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 “Life is an adventure, and there is no script. I see something in ordinary moments. I believe that perfection comes not when you are dressed perfectly and wearing lipstick – but in little moments and interactions that make up our days and build and sustain our relationships. Let me show you the beauty in your unscripted moments…” – Karen Jacot, photographer

Hi there!  My name’s Kelly.  I’m a personal concierge, private chef, housekeeper, fashion consultant, hairstylist, personal assistant, and butler.  And that’s all before 8am when I take the kids off to school and begin my REAL job.  Like most moms, my mornings are crazy.  There’s not enough make-up to hide the bags under my eyes and not enough caffeine to fuel me through the day.  But you know what else?  There’s not enough room in my heart to hold the love and the happiness and the joy that each day brings.

It’s the simple moments like a good morning smile or a shared cup of hot cocoa or a game of peekaboo that fill my heart and make the busy and the crazy and the stress all worthwhile.  And while I don’t always take the time to pause and reflect on just how precious these ordinary moments are, I know in my heart that they are what make me the woman, the friend, the mother that I am today.

So, here you have it friends…  A not-so-often-seen glimpse into my ordinary morning from behind the lens of the beautiful Karen Jacot!

Before 8am - Kelly (1)

Meet Hadley.  My sweet baby girl.  She is our early riser and wakes me nearly every morning with beautiful songs that flow from her monitor and out into my room – urging my heavy eyelids to open and go retrieve her from her bed.  She is the epitome of a morning person.  Always waking with a smile on her face and sweet hugs and kisses to give.  I can’t think of a more perfect way to start my day.

Before 8am - Kelly (2)

This girl is SERIOUS about potty training.  Much to my chagrin, she started the process on her own at just 17 months and was completely trained by 18.  I like to say that the only part I had in it was actually purchasing the big girl underwear.  But really, she did it almost solely on her own.  Her strong-will can drive me bonkers at times, but I am so grateful for it in situations like this!

Before 8am - Kelly (3)

Meet Hayes.  My great, big boy.  He is my right hand man and helper extraordinaire – but unlike his little sister, he is NOT a morning person.  Thankfully, we’ve got hot cocoa brewing to help jumpstart the day.  And of course, running a Keurig takes not one…not two…but THREE people to ensure it is done properly.  So glad these two are always by my side and to help me find my way!

Before 8am - Kelly (4)

Oh, ya know…just drinking a little hot cocoa…from crazy straws!  I would love to say that my kiddos pulled these out just for the camera.  But they didn’t.  It’s pretty much a regular occurrence to drink beverages out of silly straw glasses in this house.  {PS – Have you ever tried washing them?  What a pain!  I’d trash them if they weren’t so darn cute!!}

Before 8am - Kelly (5)

So this situation went a little something like this…  Me :: “Hayes, let’s just eat breakfast at the big table today.  Your little one is put away in the game room.”  Silence as Hayes goes running off toward said game room.  Hayes {dragging the table across the floor} :: “Not to worry, Mom!  I’ve got it!!!”  I always consider Hadley my strong-willed child, but I guess Hayes kind of is too.  I would say I have NO idea where they get that from – but the truth is…the apple really doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

Before 8am - Kelly (6)

In my house, we go through LOTS of sprinkles.  The kids love sprinkles on ice cream {naturally}, mixed into pancakes {so festive}, and in this case – on greek yogurt {healthy-ish?}!  Hey, if it gets them to eat – I’ll gladly put sprinkles on just about everything!!!

Before 8am - Kelly (7)

A few bites into her yogurt and banana, then Nosey Rosey just HAD to come see what I was packing in her lunch.  I guess she approved — because otherwise this would have panned out MUCH differently.  {Tears, tantrums, and time-outs – to say the least!}

Before 8am - Kelly (8)

Peekaboo!  They are off to play after a few more bites.  I never know which room, or toy basket, or cabinet they may end up in.  Life is always an adventure with these two, and I try my darndest to keep up with them through it all!

Before 8am - Kelly (9)

You know how I know he absolutely adores his little sister?  He shares his most prized possessions with her without even batting an eye.  Hadley has ripped this thing off the wall more times than I count, but Hayes is still so sweet and so patient with her when she wants to play.  My heart melts into a puddle of mush when I catch moments like this.  The love, the bond, the friendship.  I hope it’s always this way.

Before 8am - Kelly (10)

5 minutes later and they are off to a new toy…dominoes.  Stacking, building, and of course – knocking them all down.  Their favorite part.  {And mine too!}

Before 8am - Kelly (11)

“Mommy, will you come play???”  I have a hard time resisting those sweet baby blues – so whatever it was I was busying myself with will just have to wait.  My babies need their mama to play with them.  And I’m more than happy to oblige.

Before 8am - Kelly (12)

Until I check the clock and realize that we need to be out the door in about 20 minutes.  I let the kids know that I’m heading to the bathroom to do something with my crazy, wild hair…and just like they do almost every morning – they come running behind.

Before 8am - Kelly (13)

Weeeee!  Into the bath tub turned ball pit.  One of the greatest places in our entire house.  This always buys me plenty of time to get myself ready for the day, and I’m so thankful for the week or so at a time that my husband will tolerate us having it in the master bath.

Before 8am - Kelly (14)

Every day.  This is the part of my morning when panic starts to set in.  We NEED to be out of the door in just a few minutes, and I instruct them to go STRAIGHT to the bathroom to go potty and get dressed while I gather a few more things.  They always have good intentions and start to head that way…until they get distracted…and end up in a galvanized bucket together with a kazoo in the little one’s mouth.

Before 8am - Kelly (15)

The strong-will rears its ugly head, and we battle to see who will triumph over the potty break when toys and games and big brothers are calling out and trying to lure her away.

Before 8am - Kelly (16)

I win.  {I always do.}  And then we meet big brother in his room to get dressed and put on our socks and shoes and talk about our day.

Before 8am - Kelly (17)

Remember those socks and shoes that I was *just* putting on in the above shot?  In an effort to show her independence {and probably her distaste with me at the moment}, she rips them off one-by-one as I scramble to get bags and lunches and napmats ready and out the door.

Before 8am - Kelly (19)
Then off we go.  My little man with a handful of last minute toys…myself juggling a hundred and one different things for a hundred and one different people…and my little girl with her lunchkit and no shoes.  {Okay, okay…so maybe I don’t always win.  But I still love every moment of this crazy journey called motherhood.}

For more pictures and a peek into Karen’s perspective of the shoot, be sure to check out her blog post.  And don’t forget to check out the rest of the posts within this amazing series as well!

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Kelly is the founder of Houston Moms Blog and has lived in this beautiful city nearly all of her life. She has a degree in education from Texas State University and was honored to teach special education for eight years to some of the cutest little kiddos you could ever meet. While teaching, Kelly met Cody – a tall drink of water and country boy to the core – and together, they fell in love, got married, and decided to start a family. In March 2011, they welcomed Hayes into the world, a silly but smart little boy with a story you have to read to believe. And in April 2013, their family was complete with the addition of Hadley, a super gregarious and oh-so-cute baby girl. Now, Kelly devotes her days to caring for her own little ones…and would not trade this new job of hers for the world! In her not-so-spare time, Kelly loves meeting up with her girlfriends for margaritas, failing miserably at Pinterest projects, and exploring this big old city with her two favorite little side-kicks in tow.



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