The 10 Toddler Christmas Gifts Your Child Actually Wants

It’s a toddler world, and we’re just living in it. If you’re the parent to a toddler or two, then you know I speak nothing but the truth. Toddlers are unique and quirky creatures who can either drive you to drink or make you laugh uncontrollably. While I was doing some Christmas shopping for mine the other day, it was the latter. I was in stitches as I thought about how excited she would be while I picked out band-aids to put in her stocking. Heck, she will probably more excited about these silly bandaids than most of the other gifts I meticulously picked out!

Toddler Christmas Gifts

So it made me think, and I’ve discovered the 10 toddler Christmas gifts your toddler actually wants…

  1. Band-aids – My daughter squeals when I go along with her fake boo-boo and give her a band-aid. You would think she just won a million dollars. Nope! Mommy just agreed to give her a Bubble Guppie band-aid.
  2. Bubble wrap – When all those Amazon Prime packages show up, my little one can’t get enough of the bubble wrap. She runs around the house like a hyena laughing and popping as she goes.
  3. Boxes – There is no need to actually put a gift in your boxes this year. Your toddler will have just as much fun playing with the empty box as she would with what came inside of it.
  4. Deodorant – That whole monkey see, monkey do thing turns out to be very real for toddlers. One day I happened to put on deodorant in front of my daughter, and she was captivated. Now she asks for Mommy’s stick every time we leave the house and pretends to put it under her arms just like Mommy and Daddy.
  5. EOS Chapstick {or any chapstick} – Or as my daughter likes to call it, the egg. {If this hasn’t hit your toddler’s radar yet, fair warning…they will try to eat it. I wasn’t prepared for that, and one day the top of my chapstick was just gone. So, either she ate it or fed it to the dogs…oops!} Go back to that monkey see, monkey do. They want to be just like us, and here’s another chance!
  6. Flashlight – My husband innocently used his pocket flashlight for my daughter one night to help her see while navigating through the garage. This has now turned into a nightly request to play with his flashlight before we leave her room for the night. All fun, right? That’s until Daddy doesn’t happen to have his flashlight or isn’t helping with bedtime that night. And then…it’s not so fun. I can’t wait to see her face when she opens her very own “just like Daddy’s” flashlight.
  7. Feminine products – Who knew that throwing nursing pads around was just as fun as playing with trucks and Barbies? Toddlers, that’s who. Luckily, mine finds picking things up and singing the clean up song just as fun as throwing them everywhere.
  8. Anything under the sink or behind cabinet doors – Bottles, towels, cleaning supplies, sponges, toilet paper, paper towels, and Tupperware. When they get these doors open, it’s like they’ve hit the jackpot, and when they get caught, it’s like the end of the world. Instead of buying them the latest and greatest toy this year, just leave one of the cabinets open on Christmas morning. They’ll be in toddler heaven.
  9. Rocks – This one still amazes me. Whether playing with rocks, mulch, leaves, or weeds, toddlers have the time of their lives moving them from place to place, throwing them in the air, or bringing them along wherever they go. Mine took a leaf to bed for 3 nights one week and had a major meltdown when she finally lost it. She was more attached to that leaf than any of the 50 stuffed animals she has.
  10. Old cough drops – This is how it goes when toddler finds a nasty cough drop or piece of candy at the bottom of Mom’s purse.

Toddler: “Mommy, can I have this peeeasseeee!!!!!”
Mom: “No baby, it’s yucky.”
Toddler {Plops candy in mouth}: “It’s nummy!!!”
Mom: “Awesome.”

What do you think? Would your toddler be over the moon for any of the things we listed above, or are they equally obsessed with some other quirky toddler thing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear about the weird gifts you’ve picked up to put in your toddler’s stocking or to wrap up under the tree.

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