Portilla
Andrea is a true Houston native! Other than her college years at Baylor and a few summers with family in Guatemala, she has lived around the Houston area forever and cannot imagine living anywhere else. Especially because of family nearby as built in babysitters, so many friendships built throughout the years, and the great people of this city, Houston is so dear to her heart. In junior high her family moved to the Sugar Land area, but she attended a high school in town and spent as much time as possible at the Galleria in the 90s! After graduating from Baylor University with a degree in Secondary Education, she married her high school sweetheart, Orlando, and they moved to the Richmond area where they have been ever since and where she homeschools their son and 2 daughters, ages 15, 12 & 9. Andrea is very active in Women’s ministry at her church and in her community. She began writing for more therapeutic reasons when the kids were small and soon began writing publicly, remembering her love for writing and realizing the gift and calling that it was in her life. She published her first book, Breathless: Prayers from a Mother Learning to Exhale in 2018, a devotional last year and is currently working on a few new projects. In her down time, Andrea loves alone time, especially because she’s an enneagram 4! She also loves coffee, hanging out with her family and friends, traveling, New York City, musicals, especially Hamilton, fair trade jewelry, and charcuterie boards! You can find her writing at www.andreaportilla.com or follow her on Instagram @dreaportilla and on Facebook.


  1. I am a fencing coach and we have a lot of couples try fencing as a date activity! If you and your partner enjoy some physical activity and a little friendly competition I’d recommend it! Try a class at houstonswords.com.


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