Cell Phone Contract for Teens {FREE Printable!}

The decision to allow your teen to have a cell phone is not an easy one. When you have a teen who sometimes can’t even find her very own pants, it might be a little unnerving to entrust a tech device worth a couple hundred dollars. {Note :: Any likeness to teen who can’t find her own pants to a teen who lives in my home is not entirely coincidental.}

There is no magically mature age to give your teen a cell phone. Although, when you determine it is time, you must be proactive in how you want the phone managed. For starters, we cannot afford to have our teens be more “tech savvy” than we are. We have to do a little research on apps and trends. It’s not that hard. Just Google search “top apps for teens” or something of that nature and you’ll get some information. Most phones even have “Parental Restrictions” in the settings allowing you to set age-appropriate access restrictions to songs, movies, websites, etc. Our phone allows you to manage purchases this way, as well. It’s also good to discuss social media and the like with your kids.

A cell phone contract is a good way to set the expectation bar high. Parents and teens can preemptively discuss expectations and responsibilities in having access to a cell phone in a non-confrontational environment, removing any emotionally charged situations, ideally.

Here’s a printable cell phone contract to help you and your teen be a happy cell phone family!

Text titled Cell Phone Contract with 20 checkboxes and spaces for signatures. Click here for PDF Download

This contract can truly help your teen understand the responsibilities involved with having a cell phone, and what expectations you have as a parent. Setting a standard from the get-go can save you and your family quite a bit of stress and frustration. While phones are a great line of communication, but with a contract like this, the most important line of communication is at the forefront: the one between you and your teen.

Is your teen ready for the responsibility of a cell phone?

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