It’s Cool: Taste Testing 6 Frozen Treats

Although it’s not officially summer in the Houston area, the weather DID NOT get the memo. To cool off on these scorching hot days, you and your family will need some cool treats. Lucky for my kids, they got to taste test six different desserts they had never tried before to help with this review. Unfortunately for me, now they keep asking me to buy new frozen treats to try.

Spoiler Alert: Most of us LOVED everything here. Whether you decide to try everything or just one frozen delight, we know you’re in for a cool treat!

The Original Bomb Pop – Nerds

  • Cost: $2.55/12
  • Average Rating: 9/10

We are a house full of The Original Bomb Pop lovers, so when I saw this Nerds variety, I knew it would be a hit! The Nerds variety is layered with strawberry, watermelon, and grape flavors. Both kids said it was very sour, but they loved it! I bought these at our local HEB.

So Delicious Dairy Free Ice Cream Sandwiches – Vanilla Bean

  • boy eating ice cream barCost: $5.12/8
  • Average Rating: 7/10

Okay, so this one was a little bit for me. Because these So Delicious Ice Cream Sandwiches are made with coconut milk in lieu of dairy, I was able to try one. Unfortunately, we did not reach a consensus on rating this one. My husband thought, “It was nice and light. I liked the coconut flavor.” My daughter felt the same and was surprised how much she enjoyed it. While my son just didn’t enjoy the coconut ice cream, he did acknowledge that he would eat it again if we ran out of regular ice cream sandwiches.

These are also only 100 calories per ice cream sandwich, so they are nice little frozen treats for those who are watching their caloric intake. I found them at both HEB and Target.

Klondike Reese’s Peanut Butter Ice Cream Bars

  • ice cream sandwichCost: $3.99/6
  • Average Rating: 11/10!!

I knew we couldn’t go wrong with Klondike Reese’s Peanut Butter Bars. My kids immediately and enthusiastically rated them 10/10, 12/10, and 11/10! My daughter said she, “loved the lightness of the chocolate, the peanut butter ice cream, and the portion size was perfect. It was delicioso!” My husband loved these frozen treats as well. He found the Klondike Reese’s variety at our local Wal-Mart.

Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream – Strawberry

  • girl holding Bubbies mochi ice creamCost: $6.16/6
  • Average Rating: 8/10

Bubbies Mochi come six to a pack and are the perfect “small bite” after a meal. They are only 90 calories each, and they are made with high quality ice cream. Because these were so small and I am too curious for my own good, I decided to risk the milk allergy symptoms and didn’t end up suffering as a result! {Side note: I am not anaphylactic.}

I think this rating is a little misleading. We ranged from 6/10–10/10 on our initial taste test. But I will tell you that these are the only thing we tried that we keep regularly stocked in our freezer since. We have since tried Mango and Passion Fruit flavors. The Passion Fruit is slightly sweet and perfectly tart! It’s my favorite. I picked them up at our local HEB.

ICEE Freeze Tubes – Cherry & Blue Raspberry

  • icee popCost: $2.55/6
  • Average Rating: 9/10

These ICEE Freeze Tubes were a hit with my kids! But, I must warn you that they can be messy. The juice from my son’s dripped all down his pajamas.

If you or your family members enjoy blue raspberry or cherry Icees, then these are for you! Just eat them outside. I purchased these at our local HEB.

Magnum Cookie Duet Ice Cream Bars

  • girl grins as she eats an ice cream barCost: $4.60/3
  • Average Rating: 9/10

While I didn’t personally try this one, I have been a fan of Magnum Ice Cream Bars since we lived overseas. They were wildly popular in Australia, and for good reason. I typically purchase the Mini Magnums for my children, and I buy the dairy free version for me. This cookie duet version is double dipped. My son said he, “loved everything about it!” My daughter thought it was “A LOT of chocolate, but (she) liked that it had two different chocolate flavors.” You guessed it, I purchased these at our local HEB.

What should we try next? What are some of your favorite frozen treats for summer?


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