Westbury :: A Guide To Houston Neighborhoods

An Apartment building.
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Westbury is outside 610 and inside the Beltway in southwest Houston, off of Hwy 90. This area is one of the top areas in the big city. Neighborhoods.com describes Westbury :: ” with large subdivisions and affordable housing, this area of Houston is attractive to Houstonians from all walks of life.”

Westbury has many great neighborhoods to consider, like Westwood, Willow Meadows, Willow Bend, Mapelwood, Marilyn Estates, and many more! Neighborhoods.com is a great place to start to find out more about these neighborhoods and to find a house.

Why Moms Love it

Westbury is close to the major Houston destinations, like the Galleria, the zoo, museums, sports arenas, and other fun family locations. This area has a small town feel inside of the big city, allowing for a community environment for families with unique houses and established trees.  Westbury is famous nowadays for its quirky traditions. There is a yearly rodeo trail ride camp-out, a funky Deck the Halls of Burlinghall holiday parade, which features Disney characters like Darth Vader, art cars, and other surreal holiday characters. 

Local Family Favorites :: {Playgrounds, sports, activities, parks}

At HMB, we love family-friendly activities. If it’s hot outside {because, it’s HOUSTON}, we recommend these indoor play places and these awesome splash padsWe also love taking care of ourselves. We have compiled a list of mommy-favorite fitness classes around town that can help you with self care.

Childcare and Schools

We know finding great child care and schools is a daunting task.  There are hundreds of great day care options in this area, but finding the right one for your family takes work. For grades K-12, the area is zoned to HISD and parents should research carefully how to navigate the HISD schools. There are also many charter schools across Houston, like YES Prep and Harmony Schools.

Perfect Date Night/Staycation

Mommy breaks like date nights, an occasional brunch, and staycations are an important part of self care. 

A few Westbury area restaurants made our list of the 30 Most Family Friendly Houston Patios and our list of Family Friendly Restaurants around Houston. We even know the most kid friendly breweries in this area! Interested in bringing your own alcohol and saving a bit of money? Check out our list of BYOB restaurants around town! To top off your evening off, check out one of the Top Ten Ice Cream Shops in Houston!

We feel comfortable “peacing-out” and leaving our kiddos in the trustworthy hands of Best Buds Babysitting, knowing they will be taken care of {especially after we pick up one of the best pizzas in the area for everyone to enjoy}. They are happy. We are happy. Everyone wins!

Learn More

It’s important that you find the best area that fits you! We know what it means to find the right neighborhood and neighbors that fit your family! For more information on Westbury in Houston, check out the Westbury section on Neighborhoods.com . There are tons of great resources about moving here, photos, and more helpful details on this area. We love Houston and love that we get to raise our families here. Check out why here.

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