Favorite Shower and Party Decorations


Since I am in the middle of putting together a baby shower for a friend, I thought I would share a few of my favorite decorations. These are all so easy. Not only would they work for baby showers, but also bridal showers, birthday parties, or really any special occasion.

Framed Message


Do you recognize this frame? It is the same one that I use for my weekly menu board which I posted about here. You could easily change out the paper in the frame to match your party theme. Mine happened to already coordinate with the color scheme, so I left the background and added the paper pendants. You could write a fun message or write out the “menu” and put it on the food table.

Ribbon Garland


I found this on Pinterest a couple of years ago and made it for my daughter’s first birthday. I have also used it for a sprinkle and a shower. Just tie ribbon to a string – it is that easy. It looks great hanging in front of a window or mirror, or across the front of a table. I have been racking my brain trying to think of how this could be adjusted for a boy’s party, but I haven’t come up with much yet. Bandanas maybe? Paper ties? If you have any ideas, post them in the comments.

Open Frame


I have this beautiful open frame that I bought at Hobby Lobby. I also used this for my daughter’s birthday party and put pictures of her in it. The possibilities with this are endless. I taped twine across the frame and used baby clothespins to position the pictures. For the baby shower I am hosting, I am pinning up her ultrasound pictures along with the shower invitation.

Decorated Initial

InitialI have made several of these for showers I have hosted in the past. You could also do a number for a kid’s birthday. Hobby Lobby sells a wide variety of letters and numbers that are inexpensive. Glue on craft paper – and you are done. It’s that easy!

What are your favorite party decorations? Doesn’t it make you wonder how people ever planned parties without the Internet or Pinterest?


  1. Cure ideas. I don’t understand his the ribbon Garland is “girl” only. It would seem that as long as the colored coordinate with the other colors/items at the party for a child of any gender, it would be fine.

    • I definitely think you could do the ribbon garland for a boy’s baby shower. I guess I was thinking more of a boy’s birthday party and wondering if it would be too feminine. But maybe you are right – just get the colors to match the party and it would be fine.


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