Building Confidence in our Girls, One Mom at a Time

At Houston Moms, we love partnering with businesses like Singers Company that make life better for moms and kids!
This world is growing evermore chaotic and confusing for our children. As reports of adolescent mental health continue to worsen, we as mothers can see and understand the negative impact our current climate has on our girls. But we also have a unique opportunity as mothers to guide and strengthen our daughters’ confidence. We can have such an amazing influence for good and the girls around us need our love and support now more than ever. Maybe its time for you to pour your love and energy into the girls of your community!
Girls smile in their costumes
The award-winning franchise for women, Singers Company, is looking for women in our area with giving hearts to help strengthen and encourage young girls around us. In addition to making an incredible impact on young lives, this is also an incredible earning opportunity for moms! Singers Company believes there is beauty and value in each and EVERY voice. When girls feel confident & empowered they make better decisions, look for the good in others, and grow up to be powerful women & moms. And right now, Singers Company is looking for Houston area moms ready to invest in their community.

What is Singers Company?

Singers Company is a non-competitive performing group for young girls ages 3-11 with the mission to strengthen confidence and community. For the past 12 years Singers Company Directors have helped THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of girls strengthen their confidence and learn to use their voices for good. They provide the opportunity for girls to perform, a fun way to inspire confidence, make friends, and share joy through music and dance. With practice once a week and 2-3 performances at the end of each Singers Company season, these young girls develop talents and skills that last a lifetime. Groups are popping up in cities across the U.S. and they are currently accepting applications for new directors for the Fall of 2024. 

Invest in your community

Singers Company offers a safe happy place where each and every darling girl can grow in her confidence and learn that her voice matters. All Singers Company Directors nationwide have the amazing qualities of mothers- nurturing, energetic, loving, and passionate about seeing girls thrive. And currently they are looking for more women to bring this program and its magic to their own neighborhoods; to help lift and strengthen each girl, family, and community!
Don’t worry about the business part- Singers Company provides EVERYTHING! They make sure you have all the training, marketing, business platform, costuming, music, lesson plans, and support you need to run a successful group in your area. They want their directors to be able to focus on each girl so they provide, guide, and help you along the way.

The Perfect Side Job for Moms

You can become a real life influencer and be known for spreading joy, love, and goodness in your area. Singers Company is a fantastic franchise opportunity for busy moms. Make a huge difference in the life of young girls while also earning a significant income (1-5K) working just one afternoon a week. With minimal time, you can have maximum earning potential. One afternoon a week could pay your mortgage! You get to choose how much you want to work- it can even become a full time job! The flexibility and possibilities are limitless!
NO PRIOR experience performing/singing or specific degree is required. Singers Company will train you and provide everything! You just have to have a passion for their mission and a love of and energy for life! Singers Company directors are all so different. From a director working full-time as a partner in a CPA firm, to biologists, sports enthusiasts, recording artists, teachers, stay-at-home moms, artists, ranchers, hair stylists, CEOs, dancers, cheerleaders, from 16-55 years- these women are all so different but have one common goal to strengthen the confidence of girls through Singers Company!
A Singers Company director smiles with one of the girls in her groupAt its core, Singers Company believes that confident girls change the world for the better one person, family & community at a time. And they need moms like us to help them in this mission! If this seems like a good fit for you, check out their website for more information on how to apply and make a difference in the lives of the girls in your community! Become a director and start a group, or join a Singers Company near you!

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