5 Reasons Why I Love the Pinterest Moms

Many moons ago, Pinterest made its way into the World Wide Web, and moms everywhere started singing the Hallelujah chorus. Pin, pin, and then pin some more. I’m pretty sure I’m one of those people who went pin-crazy from the very beginning and thought that Pinterest was the end all and be all of how to save my favorite websites and things. There was no rhyme or reason to what I was pinning at first, but oh how Pinterest has evolved. It has become the central hub for the craftiest, trendiest, and most organized moms around. “Pinterest moms” are the ones with perfect pictures of their food, clothes, homes, and even children. They curate the “best ever” tutorials, DIYs, and parties.

Then there are the rest of us. Us moms who can whip up the best birthday party with hot dogs on paper plates, a box-made cake, a Target gift bag for the gift, and call it a day. That’s how most of us roll. A lot of memes and satirical websites have poked fun of the Pinterest moms. There’s even a hashtag for the Pinterest fails – #nailedit. It’s hilarious to say the least. And of course, there are some anti-Pinterest moms who have even been outraged at the picture-perfect trend that is Pinterest, because you know how easy it is these days to get outraged on the internet. But not me. Oh no. I love the Pinterest moms. I cheer them on and applaud their efforts. I ooh and ahhh over their creations, and I try my darnedest to be one {sometimes}. Here’s why I think they are the best thing since sliced bread…

why i love the pinterest moms

1. They remind me what season it is.

If I ever need a reminder what season is approaching or what next big event is on the calendar, all I have to do is open up my Pinterest app or log-on through my computer, and I can see what is quickly approaching. Back to school teacher crafts? School must be starting soon! A slew of pastels gracing my screen? Must be spring! Thank you Pinterest moms for reminding this mama brain of mine what I need to put on my calendar.

2. They help me think I’m creative.

Now here’s where the Pinterest moms get me. They make these easy 1-2-3 tutorials and give me the false confidence that I need to pretend I’m Martha Stewart. This is most definitely where the #nailedit came from. But at least they make me think I’m creative when trying to put together a rainy day craft. Thanks, sister. I needed that boost of confidence that I don’t suck at life. Really though, I’m thankful for the crafts and ideas that I would not have thought of myself.

3. They set the bar high for parties.

This is a huge reason why I love the Pinterest moms. Sure I could go for the easy-to-throw-together shindig, but parties are my jam. Ever since my little girl was born, I have been stepping up my party planning prowess. Thanks to the Pinterest Moms, I’ve put together a very beautiful Charlotte’s Web and Frozen themed birthday party. I couldn’t have done it without them.

4. They have the best recipes.

When my menu planning is getting the best of me, or it’s just not getting to me at all, I do a quick search on Pinterest for new and delicious eats. You do have to be careful though. Sometimes the pictures will trick you, and you’ll end up with a gross Crock-Pot meal. All of the ones I have shared though are delicious. Promise. {10 quick and easy back to school meals? Yes, please!}

5. They make me laugh and cry.

Sometimes the Pinterest moms are just outright hysterical. They share their funny takes on motherhood, and sometimes I even laugh until I cry. Or they will share a story that pulls at my heartstrings and make me cry the ugly cry. I love that about them. This sisterhood of motherhood is what it’s all about.

So yeah, the Pinterest moms may look like they can do it all, and some of them quite possibly can, but I’m not mad at them for it. I love them for it. They in no way make me feel bad about the things I can’t do, they just make me want to try new things. The #keepingitreal movement can continue and so can the Pinterest mom movement. We can coexist peacefully. They push me to be better and help me out more often than not. But you can bet your sweet apples that if I ever laugh at myself for a Pinterest recreation that has gone rogue, I’ll let you know with a #nailedit.

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Kristy M
Kristy was born and raised in the coastal town of Port Lavaca, Texas, but has called Houston home since 2006. She majored in English and Public Relations at Texas State University and later received her Masters in Education Administration. In 2008 at a Halloween party, Kristy met her match, Michael, a sweet “nerd” in the crowd, and they were married in October 2010. They welcomed their sweet baby girl Charlotte into the world in February 2013. After teaching high school English for nine years, Kristy left the world of education to stay at home with her daughter. Charlotte now teaches Kristy a thing or two about life. Kristy loves Chick-Fil-A, Target, Starbucks, and all things girly. She writes at Seven Graces, a place where she shares stories about her faith, family, and favorite things. Kristy would love to connect with you through her blog’s Facebook page or through Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest as @kristy7graces.



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