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COVID has forced us…I mean, allowed us to spend more time together with our families. We have all been creative with different ways to keep our family entertained, but sometimes it’s the ‘old school’, low tech options that are the most fun. 

Keeping that in mind, here are a list of the games {by age group} that can help you keep family time fresh::

Preschool – 6 years of age

Llama Line Up: I found this gem at the grocery store before the pandemic began, but it can be found on Amazon too. To play the game you roll a pair of dice, and try to find the matching pattern that goes with each llama’s color, blanket, and scarf. The tricky part is that you have to be the first person to pick up the llama with the sticky suction cup (that’s provided)! Super fun to play with little kids, because anyone can win!

Brain freeze: When I’m looking for board games, I always ask the important question- “Can I play this game while lying in my bed or on the couch?” The answer is an emphatic yes! More importantly, your kids will love this game because they actually have a chance to win. Each player is given a game board with various types of frozen treats and a dry erase marker to circle the ice cream flavor that they will choose. The objective of the game is to try to figure out the type of ice cream your partner has chosen before they figure out yours. Think I spy, but with ice cream.

Sloth in a Hurry: Take turns spinning a who, what and when and try to act it out for members of your team to guess. Some of the silly easy to read options include: zombie walking on the moon or a penguin dancing on a tight rope.

I also recommend:: Zingo {Bingo with a Twist}, Banana Blast, Yeti Set Go, and Yeti in my Spaghetti}

6 -10 years of age

Monopoly Junior– These games are pretty cool because they are themed to your family’s favorite character and the boards are not as long as the classic game. You can make it a themed night by playing your game board and then watching the movie! The Frozen Monopoly is our favorite because it has a magic snowflake that adds an extra twist to the game!

Dog Man Board Game– If your kids love reading the Dog Man series, they will love this game. To play the game all the players, or Suga Buddies, have to reach the end together. Once the players reach the end of the game board they have to beat the Fleas with the tools they have earned along the way. This is another quick to play game that provides no tech fun and may get your kids to read some books after the game is over!

I also recommend you look at classic board games like Battleship, Apples to Apples, and The Game of Life Junior, with the specific theme or characters that your kids love. It will engage them even more! 


Exploding Kittens: So this game is a hot mess— but in the fun ridiculous way that your tweens and pre- teens will love. Before I played this game, I tried to get a friend to explain and she said— just try not to explode. Since you guys are kind enough to read through the end I’ll give you a little more details. During the game, you play cards from your hand to the deck and take turns pulling from the deck. The goal is to not pull the card that gets you blown up. There are ways for you to avoid exploding, like pulling diffuse or light beam cards— or a goat. Trust me, it’s fun.

Dos: From the makers of Uno, this game follows some of the same rules but includes a second deck for you to play from simultaneously. This game is a little tricky for the little kids because it requires some math skills to tally scores at the end. However, it is a fun level up from the original game.

Also, check out Ticket to Ride, Uno Attack, and Trivial Pursuit {Family Edition}

All Ages- Honorable Mentions

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