Don’t Be Left in the Dark This Hurricane Season

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Weather in Texas can be unpredictable. As the saying goes, if you don’t like the weather in Texas, wait 10 minutes. One month there is record cold, and then summer brings oppressive heat and the threat of severe storms, floods and hurricanes. This means  that being prepared is something Texans need to take seriously.

The first thing that came to mind for me is power supply. Our family has been considering our options for back-up power solutions. We have a medically fragile child who has several devices that depend on electricity to function. There aren’t many things scarier than being without the means to charge my son’s feeding pump, or run his oxygen concentrator, two devices that literally keep him alive. 

After doing extensive research, I found that Reliant, the company our family relies on for electricity, also offers back-up power solutions, like home generators and portable power products. I hope my research is helpful to you as we work to protect your families. 

Portable Power

Portable power products are a great solution if you don’t need or are not yet ready for a full-size generator in your home.

Goal Zero, Reliant’s sister company, provides a wide array of affordable and flexible portable power devices, which can help people get the energy they need, especially during hurricane season when power outages are likely. Portable power products available include portable solar power banks and power stations, as well as lanterns and lighting, and more – perfect for when storms roll through this hurricane season.

Portable power products can power everything from phones, laptops and fridges to even critical medical devices, like our family needs. Of course, our phones are our lifelines to family and first responders, and these backup power solutions give you peace-of-mind that you’ll always have power to keep them charged.

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With the intensity of Houston’s hurricane season {as well as other major weather events throughout the year} our family is seriously considering a generator for our home. We are sold on the peace of mind and relief provided by always having electricity to power the devices and appliances we rely on. 

Thankfully, a generator can be easily installed and connected to our home’s natural gas line with minimal construction needed. An automatic transfer switch (ATS) allows the generator to power on automatically in the event of an outage, then seamlessly transfers back to the grid when service is restored.

Generators, installed by licensed plumbers and electricians, require minimal yearly maintenance and are available in different sizes depending on your home’s needs. With Reliant’s free assessments, an expert will recommend the best generator for your home and your power requirements.

For a personal account, check out this blog post by Eric Berger of Space City Weather fame, who worked with Reliant to have a whole-home generator installed. 

Hurricane Season Actionable Tips 

In addition to procuring back-up power solutions, there are a number of ways Houstonians should prepare for hurricane season, even before a specific storm is brewing in the Gulf.

  • Prepare (and practice!) emergency communication plans with loved ones.
  • Build a toolkit with emergency equipment prior to a storm hitting. This can include one flashlight for every family member, extra batteries, and waterproof matches or lighter, plus household items like a hand-operated can opener, a gallon of water per day per family member and nonperishable food (for people and pets).
  • Backup critical documents and information digitally (photo IDs, medical records, property information).
  • Sign up for local alerts and stay informed on the forecast.

For more information, the Reliant Storm Center, which is available to everyone, is a helpful resource that provides information on storm prep checklists, preparedness checklists, how to sign up for local alerts and how to update your hurricane kit, and more.

With even more great tips and information from Reliant, check out this informative video featuring Eric Berger & Space City Weather along with Scott Burns of Reliant.

Houston is an amazing city to live in, but our weather events are intense, especially during hurricane season. As parents, it is our responsibility to protect our children and ourselves, and this means planning ahead and purchasing needed items to keep safe. Every family should be prepared with a plan should the power go out, and Reliant is here to guide our families with tips and solutions. 

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