20+ Daddy-Daughter Date Ideas

There is just something about the bond between a daddy and his daughter. My husband is the most amazing father to our two girls, and his face just lights up when he is around them. He often takes the girls on little “dates,” and they really love it. It doesn’t have to be something elaborate or expensive, just something everyone will enjoy and remember.

Two smiling children sitting on top of their father's back.

From fishing to sports or even shopping at Lowe’s, I really think girls will enjoy whatever their dad enjoys.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be something “girl” related. It’s the time spent that they will remember.  I remember my dad and I playing monopoly for HOURS as a kid while we watched CNN. {Yes, I was a news nerd even back in the day.} He made those nights special, and I remember them. So we here at Houston Moms Blog want to help grow that bond between daddy and daughter too.

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Daddy-Daughter Date Ideas

  1. Get Stuffed :: Build your own bear or other stuffed animal together at Build-A-Bear.
  2. Chocolate Date :: Enjoy chocolate treats at The Chocolate Bar.
  3. Picnic in the Park :: Pack a picnic, and go to a favorite park or try a new one.
  4. Fishing :: If you like fishing, she will probably like it too. Teach her how to hook a worm!
  5. Movie Date :: Check out a nearby movie theater and load up on popcorn!
  6. Hot Cocoa and a Book :: Go to a bookstore, buy some hot cocoa, and browse books.
  7. Get Wet Together :: Do something different and visit SafeSplash for water fun.
  8. Ice Cream Date:: Let her load up on whatever flavors she wants at a local ice cream parlor.
  9. Get Artsy :: Head over to Painting with a Twist, Glazed Over Ceramics, or Michaels for an art class.
  10. DIY Class in Your Element :: Check out Lowe’s and Home Depot for fun DIY kid workshops!
  11. Get Sporty :: Get tickets to a local baseball, football, or soccer game.
  12. Tea Time :: Dolls and tea? Yes, please!  Treat your daughter to an Afternoon Tea at American Girl.
  13. Ice Skating :: Visit Discovery Green or Memorial City Mall.
  14. Bowling :: Add to the surprise with cute socks you picked up from the dollar store.
  15. Fore! :: TopGolf has kid lessons and other fun events.
  16. Show Off Your City :: Visit JP Morgan Chase Tower Observation Tower for a beautiful view of the Houston skyline.
  17. Twist It Up :: Take her to dinner with a twist, like pancakes from IHOP.
  18. Watch Boats :: Go to Kemah and watch the boats, then check out the boardwalk area.
  19. Make a School Visit :: Surprise her with lunch one day at school and eat with her.
  20. Game Night :: Uno, Connect Four, Candy Lane and more! {Check out this list of our favorite board games.}
  21. Fly Planes :: Cheap styrofoam plane from Hobby Lobby = endless entertainment.
  22. Camp Out :: Set up a tent in the backyard and make s’mores.
  23. Have an Element of Surprise :: Take her out of school early for any of the ideas above!

We’ve also found a lot of churches, schools, and even cities throw Daddy-Daughter Dances. It’s typically something that is only open to members of the organization or people who live in the city, so my first advice would be to check with those places in your area of town to see if there is something going on.

Daddy-Daughter Dances

  • YMCA :: Various locations around town offer “Princess” nights with dad. You need to search by each location. Prices vary depending on YMCA membership.
  • City of Pearland :: The City of Pearland Parks and Recreation Department hosts this event each year at Pearland Junior High School. It’s for fathers and daughters, ages 4 to 14. Fee is $30 a couple, $10 for each additional child.
  • City of Friendswood :: The City of Friendswood often organizes a daddy-daughter date night.
  • ERJCC Houston :: You can register for a daddy-daughter date night or camping trip.
  • Chick-fil-a :: As you probably know, Chick-fil-a is great about posting events each month, so check with the store you frequent for details on a possible daddy-daughter date night.

Like I said before, kids really just want TIME with their parents. You guys could probably spend two hours in the dollar store picking out cheap toys and have a great and memorable time. Being together is the key! What other ideas can you add to our list?


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