4 Reasons Why Having A Thanksgiving Birthday is Awesome

A child and a toddler playing with party favors.

November is unarguably a great time of year. Crisp air, changing leaves, holiday season upon us. I’ve always loved it, and loved having a November birthday. Not only do I have a November birthday, but I have a Thanksgiving birthday, meaning that my birthday is usually the week of this holiday, and about once every seven years falls on the holiday itself. For those of you in the same boat, here is a link to the years when your birthday will fall on Thanksgiving from someone who had some time on their hands to compile that information.

For me, having a Thanksgiving birthday has been awesome. Why, you ask?

Number 1 :: It’s basically Christmas, but only I get presents.

I genuinely enjoy spending time with my family, so hanging with loved ones, eating great food {many of the similar things we have at Christmas}, and celebrating together are joys in my life. Top that off with a few birthday gifts, and this only child is the happiest of campers. Also gifts are my love language, so I feel extra special and loved on this holiday every year.

Number 2 :: I almost always have the day off.

Growing up, we usually got a fall break from school around Thanksgiving, so rare was the year that I had to go to school on my birthday. As an adult this has made me very entitled in that I expect to have the day off every year now. I luckily work for an awesome place that gives us a birthday holiday to use during our birth month, so that makes it easy for the tradition to continue!

Number 3 :: Cake at Thanksgiving.

I am going to say a very controversial thing here…get ready…I don’t like pie. I know, I know. It is mostly that I don’t like pie crust, or fruit based desserts. Give me a chocolate pie with Oreo crust, or a cheesecake and I am game, but other than that pie doesn’t really do it for me. This could make Thanksgiving, the most pie based of holidays, a bummer for my sweet tooth. Except. Because it is my birthday, I GET CAKE. And cake is the stuff dreams are made of. Delicious dreams of course.

Number 4 :: It is far enough away from Christmas to be separate.

I realize that this may not be an issue for families that don’t celebrate Christmas, but since my family does, having a birthday close to Christmas can get complicated. My birthday happens to fall exactly one month before Christmas, and I have never felt overshadowed by it. I do have a personal rule that Christmas season does not start until after my birthday, so I think that helps. Now, my daughter was born two days before Christmas, so I don’t know what we are going to do there. But she’s only ten months old, so that’s a problem for future us. If you have any ideas, I am all ears. 

A smiling woman holding a cake with candles reading 25.

November babies, let’s hear from you! Do you love your November birthday? Or hate it? Is Thanksgiving an awesome addition? Or a shadow over your birth celebration? Tell us!

4 Reasons why having a Thanksgiving Birthday is awesome. Logo: Houston moms blog. Houston.citymomsblog.com/. A photograph of a child and a toddler playing with party favors.


  1. My birthday is on the 25th too! Always loved getting a boatload of gifts a full month before Christmas! And a month before that, it was Halloween! Haha ❤️

  2. I have a Nov 24 kid and a Dec 18 kid. The November kid loves it for all the reasons you said. The Dec kid loves it too. She’s going on 11 now. Asked her about decorations and she loves to decorate for Christmas so we donthat right after Thanksgiving like a lot of families. But her presents are always in birthday paper and we decorate the kitchen for whoever’s birthday it is. Favorite color streamers ect. I have no Christmas decor in the kitchen so it still feels special to her. A week before Christmas that’s not easy but we’ve got a system that works. 😉 Good luck.

  3. My sons bday is the 25th too. I’ve known his 8th bday will be on thanksgiving since he was born. Finally googled what to do about it and ended up here. It is basically gonna be a second Christmas for him! Love that way of looking at it.

  4. I hate that my birthday is on Thanksgiving this year because my family has already mentioned to me the food they are bringing on Thanksgiving and if someone else could come to my house on Thanksgiving . No one mentioned my birthday. Thanksgiving is the big focus, not my special day. It’s a blessing to live to see another birthday, but my birthday is being shared with a turkey. It’s my day, not turkey birthday 🙃. I will purchase my own birthday cake and ask the baker to write “Happy Birthday to me!” My birthday is November 23.


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