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I love collecting data, especially when it comes to my body. Cycle tracking allows me to collect data on the signs, symptoms, feelings, cravings, pains, and even moods associated with my menstrual cycle using tools powered by technology. 

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For many of us, our period is predictable, and wouldn’t it be nice to be able to plan ahead? Maybe an outfit choice? Or vacation dates? Or maybe even your wedding night?! Using cycle tracking apps helps you get to know your body and gives you the right tools to be able to plan around your monthly visitor. Another huge benefit for some is family planning. By using apps diligently and imputing accurate information these can be used as tools to not only predict the next period, but also the fertile windows, and the best days for using pregnancy tests.

Cycle tracking apps make keeping tabs on your body super easy, no matter what life stage you find yourself in. Here are some of the best period tracking apps, available and ready for you to try.

Apple Cycle Tracking

Did you know your Apple Watch has cycle tracking abilities? If you wear your Apple Watch at night, the watch uses wrist temperature upon waking and graphs it. You can input symptoms and flow types. The watch will estimate a fertile window and can even send notifications when it senses your upcoming period.

Pros: Can use Apple Watch
Can use Apple heath app already built into iphone
Period notifications

Cons: Not as accurate as some
Must wear the watch consistently at night


Ovia is more of a family planning app than just a cycle tracking tool. This fertility tracker tracks temperature, cervical mucus, and cervical position. It also allows you to track your period. A subscription to this app may be covered by some health plans. The benefits of the paid version include on-demand health coaching, a more customized app experience, and 1 to 1 concierge support from experts 7 days a week.

Pros: May be covered by insurance
Easy to use
Tons of questions answered
Free to download
Personalized tips

Cons: Not a great way to track for those who deal with long cycles or who are susceptible to infertility. 

Oura Ring

Before you come after me for the heft pricetag of the Oura Ring, let me explain why this one is my personal favorite. Oura Ring is more sleek and comfortable than the Apple Watch and more accurate. The ring doesn’t feel bulky; it looks fashionable and I don’t mind wearing it.

The ring uses a monitor that is worn around your finger and tracks the ups and downs of your body temperature over the course of your cycle. The ring does require two months’ worth of consistent data to make a prediction of upcoming cycles. It also tracks sleep, heart health, illnesses, and activity level. 

Comes with the Oura ring
Accurately tracks other data including sleep and heart rate
Small design
Comes with accurate sizing kit

Must purchase the Oura ring
Needs two months of data to start cycle prediction
Only one option for ring thickness


Glow is another app that can be very helpful when you want to track multiple health signals, including sexual activity, BBT, cycle Length, and moods, along with family planning capabilities. 

The app is free. However, there are in-app purchases, and you will need to upgrade to unlock some of the content, including a custom profile and premium support.
Glow has the best and most unique group communities. You can find articles and discussions on a variety of different topics.

Free to download
Tracks BBT
Heath pattern detection
Many trackable health signals
Great communities
Access to resources

Low ratings on App Store
Some in-app paid features


Founded in 2012, Clue is basic in all the best ways. Users can track everything from cycles, cravings, mood, and even breakouts. A huge leader in femtech, Clue has over 10 million users and over 500 articles to back their science-based technologies. Their company vison states, “Everyone with a cycle is empowered to make informed choices for themselves around menstrual, sexual, reproductive health, and well-being.” 

Easy user-friendly icons
Includes resources for information on fertility, sexuality, and contraceptives
Has a hormonal podcast and newsletter
May include symptoms that other apps do not
Great reviews

Clue Plus is paid- Some users prefer apps without paid features
Can look too basic

Knowledge about your body leaders to empowerment. Cycle tracking apps are one way women can gain this knowledge. 

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