To The Moms Who Go ‘All Out’ Decorating for Every Holiday

To the moms who go all out decorating for every holiday:

woman opens the door for trick or treater

I just want to say, thank you.

I used to feel intimidated by you- how together it seems like you must have it. I mean, geez. Your house looks amazing! Spooky, crafty, and beautifully color-coordinated. Your carved pumpkins look professional! You’re up on the latest TikTok DIY trends.

steps leading up to front door decorated with pumpkins

Did you make that wreath yourself? It’s awesome!

I hope that you did all that because it really brings you personal joy- not just pleasure for your family, but for you. You should own that! You deserve to create your own happiness in any way you choose. And what you chose is something we can all enjoy when we pass by, and honestly, I love that. How beautiful to share your taste and talent with all of us.
pumpkin painted blue with "Boo" on side

Part of the wisdom of age is discovering what we each love. And then, we can choose to edit out the parts of our lives that we don’t love as much. Of course, we get to pick and choose our priorities at any age. But I feel like now that I’m in my late 30s I care less about comparing myself to you and more about discovering my own truths.

And the truth is, holiday decorating isn’t what brings me joy. It’s a weird thing to feel pressure about, but I kind of feel pressure about it! So instead of bucking to that pressure, I’m choosing to embrace a new thought when it comes to comparing myself to you.

I’m going to borrow some of your magic.

Is that ok? I mean, I can see that you’ve put so much work into creating this magic. And it’s so good. When I walk by with my kids, I’m going to just be fully present with them in admiring it. And if they ask me– which, inevitably, they will– if we can decorate our home similarly, I can answer them honestly:
Halloween card

No. Hard pass.

Why? Because I’m tired. And, my children are old enough to understand it’s not my “thing.”

And then we continue our walk around the neighborhood, enjoying all the incredible and spooky displays our neighbors have lovingly created. I want to be fully present and enjoy all of this. I’ve taken my personal stake out of it, and I can simply be an observer to this over-the-top Halloween fun.

See, I kind of forgot how much magic exists in the world until I became a parent. Since then, it’s been incredible to experience this reawakening alongside my children.

Magic is everywhere.

Some simply exists, but a lot is created by us, people, even though we plainly know people are also capable of awful, ugly things.

But, especially around the holidays. We make pretty good magic.

Group of women dressed in Halloween t shirts in decorated house
Some of the AMAZING magic I get to experience around holidays with my friends who love to decorate. I love that for them- and me!

And that brings me back to this, my appreciation for the magic these over-the-top mommas bring to the holidays. If you go all out decorating for every holiday, why shouldn’t you do something, anything, EVERYTHING, that brings you joy and hurts no one? And brings perfect strangers joy, too.

I won’t compare myself to you if you don’t compare yourself to me.

Pinky promise.

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To The Moms Who Go "All Out" Decorating, Thank you from Houston Moms

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