Five 2024 Release Books I’m Excited to Read This Year

New year, new booklist, right?!

In December of every year, I sit down with a pen, paper, and my extensive TBR {To Be Read} list to plan out what I’m going to read in the new year. I have my favorite genres, but I want to make sure I also branch out and challenge myself with books I don’t typically read. Don’t think my list too rigid though! I always, always leave room for fun titles of authors I know and love, especially if they have new books coming out. This year, five of my favorite authors have books coming out in 2024. FIVE! I am absolutely pumped about these books, and am already planning out my hiding spot to read them and not be interrupted by my kids! {Just kidding…maybe.} I hope you check out a few of these 2024 release books this year. Happy reading!

House of Flame and Shadow by Sarah J. Maas
2024 Release Date: January 30th

This is the third book in Maas’ Crescent City series, her first series for adults. The first book, House of Earth and Blood, introduces us to Bryce Quinlan, a half-human and half-Fae twenty something, living and working in Crescent City. She’s living her best life, working for an antiquities dealer by day and partying hard with her friends by night. That is, until her friends are all murdered by a demon. Bryce is left alone, desperate and depressed. Her one consolation is that the murderer is behind bars. But when an eerily similar murder occurs, Bryce finds herself tied up in the investigation, headed up by Fallen angel Hunt Athalar, who is enslaved by the Archangels and yearning for his freedom. As Bryce and Hunt delve deeper into the investigation, they find that the murders are only the tip of a sinister plot to destroy everything in Crescent City.

Listen, I would read the phone book if Sarah J. Maas wrote it. She is most known for her bestselling series, A Court of Thorns and Roses {or ACOTAR, to the #booktok world}, but I think Crescent City gives ACOTAR a run for its money. The first two books are long, clocking in at a whopping 816 pages each, but I absolutely plowed through them. I pre-ordered #3 and am so excited to dive in!

Bride by Ali Hazelwood
2024n Release Date: February 6

Misery Lark, the daughter of the most powerful councilman of the Vampyre Clan, is used to living on her own in the human world. But she is called back at the behest of her father to help uphold an historic alliance between the Vampyres and their sworn enemies, the Weres, by marrying their leader. Lowe Moreland is the seemingly ruthless Alpha of the Weres, and he absolutely does not trust Misery. As they embark upon this marriage of convenience, Misery and Lowe must sort through the tangled chaos that is a political alliance and their own mysterious reasons for entering into it.

Ali Hazelwood is known for her smart and sexy STEM romance novels. This is her first foray into the fantasy genre, so I have absolutely no idea what to expect. However, based on her previous novels and Hazelwood’s PhD in Neuroscience, I’m thinking steamy vampires and werewolves, but make it STEM. I can’t wait to pick this one up!

Be sure to also check out Hazelwood’s latest STEM romance novel, Not in Lovecoming out June 11th!

The Funeral Ladies of Ellerie County by Claire Swinarski
2024 Release Date: March 12

Esther Larson is part of the “funeral ladies” at her church, a spunky group of elderly women whose mission is to care for and make sure the mourners of Ellerie County are well fed. When she falls for an internet scam and is in danger of losing her home, Esther finds that she is the one in need of help. She turns to her gen-Z granddaughter, Iris, a freelance graphic designer who absolutely adores her family. Iris loves living in her small town, but as she watches her friends steadily move out, she wonders what she is missing. That is, until Cooper Welsh rolls into town. Cooper and his half-sister Cricket are the children of celebrity chef, Ivan Welsh. After his stepmother dies, Cooper is adjusting to being Cricket’s legal guardian, as well as working through a tragedy he witnessed as a paramedic. This eclectic cast of characters come together like a classic Midwestern casserole, brimming with love, family, and plenty of cream of chicken soup mix.

This is the book I am most excited to read this year. Hands down. I’ve followed this author from podcaster, to Christian author, to middle grade author, and now to adult author. I love her work, her nuanced way of tackling difficult topics, and her amazing book recommendations. Her author newsletter, Coffee with Claire, is one of my favorite things to read each month. I hope you pick this one up!

Be sure to also check out Swinarski’s latest middle grade novel Take It from the Top, coming out in November!

The Rule Book by Sarah Adams
2024 Release Date: April 2

Nora Mackenzie is a newly minted sports agent, ready to begin her career. Her first client? The very sexy NFL tight end Derek Pender, who also happens to be her college ex-boyfriend. The way Nora ended things with him was not the best, and Derek is ready for a little friendly revenge. Derek sets in on making Nora’s life absolutely miserable, but Nora isn’t ready to give in so easily. Things escalate until one morning, after a wild night in Vegas, the two wake up to find they got married. Oops! Nora and Derek now must figure out how to save their careers, as well as navigate their new relationship and complicated feelings.

Adams is the bestselling author of several romance novels, including New York Times bestseller Practice Makes Perfect. Her previous books hit that perfect blend of low conflict, but high tension that makes for a sweet, low stakes reading experience. Readers might recognize Derek from Adams’ previous book, The Cheat SheetThe Rule Book is set in the same world, but you don’t have to have read TCS to enjoy it {though you should}!

Untitled 4th Book in the Hell’s Belle’s series by Sarah MacLean
Expected Release Date: August 2024

This is the 4th and final book in the Hell’s Belle’s series by bestselling author Sarah MacLean. The first book, Bombshell, introduces us {or if you’re a Sarah MacLean veteran, reintroduces us} to Secily Talbot, a famous scandal in the eyes of the British ton. She likes it that way; when everyone is used to her antics, they don’t look very hard at her clandestine evening escapades with her three closest friends. Except for Caleb Calhoun. He is looking at Secily, even though Secily’s sister is Caleb’s best friend and he’s not supposed to be looking at Secily. When Secily and her friends get tangled up in a web of mysterious bombings, threats, and blackmail, Caleb finds that he can no longer keep away.

You might think it odd that I’m recommending a book that is untitled and doesn’t have a publisher’s summary, but stay with me. Sarah MacLean is another author whose entire backlist I’ve read. She is well known for writing historical novels with extremely kick butt heroines, their equally sexy and supportive heroes, and their quirky band of friends who are more like family. Witty banter and steamy scenes abound. Each novel in this series follows one of the women from this vigilante group, dubbed the Hell’s Belles, working to take down the privileged and powerful men of British society. I’ve loved all of them, and I can’t freaking wait for this last one to come out!

What new 2024 release books are you looking forward to coming out?

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