A New Way to Travel : RV Life for Beginners

Comfort zones. We love them. We live in them. And camping in the great outdoors is way out of mine. A few years ago, my husband thought we should try living outside that zone with some one-on-one time with nature. Not tent-style camping but with an RV! We took many trips in rented RVs to see how we {okay, mainly just me} would do in the great wide open. Eventually, after many rentals and debate {again, mainly me}, we purchased our own.

When of our lives were interrupted with pandemic anxiety, we took to the open road. Secluded. Together. Making memories. And, I love it.

If you have ever thought about that RV life, trust me when I say, if I can do it, anyone can! Here are some tips to get you out on the open road.

A New Way to Travel : RV Life for Beginners

Rent First

If you’re new to the RV world, rent one first to see how it is. We tried different styles and found a good fit for our family. Renting helped us purchase the perfect one when the time came. For our family of four, we bought an RV with a large bunk house for the kids. This bunk house is perfect for playing games and closing the kids away when the adults need some time to relax.

Renting one also helps you learn the ins and outs of RV living – it takes work to get it set up and to take down! RV Share is a great place to find the right fit for your crew.

Trust Experienced Campers

Bless our experienced camping friends. We often camp with other families, so we lean on each other for anything we forget or if there are RV issues on our getaway. We also walked through their campers prior to our first solo trip and took notes on what necessities we would need should we go again. They were life savers!

Find your camping expert buddies and pick their brains. But, better yet – GO CAMPING WITH THEM! Camping is better with a good crowd around a campfire.

Meal Plan

No matter if you go with friends or go solo, meal plan just as you do at home. Pick a night for grilling or a night for a fish fry {we have done both}. These RVs have the capacity to cook almost anything, and if you are missing a kitchen appliance or meal ingredient, ask a fellow RVer. We have learned through our experience that they are some of the best people around.

Plan out lunches too – we always do sandwiches which are easy to tote around as you swim, hike, or picnic. Snacks are easy too – goldfish, chips, cut up fruit, s’mores, and cheese were our favorites. Trust that snacks are the key to a good camping trip.

A New Way to Travel : RV Life for Beginners

Pack Simple

RV packing is so easy! Leave the make-up at home and pack all the comfortable clothes. Packing for the kids is simple too – play clothes and all their bathing suits. No craziness needed because it’s just you, your peeps, and nature. Packing light is a big perk of RV life.

Research Local RV Spots

These are our top RV parks close to Houston – making them great spots for a weekend getaway. Maybe you will fall in love with one and visit often just like we do now. Check their reviews, join an RV-er group on Facebook, or scout out their social media for pictures, descriptions, and amenities.

Blue Water RV and Resort

Lake Livingston State Park



RVing seems scary if you haven’t done it before. Just like a worried mom, you might overthink about what could happen out in the wilderness, but after one trip seeing the kids’ excitement, you forget about those what ifs. Losing service and not having anyone tied to technology offers a cleansing break from a busy life. Sip coffee under the trees. Sit around the late-night campfire after the littles go to bed. Just relax!

A New Way to Travel : RV Life for Beginners

Our kids grow up fast. Making memories has been our number one goal with RVing. Step out of your comfort zone and discover all that the RV life has to offer.


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