Dani Boss

Dani has spent the vast majority of her life in the greater Houston area, and there’s no place else she’d rather be! She loves all things Houston, from the culture, to the sports, to the FOOD {ohhhh, Tex-Mex}. After many years attending Texas A&M University {twice!} and the University of Texas Health Science Center Houston, she worked in the healthcare field for over a decade as a critical care nurse and then a family nurse practitioner. In 2021, she left her medical career in order to care for her youngest daughter at home who has epilepsy. Dani is wife to her best friend Stu, and mom to two little spitfires, Emilia {2017} and Caroline {2019}. When she is not caring for her family, Dani is an avid gardener and now has her own business, Summer Skye Gardens, which provides garden coaching, consultations, design and more. You can follow her gardening journey and love of all things nature-related via her Instagram @summerskyegardens and her website www.summerskyegardens.com.

Your Ultimate Guide to the Texas Renaissance Festival

Huzzah, ladies! It is almost time for the most enchanting, exciting and always entertaining Texas Renaissance Festival! If you have never ventured up to the Magnolia area to partake in this event, you need...
kids eating soup

5 Delicious Soups to Warm Your Family this Winter

January is upon us, ladies, and with it a couple of months of wet cold weather. I don’t know about you all, but in times like this I really enjoy staying indoors, cozy and...

Date Night Ideas for Spring and The Woodlands

Raise your hand if you look forward to date night?! I know I do! Since we had our first daughter, my husband and I have made it a priority to schedule a date night...

There’s a Facebook Group for That!

Whatever you are interested in, need more information on or support with, there’s a Facebook group for that!  “Snyder - Class of 2035” “Heirloom Chrysanthemum Growers” “POBINDS / CSNK2B Parent Support Group” “Mornings with Em Photography VIP Group” These...

Celebrate National Pasta Month at Home and Around Houston

What do you call a fake noodle? An im-pasta! (That one is to impress your kiddos). In all seriousness though, I would bet if you were to ask a large group of people what their favorite type...
couple poses in front of Golden Gate Bridge

How to Enjoy a Kid-Free Vacation, Because You Deserve It!

Raise your hand if you love to travel! That is definitely me and my husband. Whether it’s exploring new places or revisiting old favorites, we love to get away and have fun. But it...

Ultimate Guide to Summer Skin Protection and Sunscreen

Summer is here, y'all! And you know what that means... lots of time at the pool, beach and everywhere outside with family and friends. But with all this fun comes responsibility for our health...
couple sits on couch watching tv

5 Must-Watch Documentaries on Netflix Right Now

If you are anything like me and my husband, you enjoy a relaxing time in the evenings curled up watching a favorite show or movie. Usually, I aim for something with blood, guts and...
yard full of flowers

Celebrate National Gardening Month by Planting Bouquets of Flowers

Happy National Gardening Month, my friends! Being the garden enthusiast I am, this is probably my favorite time in Houston throughout the year. The plants and flowers are waking up and bringing back color...

How to Greet Spring in the Garden

It is February now, which means it is almost March, which means it is almost spring! Springtime is truly my favorite time of the year, especially in the garden. Plants start to green up...