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Hi, Houston moms! I’m Melissa, and I am wide-eyed as I say, “I am so glad to meet you!” I so wish we could all sit at the table with some chips and salsa and Diet Coke and tell our stories.

If we did, there are a few things you might learn about me ::


I’m a homeschooler.

I’m a homeschooling momma who is changing the world by raising world changers. I have two girls, Meghan and Maddy, 12 & 10, respectively. We have homeschooled for 5 years, and for the first 4 years, I quit every month. Before you ask, we have no idea how long we will homeschool. I imagine we’ll finish out today. *Grinning* When I’m not relearning the layers of the epidermis or finding the least common denominator, I might be driving these world-changing yayhoos to gymnastics, horseback riding lessons, basketball, or one of the classes they take for school.


I dig my Spouse.

When I’m not doing all the mom jazz,  I like to go on dates with my Spouse. We have been married 18 years this year, and he is my absolute favorite. He leads our family so well. He is the best dad for our girls and does a great job at balancing work and home so that we never feel neglected. This is a big deal with three girls.

Bottom left: Best Collard Greens Ever!

I’m not from ’round here. 

My family and I came to Houston for a temporary {three month} job assignment – in March 2012! We lived the “suite life” in a hotel downtown for several months and had THE best time. We did all the tourist stuff that many native Houstonians take for granted. We decided to take a chance on Houston and accept a permanent position in Fall 2012. You can read about that craziness of moving in my blog post. It was a nutty time. We moved from a small town in Florida of30,000 to the 4th largest city in the country! It’s been an adventure. Houston has been very welcoming to us.


Two words: The. Beach.

I am a beach junky {in perpetual withdrawals here} and a Disney mom {good homeschooling happens there}. We get ourselves to a good beach any chance we can – under the water, on top of the water, or on the sand. I don’t care. We love the sunshine. I firmly believe that cellulite looks better with a tan. Anybody?


I’m a walking contradiction.

Personally, I’m a mess. I homeschool, but I’m a pro-procrastinator. I’m quite spazzy, so I don’t love long-term commitments. But, this makes me pretty flexible. I have all these grandiose ideas of how to change the world, but I know my place is in the simple right now. I love to have people at my table, but I’m not a Pinterest girl. It might be tacos on paper plates, but we will laugh our heads off. I love the gym, but I also love fajitas. And chips & salsa. And tres leches. See my dilemma?  I like a little order, but not so much that I can’t live. I hate to spend money on myself, but I’m not naturally a saver. Further, I waste money on late fees at the library! GAH! I love being a cheerleader for my people, but I’m my own worst critic. I expose my kids to the world, while worrying I’m gonna mess them up. I’ve got to move on, I’m stressing myself out!

Melissa Dive

I love Jesus.

Outside of all that crazy you might learn about me, I’d most like you to walk away from my table and know that I am a recipient of grace. I love Jesus and the people He loves. The ones we sometimes pass by. I’d like you to know that I was pulled out of a messed up situation, and then Jesus messed me up more!  And I don’t take that lightly. It has shaped who I am and is the core of my worldview. We live out our faith with some other grace recipients at Bayou City Fellowship.

[typography font=”Satisfy” size=”28″ size_format=”px” color=”#f4024f”]B[/typography] est Thing About Houston ::

Hmm…can that be plural? Are there rules to this? ONE of the best things about Houston is the people. We have absolutely been loved on here, and we have sure tried to love on the people of Houston. We love the diversity of this city. Another best thing about Houston is also the worst thing about Houston :: FOOD! Lord, please help this chubby girl! I firmly believe that only people who have won the genetic lottery can stay skinny in Houston. Gracious! Now, will you pass that salsa? A tertiary best thing about Houston is this pup. Seriously. Can you even handle all this cute?


[typography font=”Satisfy” size=”28″ size_format=”px” color=”#f4024f”]C[/typography] hildren of Mine ::

Simply put, my girls are proof that an average mom can have awesome kids.

Meghan, the first born, will be 13 {!!} in just a few weeks. She came in to the world 6 weeks “early”, but right on time. And to this day, she hates being late. She is compassionate and funny and smart. Meghan tends to be drawn to kids with special needs. It’s the coolest thing. Meghan likes playing basketball, swimming, and volleyball and will read anything she can get her hands on. She is a big dreamer and sets big goals for herself. She is most comfortable in jeans and flip flops and picks at her nails. Meghan is in her element at the beach and says she’s going to college in Hawaii. Rock on, Sister.

Melissa's girl

Maddy, the second born, is 10 and is second only in birth-order. She almost never settles for second best in anything. Maddy was a big surprise to our family. {Y’all, I was 20 weeks pregnant before I knew. Try not to judge.} Maddy is the kind of kid that everybody likes. Babies, her peers, teens, adults. All love her. She is smart, witty, and  intuitive. Maddy is wise beyond her years and is quite comfortable hanging with the grown-ups. She is in her element in the kitchen cooking and preparing for guests or shopping for home decor at Kirkland’s or Hobby Lobby. She has super-long hair, but is rebellious and never wears it down.

Girl on horse

So, if we were able to sit around the table, those are some things you might learn about me. I’d like to hear from y’all! To whom will I be writing? What are the ABC’s of YOU!?

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Melissa H
Melissa is a native Floridian currently making Houston home. She has a background in English education, but ended up teaching sex ed to middle and high school students. This passion for teaching healthy relationship education transformed into a ministry of teaching parents to speak early and often to their kids about healthy sexuality. {Which she says was way more fun than teaching poetry.} But that’s all “Doppleganger Melissa” now. These days, she is a full-time homeschooling mama to two future world-changers, Meghan and Maddy. She is an unapologetic sanguine who loves having people around her table eating off of paper plates and drinking sweet tea. When “Mel’s Diner” {the kitchen} isn’t open, she may be working off calories at the gym, driving her girls around town, or trying to round up some twenty-somethings to feed and mother. Melissa believes in a few things pretty strongly :: Jesus, her spouse, the power of Diet Coke, and that traveling should be a sport. You can find her over at Spouseisms, or on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook {@Spouseisms}.


  1. Hi there! Nice to “meet” you Melissa!! I’m new to Houston, too. My family and I just moved here in November, and we LOVE the friendliness of the people here, too. I’ve considered homeschooling, too. I wrote a blog post about it on New Orleans Moms Blog, as I used to live there and write for that blog, BUT my big dilemma is that I LOVE teaching a classroom of kids and kids with special needs, so I can’t figure out how to do that AND homeschool my son, too. It is something I constantly go back and forth about. He’s not quite two yet, so we have time.

    P.S. I actually had FUN reading your post, and I’m looking forward to reading more.


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