Debbie W

Debbie was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, lived in New York City for most of her life after college and as of August 2016, moved to Houston with her husband Mike and two rambunctious children Olivia {September 2012} and Benjamin {February 2014}. She loves a great adventure, and therefore is absolutely loving all the explorations that come with living in a new city. Since moving to Houston, she has been extremely impressed with the Houston culinary scene and has sacrificed a few pounds for all things BBQ, Vietnamese, Tex-Mex, Mex-Mex, and more! During her free time, she enjoys to get a good sweat in through running, yoga, spin, and some bouncing, pretending to have “all the monies” {yes that’s a phrase she uses} while shopping at Target and other retailers only to empty her shopping cart at the cash register when reality kicks in, and discovering / reading a good book {current favorites:: Eviction and An American Marriage}. As a family, Debbie and her family enjoy tearing up all the parks / playgrounds around town, getting their splash on in their backyard pool and chilling with their family guard dog, Batman. She is excited to share her journey with the HMB community and looks forward to all the friends and connections she’ll encounter along the way!
What is the Foundation for a Strong Sibling Relationship? | Houston Moms Blog

What is the Foundation of a Good Sibling Relationship?

  What is the foundation of a good sibling relationship?  What are the building blocks that lead to a strong, long-lasting bond between siblings?   I find myself asking these questions more and more now that...