Mary B

Mary B. is a lifelong creative, dreamer, and joy seeker. Born and raised in northern Illinois, Mary attended the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University, receiving her B.F.A. in acting, then worked as a sometimes actress/model, sometimes waitress. Mary and her husband got married in Sept 2012, welcomed a son in 2014, moved to Texas from Chicago in 2016, and welcomed a daughter in 2017, completing their family. She self-publishes her musings on marriage, motherhood, and life on her blog, Accidentally Texan,. In her free time {free time--ha!} Mary loves to read, cook {and eat ;)}, work out, swim, travel, and spend time with her family. Mary believes emotional connection is the root of humanity and our collective purpose in life.
girl with pile of school papers

So Many School Papers! How to Streamline This School Year

I pride myself on many things, but being organized isn't one of my strengths. When my firstborn started elementary school, five years ago, I quickly had to figure out a way to track all...
budding flowers

Motherhood: Ever Changing, Growing, or Shrinking

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. There are joys and challenges, and you never know which you'll be dealing with on any given day. Most likely, both. It's busy and stressful and sweet and...
child with goggles looks at swim instructor while holding on to kickboard

A Moms’ Guide to Swim Lessons in Houston

Pool season is upon us! It's that time of year when it's just too hot to play outside unless water is involved- and I can't tell you how valuable the peace of mind is...
woman stands on a scale with arms raised in victory

PrO-Zempic: Taking a Weight Loss Drug Shouldn’t be Controversial

As far as hot topics go, fad diets and weight loss cheats are never far from the outrage machine.  It is so easy to jump on the judgment bandwagon, effectively shaming people who have likely...
child with bunny ears on sits in grass holding Easter basket full of colored eggs

Easter Basket Ideas for Elementary Aged Kids

It's almost Easter, and this year I am not waiting until the last minute to find items to fill my elementary aged children's Easter baskets! As they have gotten older, I've gotten a teensy...
A family of three riding bikes.

Spring Break Staycation Ideas for Houston Families

It's almost Spring Break! Staying home is one of my favorite ways to spend school holidays. It feels wonderful to decompress with my children and nowhere to be, nothing to do. And let's be...
woman sits at table alone, eating pasta

Lunch for Grownups: Inspiration and Prep Just for You

A Choice to Elevate Lunch I made a radical self-care choice a few years ago when I started planning my lunches. MY lunches: the foods that I really want to eat. I had done the...

A Houston Day Trip Guide to Historic Downtown Rosenberg

I love my adopted hometown of Rosenberg, Texas for many reasons. Two big ones are proximity to Houston; roughly 35 miles, which translates to around an hour during high traffic times and far less...

The Ripple Effect of Changing Your Mind

My son recently caught me off guard when he used a phrase I had personally considered "off limits" in our household. I was certain I had never spoken it in his presence, so I immediately...
woman getting a mammogram

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Screenings Save Lives

"I'm not worried about it." I lied. I was terrified. I had put off my annual pap smear and exam for too long; I had a very strong gut feeling about that. I was finally able...