Kick off the New Year with a New Health Journey!

Houston Moms is proud to partner with CG Fitness + Nutrition to bring you information about getting healthy in the New Year!

How are those resolutions going so far, moms? I get it- as January progresses, motivation dwindles. Need a little accountability and support to kick off this New Year and a new health journey?  CG Fitness + Nutrition is offering us the perfect antidote to that mid-January slump- one month completely free! If you’ve been searching for a fun and effective way to get healthy and achieve those wellness goals in 2024, look no further.

Women exercising outside and a woman doing an online workout from home.What is CG Fitness + Nutrition?

Founded right here in Texas, CG Fitness + Nutrition offers both outdoor group workouts and online classes you can do from home that are as challenging as they are invigorating. They offer all levels of workouts from beginner to more advanced and even have yoga! When you join CG, you’ll have access to unlimited fitness classes both in person and online and their personalized nutrition coaching. They provide dietitian-approved meal plans combined with accountability from a Certified Nutrition Coach to give you the tools you need to eat well for your lifestyle. CG provides total body health and fitness options so you can reach your goals this year.

An outdoor group fitness classFitness for Moms

We know that finding time to exercise can be a challenge for busy moms. That’s why CG Fitness’s approach is so refreshing. Their workouts are designed for all levels, even beginners! The supportive community creates an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and encouraged. CG has numerous locations and classes across Houston, making it convenient for you to find a spot and time that fits into your daily life. Use your zip code to find locations and Certified Trainers closest to you and feel free to attend ANY CG location you want. 

You’ll love the variety of workouts CG Fitness + Nutrition offers. From heart-pumping cardio to muscle-sculpting strength training, every session is carefully crafted to keep you engaged and motivated. Plus, the outdoor setting provides a breath of fresh air—literally!

CG Fitness members posing with their kids after a workoutCG is offering a free month when you sign up now. You’ll get 30 days free of trainer led work outs paired with 1:1 nutrition coaching to really kickstart your fitness journey. It’s the perfect opportunity to test the waters and see how this fitness phenomenon can transform your daily routine.

Why CG Fitness + Nutrition?

  • Community Connection

Joining CG Fitness isn’t just about getting fit; it’s about becoming part of a supportive community. You’ll forge connections with fellow Houston moms who understand the juggling act of family and fitness. Be part of a fitness community that motivates each other and participates in social events, challenges, and games.

  • Expert Trainers

CG’s certified trainers are passionate about helping you reach your goals. They bring energy and expertise to every session. They can also hold you accountable to your goals, make sure you’re using proper form, and provide modifications. When you’re online, you can select from any CG trainer and follow them on social media to get even more out of your workout.An outdoor group fitness class posing for the camera, showing off their muscles.

  • Convenience

CG’s interactive and online fitness classes are offered both live and on demand, so you can work out at a time that’s convenient for you. Access thousands of workouts that fit your schedule and busy lifestyle! Choose when and where your fitness happens- at home or on the go. New workouts are added daily so you can enjoy thousands of live, interactive workouts through Zoom. Loved it? They’re added to the On-Demand library. Choose from beginner to more advanced workouts as you progress through the training.

  • Results Driven Workouts

Say goodbye to boring workouts! CG’s dynamic sessions keep you on your toes, ensuring that each workout is a step toward a healthier, stronger you. Both outdoor and online classes are unlimited. All you need is water, dumbbells, a fitness mat, and a laptop or mobile device to get started!

Two women working out- one in an outdoor group class, one at home doing an online class.Embrace the Moment

Seize this opportunity to embrace a new fitness and health journey that feels more like a celebration than a chore. With the limited time offer of one month free, you can experience the joy of movement, the power of community, and the strength within yourself.

Don’t miss out—grab your free trial today, and let the transformation begin! Happy sweating!

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