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All About Me ::

Someone who is still learning to take things one day at a time, I’m all about my new little family and everything that goes into it – from working full time as an administrator at a new campus…to also being a full time student pursuing my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership (with certification to be a principal one day!)…along with an 8 month old little boy…I’m trying to figure out the perfect way to balance it all! When I have some free time, I really enjoy writing on my blog, going to different areas of Houston to shop and discover hidden gems, and traveling. I’m a 2 cup of coffee kinda gal, and I try not to take things too seriously. My husband and I love going on little outings with the baby and always talk about what kind of fun adventures we can have with our little guy once he is old enough to enjoy the awesome things Houston has to offer!

Best Thing About Houston ::

To me, the best thing about Houston is the FOOD!! Seriously, you can go into any part of Houston and you are guaranteed to find some incredible restaurant and eat the most amazing food you’ve ever had in your life! An example? Jus’ Mac in the Heights! My husband and I were driving around Houston one day and just happened to discover this great spot. It’s the cutest little place with an awesome variety of mac-n-cheese! (Which, in my opinion, deserves its very own food group!) Where else can you drive around and just accidentally find your new favorite restaurant? My husband and I always try our best to never eat in a rut…what I mean by that is we are constantly driving all over Houston discovering new places to dine and hoping to find our next favorite place to eat that is family friendly and doesn’t break the bank. Another place we LOVE to eat at? The Houston Rodeo!!! Oh my goodness – you have not lived until you have had a fried Snickers!!! Have a suggestion for us on a great place to eat? Shoot it my way!


Child of Mine ::

I’m so blessed to have my 8 month old son who smiles every single moment of his life…seriously. When he’s sick, he is still smiling! I lovingly call him Baby Apple on my blog and love to write about all the new things he does. Before I was a mom, when other moms would talk about what their kids do or how they act or what new things they discovered, I used to listen – but not really understand what they were talking about. Now as a fairly new mom, I totally get it and find myself doing the very same thing to my friends and family! He’s an amazing kid and has truly opened my eyes and helped me discover that life isn’t all about work work work. He reminds me that life is just about perfect – and it gets better each and every day I get to spend with him. He has seriously stolen our hearts and has both me and my husband wrapped around his little baby fingers!


That is pretty much me, in an ABC nutshell! Who are you? Introduce yourself below with a comment or you can email me at michelleahmb {at} gmail {dot} com! You can also connect with me on Twitter! Can’t wait to meet you, and I look forward to sharing all things mommy and Houston related with you!

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  1. Michelle you are so awesome! I know it’s got to be hard juggling school, work, family, and that adorable Baby Apple, but you do it with such grace! I’m so proud to say that I know you!!!

  2. I am on a diet Michelle and that fried Twinkie looks sooooo good! I LOVE that I know you in real life. We need to have a get together again very soon!

  3. I love everything about this. Mainly because I love everything about you!! You are fabulous and that little man of your is beyond precious!! Playdates soon!!!


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