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“Life is an adventure, and there is no script. I see something in ordinary moments. I believe that perfection comes not when you are dressed perfectly and wearing lipstick – but in little moments and interactions that make up our days and build and sustain our relationships. Let me show you the beauty in your unscripted moments…” – Karen Jacot, photographer

Professional photography sessions for families usually consist of matching outfits, best hair, and perfect makeup. But what if someone wanted to come into your home before anyone wakes up and take pictures with no coordinating outfits, unbrushed hair, and zero makeup? No way, right?! That was the idea Karen came to us with. And the result :: a look into our morning routine and memories I’ll have forever. I’m in love.


Karen arrived promptly at 6am ready to shoot. I was doing my usual thing. I swear by smoothies and make them every single day in some form or another. Today’s recipe – kale, blueberries, celery, pineapples, almond milk, and flaxseed.


As I’m chopping and mixing, my 2 year old quietly wanders into the kitchen.


She had a tight grip on her kitty cat and blankie and for sure did NOT want to show her face to the stranger in our home.  I was mixing up the smoothie, and she kept her face buried in my neck. Daisy usually takes a good hour to wake up. {Even on Christmas morning she refused to open presents and pouted for 45 minutes. Seriously.} Today was no different. She wasn’t having it.


Once on the sofa, Daisy hardly moved her little hands away from her face to look at the cartoons. {But this didn’t last long.}


She’s back in my arms as I finish up lunches. I love this shot of Daisy rubbing on her blanket. She wraps it in between her little fingers and moves it around going up and down the side of the blanket. She sleeps with it and drags it around pretty much everywhere.


Okay…time to wake up sissy. My 5 year old Claire was sleeping like a little angel when we went into her room.


After a quick trip to the bathroom, the sisters are on the sofa watching cartoons and eating breakfast. Yep, that’s how we roll. Sofa and cartoons. Don’t judge.




Brandon usually makes time to play with the girls for a few minutes before leaving for work. They miss him SO MUCH when he’s gone for the day. After a few quick kisses, he’s out the door!


Time to change clothes and brush teeth.


Right now they are into setting up a vet clinic with their stuffed animals.  Depending on our time schedule, the girls usually play in Claire’s room for a little bit while I do other things around the house.


It would not be a day in the Slaydon house if there wasn’t coloring involved.


Time to go!  Daisy insists on putting on her own shoes – even if they are not her own!


We load up in the car and head off for school.


Karen even rode with us to drop off Claire at school. Here she is getting out with a huge smile on her face.

From the cranky 2 year old to the sweet husband, I loved seeing our morning like this. It wasn’t perfect…but it was US. A moment in time captured just perfectly!  For more pictures and a peek into Karen’s perspective of our morning visit this blog post. And don’t forget to check out the rest of the posts within this amazing series as well!


  1. I LOVE all of your photos!!!!! They are ALL my favorites! What a treasure to have these. And what a great idea for a photo session….maybe you will start a new trend?!?!


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