Spring Break Staycation Ideas for Houston Families

It’s almost Spring Break! Staying home is one of my favorite ways to spend school holidays. It feels wonderful to decompress with my children and nowhere to be, nothing to do. And let’s be real, so many of us can live without fighting the crowds at museums and most kid-friendly places around town when everyone else is also on Spring Break. Keeping our plans crowd-free looks pretty good! 

However, it’s smart to plan a few at-home activities to keep boredom at bay. So much time and how to fill it? Not to worry, I’ve done all the internet searches so you don’t have to. Let’s talk about how we can make your Spring Break Staycation in H-Town GREAT!

A family of three riding bikes.

Take a Mini Road Trip

Take a mini road trip on your Spring Break staycation! Day trips are plentiful around Houston. Explore the downtown area of a nearby suburb. Check out something culturally unique, like Katy Asia Town. Even trekking out to Vincek’s in East Bernard, Texas, to grab some amazing fresh fruit kolaches, can give you a change of scenery that will do your family good. 

Turn Your Home into a Spa

One of my favorite activities when on vaca is hitting a local spa. Bring the spa home by setting aside a day for relaxation and pampering.

Prep your home by stocking up on aromatherapy candles, nail polish, face masks, fruit/cucumber water, moisturizing lotions & fancy bathrobes. My kids like to do wild hairstyles and mani/pedis. I buy “boy” colors of polish at the dollar store so my son has options that he likes, too!
child with feet in foot spa with cloth covering his face

back view of girl's hair with multiple ponytails
Wild hairstyles for everyone, then vote on the favorite!

Set up camp… inside!

Or in your backyard! Truth be told, I’ve never been the kind of gal that likes to rough it. I like my modern day amenities and the idea of camping at home appeals to me way more than pitching a tent in the wilderness. Maybe for your Spring Break staycation, set up a tent inside complete with mini lanterns. Make s’mores in your countertop convection oven or roast ‘em in your backyard firepit. Stovetop popcorn & a well-placed string of Christmas lights will add to the fun.

backyard tent
Backyard camping, anyone?

Turn Your Backyard into a Resort

Pick up some inflatables and a slip and slide from Target and turn your backyard into your own personal resort. Fun cocktails {or mocktails for the kids} “poolside” will only add to the ambiance. A child using a slip and slide.

Have a Movie Festival Night

What better way to relax than to have a movie marathon? Watch on your big screen or pick up a projector to view films on a flat, white wall or out in the backyard. 

Explore a Nearby Park

There are several state parks located within a two hour drive of Houston- for example:: Brazos Bend State Park, Sea Rim State Park, Huntsville State Park and Galveston Island State Park are all perfect destinations for a Spring Break staycation. Buffalo Bayou is also a great one to explore downtown!

mother and kids at Brazos Bend State Park
Exploring Brazos Bend feels like you’re in another world- about an hour outside of Houston!

Go Online

Find a fun activity online that everyone can tackle together. Maybe your kiddo will want to go on a virtual tour of somewhere like Le Louvre online or try out a new recipe via Buzzfeed Tasty. I know we are all over Zoom at this point, but allowing your child to choose the activity might reengage their (and yours, too!) interest. 

Play a Game

Have a family game night. Gather up your favorite board games and consider picking up a few more to add to your repertoire. Have fun with one another!


A family of four playing a board game.

Take a Family Picnic

This is such a novelty for my children, and it’s a really inexpensive outing!  Pack up some sandwiches and fizzy drinks and find a park where you can hang for a few hours. Younger kiddos will especially love this as they’ll be able to run free in between courses. 

Have a Family “Nest Night”

Rearrange your living room furniture so that you can put out sleeping bags, pillows, etc., on the floor. An overnight family slumber party is always a lot of fun!

A child with headphones on in a tent made of blankets in a house.

I hope everyone has a safe and healthy Spring Break! Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any other cool ideas for a Spring Break staycation to share!

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