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“Life is an adventure, and there is no script. I see something in ordinary moments. I believe that perfection comes not when you are dressed perfectly and wearing lipstick – but in little moments and interactions that make up our days and build and sustain our relationships. Let me show you the beauty in your unscripted moments…” – Karen Jacot, photographer

I loved this ideas as soon as I heard it.  How often do you actually get to capture these moments? Your everyday routines.  What your kids are like at this age.  What you and your family actually do.

Personally, I’m awful at remembering to take pictures, and I’m a pro at being just too slow with my phone/camera to catch whatever cute kid thing I’m trying to capture.  So for Karen Jacot to do it for me?  Sold!

I truly love these pictures.  The expressions, the mess, the chaos, and the real life of it all.  And based on the picture overload that’s headed your way, you probably think I’m posting all of them.  But I’m not.  I swear.  I cut out a few… but only a few.

My day starts early at 4:30am.  I get up and head to a nearby neighborhood to run with friends at 5am.  Karen arrived at my house just past 6 when I returned home.


If I have enough time, I’ll get in an extra workout with weights.  I also do a little ab work and stretching too.


Next up is prepping breakfast.  90% of the time I make breakfast the night before so I can quickly dish it out in the morning.

dave gets kids

While I get a quick shower in, my husband gets all the kids up, changes overnight diapers, and puts them in the feeding table for breakfast.


Sweet Leah just getting up.  The dangling feet.  Andrew’s mouth full of food {so typical}.  Ben’s expression {Who are you and why are you taking my picture?!}.


We pray during every meal because the before part involves impatient whiny kids.  I love that they all do their “prayer hands” now and say “Amen” with us.  Shortly after prayer time, Daddy heads to work.


Something fun we started a while back was asking them if their food was thumbs up or thumbs down.  They think it’s hilarious to give a thumbs down and quickly switch it if I act disappointed.  This morning Caroline gave a big thumbs up.  But she is my little breakfast lover.


This boy.  He is something else.  From his sweet “mo milk mommy” to his sly guitar playing {happens every morning with a big EIEIOOOO}, she captured the essence of Levi.

picking books

Immediately following breakfast, they’re put in “the pen” as we like to call it.  It’s a giant circle of baby gates that for whatever reason they still stay inside.  This day they all wanted to pick out a book from the book table {my coffee table is somewhere under the pile of books}.  Depending on the day, this process takes 2 minutes or 20.  2-year-olds can be awfully particular.


Ben didn’t want you to feel left out.  Doesn’t everyone like truck books?


Time to read!  They squish on their couches.  They point out all the pictures they know.  Levi switches guitars.  Caroline makes a move to steal a book.


Caroline got the book.


It’s time for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!  All is quickly forgotten as they are mesmerized by the TV.  Good thing because some other people in this house need breakfast.


Like my sweet Maggie.  She loves the kids and the kids love her.  Even if this face is screaming “What happened to my world?!”


And my sweet Leah.  I remember when the thought of a g tube and tube feeding was scary and overwhelming.  Now it doesn’t phase me one bit.  And if you think a g tube will relieve severe reflux, just check out the towel bib.  She wears them for a reason.  But nothing’s better than Leah’s smile!  {Even if she has to put her head to the side at a weird angle no matter how often I move it back.}  Her face really lights up whenever I sing to her or count.  It’s precious.


Finally!  Mickey is still on, so I get a few minutes to eat something and check the email, facebook, and, of course, read Houston Moms Blog.


Can’t get too comfortable.  Soon enough there’s an altercation.  But he really just wanted a “hug hug.”


getting dressed

And it’s time to get everyone dressed.  I still corral them all in the pen because it makes dressing quicker.  They can’t run too far.  Of course this process involves some play breaks!


Someone had to ruin my momentum and go poop.  One day they will discover that this changing station is actually a piano {I felt so HGTV with that creation}.  And one day they will be potty trained.  But for now, I’m good with diapers.  And Maggie keeping watch under the bench.

11-20-2014-lauren-8am-146 11-20-2014-lauren-8am-147

Everyday, as soon as everyone’s dressed, they run to the kitchen {you know, because it’s been SO LONG since breakfast} for drinks and raisins.  Yes, they love raisins that much.  So much so, that I trained them to sit in a line and be quiet while they wait for the raisins.  And, yes, I buy raisins in bulk.


Raisins are consumed, and it’s time to play!  Or read again.  This book is about a man with 10 kids who cares for them by day and works on a secret project at night.  The secret project is a boat he uses to sail away by himself.  But in the end he comes back because he misses his kids.  This book was a gift.  For some reason it made the giver think of us.


I got scratched.  That means it’s time to cut some nails.  Cutting 60 fingernails and 60 toenails is one of my least favorite chores.


Leah’s eaten, manicured, and digested.  About time I got her dressed, stretched, and exercised.  She’ll then go into her walker, her stander, or on the floor for more exercise while she waits for her first therapist to arrive.


I can’t get 5 minutes with Leah without someone getting upset about something.  Looks like Levi invaded Allison’s cozy coupe, and she is in major damsel in distress mode.


Lucky Allison.  Ms. Holly arrives just in time for that damsel in distress act to work.  Ms. Holly is our ECI {Early Childhood Intervention} teacher.  We ADORE her.  She has been seeing my kids since they came home from the NICU and has become part of the family.  She is one of the reasons their 3rd birthday will be bittersweet for me.  They will age out of ECI, and I am completely dreading saying goodbye to Ms. Holly and her weekly visits.


This day happened to be beautiful, so we decide to head out to the backyard to play.  I keep their current shoe selections on the coat closet door.  They pick out their shoes, and we begin the putting on socks and shoes process.  This is when Karen exclaimed, “Now this is what I thought it would be like at your house.”  Controlled chaos.


Before we head outside, the girls come running with toy spiders {Halloween goodies!} to tickle my face.  Not that I always get to enjoy the moment and play a little extra, but I do when I can.  It’s always worth it.

And that’s the typical early morning at my house.  I hope you enjoyed this peek into my world.  There’s never a dull moment with sextuplets!

To read more from Karen’s perspective and to see the rest of the photographs she took {yes, there’s more!}, be sure to check out her blog post.  And be sure to take a peek at the rest of the posts within this amazing series as well!


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