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“Life is an adventure, and there is no script. I see something in ordinary moments. I believe that perfection comes not when you are dressed perfectly and wearing lipstick – but in little moments and interactions that make up our days and build and sustain our relationships. Let me show you the beauty in your unscripted moments…” – Karen Jacot, photographer

I am a stay at home mom to my 2 girls {almost 3 and 1}. I love the stage of life I am in now because our mornings are usually pretty relaxed. In fact, they are my favorite time of day. I know that soon they will probably look much different as we rush around packing lunches and leaving for school. But for now I am soaking up this sweet time with my girls at home making breakfast in our pajamas and playing hide-and-seek. Though they aren’t in school or MDO, we do have outings most days. On this particular morning, we were getting ready to go to Divine Design, a mom’s group at a church. My husband wakes up crazy early to work out before work – so he was long gone, but here is how a typical morning with me and my girls looks…


My alarm goes off around 5:45 am and coffee is first priority. I try to get up before my girls wake to pray and read.


This is one of the few days a week I attempt to style my hair, and luckily the kids were sleeping in so I had extra time.


 This is exactly how little one wakes up every day – wild hair and squinty eyes. Love her.


 Big sis woke up shortly after little one. Every day is a guessing game of who is going to wake up first and what time.


 Seeing this picture reminds me how precious feeding time is. Perfectly still and cuddled in my arms.


 Cambry’s new favorite game is hide-and-seek. But really she only likes to seek. Lainey is always my hiding partner – but sometimes she is too noisy and gives us away.


I love seeing my little helper in the background. We sit at the table eating breakfast together, and I read from our One Year Devotions for Preschoolers book. Cambry loves to hear a story…or 2…or 5.


 It melts my heart to see these sisters interacting and growing in their love for each other.


I never would have noticed this detail, but this is one of my favorite shots. Precious tip toes. I want to keep her little forever.


Something about seeing this every day task {dressing kids} through a photo makes it seem special. Because it is. It’s not just the big things that make motherhood so great.


 Soon she will want to dress completely on her own. But for now, I still get to help her.


20 pound diaper bag packed and ready to go. Almost out the door!

I love how these pictures capture an ordinary morning in a special way. The details are so sweet. Tiny hands and feet that will soon grow bigger. The interactions between my children and me, and between sisters. I’m so grateful that Karen was able to come capture such ordinarily beautiful moments of me and my girls.  To read more from her perspective and to see even more of the stunning pictures she captured, be sure to check out her blog post.  And be sure to take a peek at the rest of the posts within this amazing series as well!


  1. Lainey has great bed head! What a neat idea, I liked seeing a peek into what your mornings are like. The photos are wonderful! ~Jill Baros


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