Meagan Clanahan

Meagan is a Dallas native who has lived in the Katy area for over a decade. She kicked a soccer ball all the way to Louisiana to attend college at her family’s alma mater of LSU, where she promptly fell in love with a Texas Aggie in Baton Rouge for an internship. After swimming back to Texas following Hurricane Katrina, Matt and Meagan fell in love with the Houston area and now couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Following several years of infertility, their miracle twins Ryan and Quinn were born in June of 2010. She believes there is nothing better than a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio, a large Sonic Diet Coke, sushi take-out, Girls Nights Out, and a mindless book to curl up with. Besides playing chauffeur and catering to the whims of her children, Meagan also is the Co-Owner of Houston Moms Blog. You can keep up with Meagan at The Clanahan Fam and on Instagram @meaganclanahan!

When Mommy Has Surgery

You know that old saying, "When Mommy gets sick, the whole ship can sink?" Or something like that. Close enough. Well. I don't know if I have that much confidence in my mothering abilities...

Infertility :: An Etiquette Guide of “What Not to Say”

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Finding the Best Preschool {Child Care Series}

As a Stay-at-Home and Work-from-Home Mom, I inwardly {okay, lie...outwardly} cheered when my twins reached the oh, so magical age of 18 months. Why? Because it meant I could begin the search for a...

Gather ‘Round the Table :: Family Dinners

Confession :: My twins are 3 1/2 years old, and it has only been in the last 6 months or so that we've made a concerted effort to eat together as a family. I know. Some...

Moms, Today is YOUR Day to…

Well, it has been A WEEK. You know the ones. The weeks where you question if you managed to do anything productive, took the quickest showers of your life {if you got one at...

ABC’s of Me :: Meagan

Meagan, one of Houston Moms Blog's newest contributors, shares a little bit about herself.