10 Reasons Moms Love Costco

I have a new obsession… Costco. It started last week. Houston Moms Blog teamed up with Costco to offer a “mom happy hour” of shopping. From 9 – 10am, a full hour before the warehouses usually open, seven locations across the greater Houston area and dozens of others across the country opened their doors so that moms could start their holiday shopping early!

There were swag bags full of goodies, a yummy breakfast spread, and membership specials for both new and existing members. And people lined up for this!!! It was so great to see families in our area come out and get a chance to check out what Costco is all about.  Plus, we LOVE the chance to meet the families who we connect with here on Houston Moms Blog too!

Costco is a wholesale, bulk-buying store, but even my family of four benefits from shopping at a store that you might think is only for “bigger” families who need 80 rolls of toilet paper a week. Which leads me to my list of the “Top 10 reasons Moms love Costco.” Ready?  Here we go…

Reasons Moms Love Costco

  1. Samples Galore :: I didn’t count, but I would guess there were about 8-10 different spots in the store where employees were offering up samples of the food they sell. It was everything from sweet potato french fries to Vitamin C gummy bears. Who doesn’t love to taste before trying? Also, we all know shopping with kids can be challenging. Samples are a nice distraction! And it will keep you from “hungry shopping” and tossing everything you see into the basket.
  2. Huge Organic and Gluten Free Selection :: Costco has a lot of the same organic items that other natural food stores have…only it’s cheaper. You can buy organic fruits, vegetables, milks, and meats. In one of my favorite cookbooks, Against All Grain, the author spells out a Costco shopping list of “must have” organic and healthy items. It’s a good place to start if you have questions.
  3. Wine :: Did you know that Costco is the largest retailer of wine in the United States? Yep! Consumer Reports even rate Costco’s private label, Kirkland, at an exceptional value. The 2011 Sonoma Chardonnay is $7, and a Consumer Reports Best Buy. Costco also offers cheaper prices on other popular national brand wines.
  4. BIMG_7311ulk Gift Cards :: You can buy gift cards in bulk and get a great discount. For example, my friend is planning on buying an American Girl doll for her daughter for Christmas. Costco sells four $25 gift cards for $79. So, you can do the math and see the savings! {This could also work for someone buying gift cards to give out as gifts.}
  5. Pictures and Ink :: You can order pictures straight from your phone and pick it up at Costco {or have it delivered to your home}. The printing department is amazing and often has coupons and deals on holiday cards, books, and photo enlargements.  Just download the Costco App on your phone to send your photos. You can also take empty ink cartridges into the store and get it filled for about $7.
  6. Media Galore :: Costco has a great cookbook, book, and DVD/blu-ray selection, as well as low prices on popular movies and books. {I found a great selection of blu-rays at my Costco for $7 each!} They also typically stock new book releases at the same time as specialty bookstores!
  7. Dinner on the Go :: Plan to pick up dinner for the night the day you go shopping at Costco. The rotisserie chicken is GREAT. They also have many other prepared dinners including – chicken alfredo, calzones, pizza, meatloaf, pasta, chicken dishes, and more!
  8. Hot Dog Combo is $1.50 :: So, you’ve loaded up on organic foods, wine, and dinner for tonight. Take a break and let the kids enjoy lunch…for $1.50! The cafe area of the store is right by the checkout and has great tables for enjoying lunch. Besides cheap {and delicious} hot dogs, you can grab pizza or a salad too.
  9. 11220926_10104371777409922_6723109948294526633_nClean Atmosphere :: If your three year old is anything like mine, she has to make a potty break stop in EVERY PLACE WE VISIT. So, I know a clean restroom when I see one. In every Costco I have been in, I have to say, the place is clean. Like, white glove clean, and not just the bathroom. In one visit I saw employees cleaning up in several locations. {And it wasn’t even dirty looking!} Point is, this place takes cleanliness to a new level. Which makes me want to stop here for a potty break even when I’m not shopping there.
  10. Vacations & More :: As an added bonus, you can use your Costco membership to buy cars, vacations, diamonds, and even coffins. They also have great deals on rental cars and prescription drugs!

For my family, it’s definitely worth the membership fee for the money savings we have received from Costco. And get this, the store will give you a full refund on your membership at any time, no questions asked.

Have any other Costco shopping tips? Share with us!


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