Rashmi Kudesia

Rashmi Kudesia, MD MSc is a board-certified OB/GYN and Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility specialist who is passionate about improving women's access to evidence-based, honest reproductive health information and care. Aside from her clinical practice seeing patients in Houston and Sugar Land, Rashmi frequently speaks at conferences and community events, and advocates for women's health via media interviews and social media. Originally a Midwesterner, she moved around the East Coast for school and training, including nearly a decade in NYC, where she met her husband, Ashish, a Houston native. After moving to Houston in 2018, she's continued searching for that perfect work-life balance as the family grew quickly, adding their first pup, Bowser {2018}, their first home, and now their first kiddo, Amara {2019}! Right now, she's learning the ropes of being a working mama, but still loves exploring Houston's amazing food scene, checking out the newest museum exhibits, or planning the family's next trip. She's always on the hunt for the city's best iced latte or glass of wine to be savored with a good book. Find her on Facebook and Instagram {@rkudesia}.
mother and daughter sit on bed having conversation

Talking About Periods: The Facts I Want My Kids to Know

As mothers, we have our own reproductive health to manage, but also the responsibility to teach our daughters AND sons about how bodies work, what is and isn't normal, and when to seek help....

Lifestyle Lessons I Learned from my Pup

Some days I wonder if my beloved doodle, Bowser, is my soulmate. Cuddler extraordinaire, never tired of my company, and soulful eyes with which he can make piercing and incredibly communicative eye contact. Alas,...

A Galentine’s Ode to Houston

Making new girlfriends as an adult is no easy feat. For me, finally graduating from the world of school and medical training at the not-so-tender age of 33, still living in New York City,...

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination:: My Nemesis to Good Sleep

All the way back in January, I first heard the term revenge bedtime procrastination {RBP}. As a mid-pandemic mom of a toddler with additional responsibilities toward a busy medical practice, my husband, and our...

Celebrating Every Child:: Understanding Down Syndrome

I admit at the outset that I decided to write this month about Down Syndrome with a bit of trepidation. I vividly recall the first child with Down Syndrome I met, back when I...

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome {PCOS}: What Everyone Should Know

Polycystic ovary syndrome {PCOS} is the most common hormonal condition among reproductive-aged women, and yet, there are so many persistent myths and misconceptions around what it is, what the diagnosis means practically, and how...

Celebrating Raksha Bandhan: Our OG Siblings Day!

Having a blended cultural identity can have its pros and cons. For me, as a South Asian American, born and raised in the Midwest but with a strongly North Indian Hindu cultural upbringing, the...
A woman holding a pregnancy test displaying the text Not Pregnant.

Another Baby at 38: Sorting Through my Big Feelings

As an older mom and a fertility specialist, I really wish getting pregnant was how they show it in the movies - lots and lots of sex and boom! A positive pregnancy test, and...

My Post-Pandemic, Body Positive Gift to Myself

Summer 2021 starts this month, and it feels like expectations are shooting through the roof. As we emerge into a more normal world, the hype feels endless around travel, socializing and making up for...

Not Another Feel-Good List:: Getting Real about Mental Health

One thing I love about awareness weeks and months is that they provide great fodder for {re}starting conversations about critical topics that are often recognized far less frequently than they deserve. But sometimes I...