Why I Might Move Into My Local Library

You’ve probably seen the social media posts from friends who frequent the local library. From story time to cute craft projects with the kids, I’ve always known the library is fun for families. But, for one reason or another, my family just hasn’t made it a point to go … until now. My six-year-old is reading, and the three-year-old loves books. So we started hitting up the library during our off time. I’m amazed at all the cool {FREE} things the library has to offer. So, in case you were missing out like I was, I wanted to share a few things about the Harris County Public Library you might not know!

Why I Might Move Into My Local Library | Houston Moms Blog

  • Online book {and more} rental :: You can check out and read books ONLINE! Yep! There is a huge selection of books, audio books, movies, and even streaming music available to use for free.
  • Classes, clubs and events :: Sure, the library has story time for kids, but did you know there are tons of classes and events for adults too? Each library branch offers several classes each week, including things like photography, resume building, painting, computer classes, and more. Several branches offer fun “clubs” like a kids chess club! Click here to find the event schedule for your library.
  • Book Hunter :: Love books but just don’t know what to read next? You can have a “Book Hunter” help you out. It’s like a personal shopper for books. They listen to your interests and likes and pair you with the books you might like most.
  • Shopping :: Our library has a store inside where they sell used books and magazines. We pay 50 cents to a dollar for children’s books and a dollar for other hardback books like cookbooks or nonfiction picks. It’s a fun way to help recycle old books from the library and maybe pick up something fun for you! {Also, if you are decorating a shelf and need books, this is a good way to stock up.}  Other libraries that don’t have “stores” inside offer frequent book sales.
  • Book Clubs :: It makes sense for the library to host a book club, right? Several branches offer book clubs for kids and adults.
  • Meeting or Study Rooms :: Need to get together with a group but don’t want to hit up the Starbucks again? You can reserve meeting or study room at your local library branch. It’s an easy process you can do online. I’ve seen people doing bible studies in the rooms and also just sitting around quilting.
  • Technology :: Most libraries also have iPads loaded with games for you to use and free WiFi.

Okay, so if you didn’t have one already, are you ready to get a library card? Click here to print out the forms. What do you love about your library? Am I missing something?  Let’s keep the conversation going below!


  1. We love our local library (Kendall). We used to go there for babytime and toddler story time. I’ve met a lot of wonderful moms there who are stay-at-home moms like me. I still meet these moms and our kids play regularly/weekly at the playground. My kids are now 5 1/2 and almost 4.


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