Containing Christmas:: Creating a Storage System

Ah January. The month of new beginnings, resolutions, and tackling getting your life in order after all of the hustle bustle of the holiday season. I am a January fan. I create goals for the year. I rearrange the house to account for all of our new things. I purge the old, and I plan projects for the year. This year I decided to add a new project to my plate:: a Christmas storage system for our decorations. 

I had a Christmas storage system already, created a few years ago in the days of minimal money to spend and fewer decorations. Some bins, bubble wrap for the breakables, specific things in the boxes they came in, and my personal favorite, an ornament storage set-up found on Pinterest, consisting of cups hot-glued to cardboard. It’s been working ok, but with gaining more things over the years and the Texas heat decimating my hot glued cups this year, I decided it was time for an upgrade. 

Containing Christmas:: Creating a Storage System
Very high tech cup system.

Starting Fresh

I knew what I needed to store, so it was time to check out what was available as far as storage containers. I did some online research and settled on Amazon for the fast shipping and cheaper prices. Here is what I bought::

Ornament Storage Box

Mug Storage Box

Wreath Storage Bag

Tree Storage Bag

Now that I had my supplies for my Christmas storage system, I laid all of my decorations out to see what I had, and how best to arrange it all.

Containing Christmas:: Creating a Storage System
My dining room table about halfway through putting things away.

Creating A Christmas Storage System

I started with ornaments, as that was the biggest collection. To be honest, I was excited about the new container. I was able to fit my entire ornament collection which covers a 7.5ft tree in one container, fitting smaller ornaments together in the dividers and being intentional with the space. Depending on your preferences or amount of ornaments, you may require two of these. 

View of the top of my ornament container. It has four layers total. 

Next up in my new Christmas storage system, I did our Christmas mugs. My husband and I have a significant collection of mugs from Christmas markets in Germany, and I wanted to ensure they were stored well as they are difficult to replace. I used the mug storage container linked above. This is very specific to our things, but I think the same concept could work for things like snow globes, china, etc. 

View from the top of my mug container. Also a peek at my favorite pair of floral Keds.

I already had three bins for storing Christmas decorations, so I emptied them out and started with the big items, like our ornament cube and mug storage, adding smaller items around them as they fit. I labeled each bin with a number and then jotted the items in them down on a notepad as I went, so I knew what was in each bin. I also purged items as I went, making a donation pile and throwing out things that were broken, or had not been used in years. 

My bin set up, with most of the things stored.

Label It

After I fit everything into bins, I created labels. I used PowerPoint because it allows you to move things around easier, and I wanted to include a cute graphic with the labels. I took my notepad with the items listed, and created labels from that. I printed two copies of each label, cut them out, and then laminated them with the handy laminator I got for Christmas this year.  I put the labels on two sides of each bin, a trick I learned from moving that makes it easier to see what is in each one from more than one side. 

Final bin stack with labels!

Ta Da! New Christmas storage system is up and running.

Do you have a Christmas storage system? Share your tips and tricks!

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