Emily Feinstein

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Emily moved to Sugar Land, Texas as a young girl. She studied journalism and psychology at UT Austin, and has experience in newspaper reporting, technical writing, and freelance writing. When she can, she works on writing her first-ever book. Somehow, Emily randomly ends up living abroad for short stints of time. In 2007, while attempting to heal a broken heart, she moved to Bilbao, Spain, and completed a six-month work-study program. Despite swearing off serious relationships, her husband, Oren, swooped in shortly after her return. They struggled with infertility, but were ultimately rewarded with their two precious children, Mayer {June 2013} and Juliet {April 2015}. In 2019, Emily’s family relocated to Montpellier, France, for Oren’s job. They managed to learn the language, forever spoiled their taste buds, and saw some really beautiful things. Now back in Houston, they are eating all the Tex-Mex and enjoying family.

Helping our Kids Let Go: How Trying a New Custom Could be Healing

This past week, I experienced a beautiful custom that is part of my religion {Judaism} that I had never done before. I’m not sure why this opportunity hasn’t come along sooner, but when the...
grandparents hold their grandchildren

Why We Decided to Live Nearby Our Kids’ Grandparents

When I was a little girl, all four of my grandparents lived long distance from me. I would only see them a few times per year, usually for Thanksgiving or Hanukkah, and in the...
boys at summer camp play cards

Letting Go: Sending a Child to Summer Camp for the First Time

Someone needs to come up with a term for whatever the equivalent feeling is to buyer's remorse for parents who send their kid off to sleep-away summer camp for the first time. Because, in...

The Drink Stand: A Dad Teaches his Kids Business and Life Skills

A note from the guest author's wife, and Houston Moms senior contributor, Emily Feinstein: In honor of Father's Day, I asked my husband to share his experience of a unique project he underwent with our...

How to Do Life When Your Partner is Away on Business

I am sort of new to my husband being away more often for work. Sure he's gone places in the past, but it was usually not for long periods of time, and usually not...

My Mommy Started Working Today

My mommy started working today. She seemed nervous and excited at the same time. She has been home with me and my little sister ever since I was born. Eight and a half years...

Navigating Treatment for Childhood ADHD: One Mom’s Story

Signs of ADHD I should have seen it coming, but I didn't. If I think back on things, I can acknowledge small, tell-tale signs that ADHD was developing in my son's brain. Things such as...

Creating a Reading Safe Haven for our Kids

It all started with my need of a bigger reading chair for my daughter's room. She had one of those monogrammed toddler-sized ones from Pottery Barn Kids, and now that she is six, she...

Hopping Right Into Hanukkah

Hanukkah begins early this year – exactly two days after Thanksgiving {insert emoji with the sweat drop on its brow}. Still, it’s better than the time it began on Thanksgiving. That was fun. Honestly though,...

There’s No Place Like Home: A Houston Expat Returns to Her Roots

  Was it all a dream? It wasn't as easy as clicking my ruby red slippers three times and chanting the words: There's no place like home {but oh, how I've always wanted a pair of...