The Newest, Cutest, and Softest Diapers Ever

We love partnering with brands like Freestyle that make life better for both moms and babies!

Moms know- when it comes to diapers, brand matters. Sure, grab the off-brand pacifiers, the diaper rash cream, or even the onesies. But when shopping for diapers, you’ve got to use the ones that will actually get the job done. I’ve tried to switch it up before and learned my lesson after ending up with a major blowout all over myself, baby, and carseat. Rookie mistake, y’all. Never again. I learned pretty quickly to stick with mom tested and approved brands only. And there’s a new brand on the block offering sustainable, clean, and affordable diapers and wipes that we just had to try out for you.

Soft, Absorbent, and Tree Free

Freestyle is the new #1 diaper brand at Whole Foods. They are 55% more absorbent than other brands and beat Coterie in lab tests for absorption and protection against skin rash. They are absurdly soft inside and out, totally chlorine free, and contain no toxic chemicals, allergens, or fragrances that will irritate those precious baby bums. And bonus, they save trees and remove plastic from the environment thanks to their tree-free BambooTek™ hyper absorbent core! Freestyle is the US’ only tree-free diapering option.

And don’t sleep on the Freestyle wipes! They are now the best selling wipes at Whole Foods. Freestyle wipes are oversized and extra thick but still super clean and simple- made with 99% water and calming chamomile, all EWG verified ingredients. They are cheaper, cleaner, and more sustainable than both Honest and Seventh Generation brands.

Mom Tested and Approved

Our very own contributor, Becca, took the plunge to test out the new diapers from Freestyle for us and here’s what she had to say:

“After trying many of the major and generic brands of diapers after my son was born, I’ve been a diaper loyalist {and a bit of a snob} to a brand that has worked well for our kids. However, I recently tried the Freestyle bamboo diapers, and I love that they contained leaks and blowouts just as well, if not better, than our usual diapers. Plus, they’re softer {and cuter!}, so they are more comfortable for my son to wear. The sustainability factor is also a huge bonus. I ordered according to the size chart on their website, and I did find that the size recommended for my son fit a little more snugly than he is used to, so I would just size up next time. I’m so impressed with the Freestyle bamboo diapers and would highly recommend them!”

About the Founders

The founders of Freestyle were a part of the founding team at Hello Bello, with team members from both Honest Company and Huggies. They’ve got a long track record in the diaper industry and know what parents need. They launched this new brand to give the baby-care space a fresher vibe. As parents themselves, they found that having a baby wasn’t actually the end of their youth or creativity like they were made to believe. It didn’t mean they became straight-laced and boring- it was actually the most fun they’d had since being a kid themselves! They brought that creative energy and fun to this new diaper brand, creating something new and appealing for babies, parents, and the planet.

You can find Freestyle diapers and wipes at Whole Foods nationwide and 55 other grocery chains around the country. And great news, the price point is accessible for most. They run $14.99/pack on Whole Foods shelves for the diapers, $4.99/72CT for the wipes. Online it’s even better — just $13/pack for the diapers, which makes Freestyle generally cheaper than Honest, Pampers Pure, Healthy Baby, Bamboo Nature or Coterie. At Houston Moms, we love that they’re sustainable, non toxic, and most importantly, they get the job done! You can feel confident knowing Freestyle is mom tested and approved.

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